Sunday, March 24, 2013


Nora's favorite game these days

Where's Nora?
 There she is!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This valley's on FIRE!

You have to sing the title of this post in, that Alicia Keys song has been in my head all day. 

The Wildes are on spring break.  We met them today in the Valley of Fire.  What a great day, I love my sisters!  It was so fun to see their cute family:)

 There are so many petroglyphs. In case you did not learn this in 5th grade history like I did:

 Petroglyphs are drawings carved into rocks made by ancient peoples.  Yep, peoples.  So you can see there is a dude with a spear, he is going to kill the goat next to him. Below him are two of his friends cheering him on. Jazz hands, jazz hands. Boom. The goat is dead. Good job dude.

Jazz hands

 This weekend just happened to be the world wide atlatl spear throwing competition.  If you do not know what an atlatl is you should look it up because it is really interesting (no it's not).  Okay, fine, here is a link to wikipedia so you can read all about it.

They had arts and crafts for the kids.  Petroglyphs. 
 Rain stick.
 "Canada Dry!" (that is for Bruce and Shauna, one of our favorite Crane family anecdotes)
 Here is Robbie trying his hand at spear/atlatl throwing.
 There of course were many atlatl enthusiasts showing their hand made wares.  Jeff was looking at some, the guy said they were for sale, "you could also buy a t shirt, but you might as well spend your money on something you would use, like an atlatl"  I believe Jeffs exact words were "when in the world would I ever use an atlatl??" haha good times.

Then we had a nice lunch. All of the kids hiked up on this rock, far far away. Did I mention it was a nice lunch? ;)  Sydney had the best time with all of the big kids.  They are all so sweet to her:)
 Then we went for a little hike. This was Nora's first time in the hiking backpack....and the second time we have ever used the hiking backpack. I think 2 hikes in 3.5 years is pretty good.
 Evie and Syd were buddies on the hike.  Mom I know you bought the polka dot hat for Nora, but what can I say?  Whatever Sydney wants, Sydney gets.

 Becky said "If Rachel were here she would be taking a picture of that flower" so I did. You're welcome Rachel:)

 Favorite shot of the day.  It's a Nora photo bomb! :)

 On the way home Syd and I held hands for a while. Then her arm was getting stretched out so she said "Mom, how about you hold my foot now?" 
Any time Syd.  Any time.