Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jesus wants Sydney for a Sun BEAM!

On Sunday Sydney became a Sunbeam.  She was a little cranky going into church.  I think she secretly felt nervous. We had been talking about not going to nursery anymore, she was not real psyched to hear it.  We had been having the upcoming Sunbeams come into primary for bits and pieces for the last few months, so at least she knew what to expect.  She did great. But at one point I sat by her (she was sitting at the end of the row) and was showing her and her little friend Tasha how to do the actions to Book of Mormon Stories.  She just gave me a "look" and shook her head. Sigh. 3 years old and already embarrassed about her mom...haha. 
 She had to fill out a survey about herself so at some point she could be the spotlight child.  Here is what her survey said:

How old are you?  3
I have 0 brothers and 1 sister
My favorite food is?  Hamburgers
My favorite place to go is?  The mall
My favorite book is?  Beauty and the Beast
My favorite primary song is?  Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
My favorite scripture story is?  Lehi's dream (lets be honest, I filled this one in myself)
One of my favorite things to do is?  Go on a walk with my friend Tasha and watch Jeopardy and Saved by the Bell with dad!

It is going to be a great year:)

Here is Nora in her beautiful red silk dress.  Doesn't that sound like the title of a Christmas book?  Nora's red silk dress.

I took this while we were hanging out, eating chocolate and drinking Diet Coke  reverently listening to Sacrament Meeting in the mothers room on Sunday.
Love N Stuff

Monday, January 7, 2013

Walkin in a winter wonderland...

 One night in December we headed to Town Square Las Vegas for some snow. Yes, you heard me. It snows every Friday and Saturday night in December. Crazy weather we have here;)

Syd was full of anticipation
Nora was just happy to be on her dad's shoulders.

Right after this photo was taken she tried catching a snowflake on her tongue like on Charlie Brown. She was a little disappointed/grossed out that it tasted like soap.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thanksgiving and stuff

First is the "and stuff" part.

On November first Neil and I got to upgrade our phones. We found out if we went to the Apple store we could get a free iPhone 4. Score!  I pretty much didn't take pictures on my camera after that. Then on Christmas eve my camera was dead and I could not find the battery charger. Crap. Anyway...

 Nora got cuter every day.

Syd invented the "underhat"

 Nora got carotenaemia and spent the month of November Orange.  I kept thinking I just hadn't washed her face good enough after feeding her, silly mom.

Nora started to get the pincer grasp down. But sometimes it is just to hard to pick tiny things up with your even tinier fingers. So you just have to go straight for the table. Nom nom nom

Sydney made a...spider?  Out of toothpicks and an apple.

                                        She built a "gingerbread house".                                                                      

I finally figured out how to do her hair.  Thank you pinterest.
 We got to Target one day and found Nora like this in her carseat. Parents of the year here people.
 We watched tv with the laundry
 We enjoyed amazing weather
We watched some TV

Now for the Thanksgiving part.

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Neil's office. 
 Rod Stewart came and performed for us. 

PSYCH!  But doesn't he look JUST like him?  And he did sing.
 Orange nose.
The highlight of the weekend was sweet Grandpa Rocky's fun ride.  Wheeee!

 Nora looooved Makayla:)

 Julie, Dewey, Makayla, Zayne and Micah came from Cali.  It was so fun to see them!

 The kids enjoying their dinner. Okay, who am I kidding. Of course they just wanted to play. I told them a story to get them to eat a few bites.

 Then Micah took his shirt off to show us his "big muscles" haha so cute:)  So Zayne took his shirt off.  So Sydney took her shirt off. Naked kids running crazy!

 Don't you know that pie tastes better with your shirt off?
 This cracked me up because it looks like this doll is all "help me, the kids popped my head off and I want to get into the safety of the kitchen, heeeeelp meeeee"

Yum.  This was a little creation Rocky came up with. Roll dough cooked on a stick over an open flame in the backyard. Then fill with pudding and whipped cream.

On Saturday we went home and picked up Mom, Dad and Rachel at the airport. They went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. How do I sign up for that trip next year?  We went to Macayo's for dinner and then they got on the road. Nora looks sooooo orange in this photo. And Rachel looks soooooo cute:)