Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day at the North Rim

The next morning we ate breakfast at our little cabin, Sydney was thrilled. Here is Nora. Is there anything cuter than a baby in fuzzy sleepers? I know. 

 The North Rim is about 40 miles south of Jacob Lake. It is such a pretty drive. Right after we got into the park we saw these guys.

Kind of look like cows. Kind of like a buffalo. Guess what they are called? Beefalo. No joke. haha

 Our first stop was Bright Angel Point. It is a little bit of a hike to get out to the viewpoint, Sydney was a great little hiker.

 This is the view from the Lodge
 Our next stop was Point Imperial. We had a picnic.
 Syd was freezing cold so she laid in the stroller, I put Nora in there too. Syd was not thrilled, Nora thought it was hilarious.

 Point Imperial

 The third veiwpoint we stopped at was Cape Royal. As you can see it was very smokey from fire on the South Rim, it was still beautiful though. This is the only view that you can see the Colorado River.

 Angels Window.

 Then we headed back to the Lodge to look around a little.

 Sydney thought it was pretty funny to pretend to be asleep.

 We were sitting in the Lodge and suddenly all these people with cameras ran through and outside. They had spotted a California Condor! Yeah, I am not much of a nature photographer.

 Look! It's the Condor again! (teeeeeny black speck)

 This was the coolest! (literally haha) we filled up all of our bottles.
 It was a great day. What a blessing to live so close to so many beautiful places!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Grand Canyon, more than just a big hole in the ground.

Once there was a little cabin in the woods. And a little girl who was thrilled to stay there. This is her story. Dun Dun.

Did you totally make that sound from Law and Order in your head? Good. 

A few weeks ago we took a little vacation to Jacob Lake Inn and the Grand Canyon. It was so green and cool and full of tall trees. The girls were in love.
 Nora is really taken with babies and always drags one around with her.
 Look at the trees! Sydney kept looking up to see them.
 Our cozy cabin.
 I don't know why Nora never wears pants. Stop asking.

 Starting his vacation out right.

 We could have just spent the whole trip at this playground. Who needs the Grand Canyon when you have a swing?

 I spent the whole summer after my Freshman year of college at Jacob Lake Inn working as a waitress. It was pretty much the best summer ever! There was always something fun going on and it was such a great group of kids. If you have college kids I highly reccommend sending them there for the summer. When I was at Jacob Lake there were three pay phones. No one had cell phones. All of the families knew the phone numbers for the pay phones. They would call and whoever was around would answer the phone and look for the person. I spent many hours in this phone booth talking to my mom. Good times. Now, if we needed to make a call out we would  call 1-800-collect and when they said say your name after the beep we would say "It's Sara, call me back" then they would not accept the call and they would call back on the payphone. Oh the good old days:)

We ate dinner at Jacob Lake that night. Best food ever!! Seriously I dream about it. Sydney just learned to blow bubbles in milk. She was very entertained.
 I had the baked trout. So good. So good!

 Sydney is not a jeans girl. Before we left I took her in her room and told her we were going to try on some jeans to wear on our trip. She looked at me like I had two heads. I got her to put some on. She cried and cried that she hates jeans etc. then she cried and cried that she couldn't take them off. I was laughing inside.

 We walked down to see the lake. You don't see it? We couldn't either. It is down in that sunken portion of land. It is never really huge, but it has really dried up this year. It is the only water source on the plateau though, and all of the animals come there to drink. The lake is named after Jacob Hamblin, hence the name Jacob Lake. Not Jacob's Lake, it does not belong to him;) 

 We looked through the old ranger station.

 We met some friendly horses. I was too scared to touch them. But somehow Neil is quite the horse whisperer. Who knew? Not me. 5 years later and still learning things;)

 You'll notice I am wearing a skirt too, it's not because jeans make me cry. Skirts are just more comfy sometimes. Oh. I see Sydney. Well played. Well played.