Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Grand Canyon, blah blah blah

After a long day at the Canyon we headed back to Jacob Lake for dinner. One of the reasons we wanted to come the week we did was to celebrate Christmas at Jacob Lake. Every August the lodge gets decorated, tree, garland, the works. Christmas music is played, it is so festive and fun!
If I did things like send out Christmas cards, this is the picture I would use. 

Hey, wait a sec....

 There you go. 

 Then we went and hung out at our little cabin until bed time. 

Nora cracks me up, she has such a sweet/mischievous smile.
And I don't know what is going on here, but I love it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day at the North Rim

The next morning we ate breakfast at our little cabin, Sydney was thrilled. Here is Nora. Is there anything cuter than a baby in fuzzy sleepers? I know. 

 The North Rim is about 40 miles south of Jacob Lake. It is such a pretty drive. Right after we got into the park we saw these guys.

Kind of look like cows. Kind of like a buffalo. Guess what they are called? Beefalo. No joke. haha

 Our first stop was Bright Angel Point. It is a little bit of a hike to get out to the viewpoint, Sydney was a great little hiker.

 This is the view from the Lodge
 Our next stop was Point Imperial. We had a picnic.
 Syd was freezing cold so she laid in the stroller, I put Nora in there too. Syd was not thrilled, Nora thought it was hilarious.

 Point Imperial

 The third veiwpoint we stopped at was Cape Royal. As you can see it was very smokey from fire on the South Rim, it was still beautiful though. This is the only view that you can see the Colorado River.

 Angels Window.

 Then we headed back to the Lodge to look around a little.

 Sydney thought it was pretty funny to pretend to be asleep.

 We were sitting in the Lodge and suddenly all these people with cameras ran through and outside. They had spotted a California Condor! Yeah, I am not much of a nature photographer.

 Look! It's the Condor again! (teeeeeny black speck)

 This was the coolest! (literally haha) we filled up all of our bottles.
 It was a great day. What a blessing to live so close to so many beautiful places!