Monday, July 22, 2013

A few fun facts

About Nora.

She is so much fun. She is so happy and congenial and a joy to be around:)  She is nearly 18 months old!  She went to nursery yesterday and cried the whole time unless someone was holding her. Good luck nursery leaders!  She LOVES to be outside. We spent a week in Salt Lake at Becky's house and she played outside the whole time. Coming home to the heat has been torture. She stands at the back door and cries.  She loves to swim. She would just jump right in if I let her. The floaties she is wearing in the picture were purchased for Syd, but Sydney would not even leave the stairs at the beginning of the summer. Nora did, so she got the floaties.
Isn't she the cutest little ladybug?
She loves to jump on the tramp with Sydney. She follows Syd everywhere and has to do all of the same things. Sydney is the nicest big sister a little girl could have.
She finally started walking! Also she finally broke 20 lbs, good job Nora. She eats like a horse so she must have a raging metabolism.
She has the funniest personality. She knows when she is being funny and really hams it up. She loves to climb. She climbs on the table every chance she gets. One day at my moms house she ended up on top of the piano.
In June went swimming almost every day. Now it's too hot, even for the pool.

For a long time her only words were Hi and Dad. Can we talk about the cruel irony of children always saying "dad" first?  Who gave you life? Who takes care of you all day and nurses you to sleep? Who changes 90% of your poopy diapers? NOT dad! ;) But after a week and a half at Becky's house with no dad she finally started saying mama. whew. Crises averted.

She is a delightful, tenacious, hilarious, tiny, cute little person and we LOVE her!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Five years

 For our five year anniversary on May 10th, we went downtown for dinner. My good friend Katy watched the girls, which was perfect because I don't trust teenage baby sitters. (because I was a rotten teenage babysitter) haha

We went to Serendipity. It is the cutest place.
 With the hugest menus.  In case you are wondering we did not order the Golden Opulence Sundae. We like to spend $1000.00 on other things, like the mortgage and food and boring stuff like that.
 A table with a view.
 Donny, Marie, or me? I choose Neil!

 Our waiter brought us this weird choco covered strawberry sundae thing when he found out it was our anniversary.
 But we also ordered a deep fried oreo sundae yum:)
 Then we walked around the botanical gardens at the Bellagio.

 I guess "Thank you for not tiptoeing through the tulips" was just to easy?

It was a great night:)  I sure am lucky to have found a great husband/father/best friend etc etc

Here's what happens....

When Sydney finds the camera.

Messy house
 Fridge Magnet
 Hello toes!
 Hi Nora!
You would think I would be embarrassed to post pictures of my messy house.  Nah.  Go ahead and judge me;)