Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I love this baby!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three years of wonderful

This little girl changed our world.  Of the 32 years I have been on this earth the last three have been the best!  Sydney is the greatest big sister. She adores Nora and is always looking out for her. One day when we were out it was a little chilly.  Syd did not have a jacket, Nora did, and a blanket. I asked Syd if she would like to wrap up in Nora's blanket, she cried and said NO!  I asked her why not and she said "because then Nora will be cold mom!" I was totally shocked. What a sweet sister!  She is funny and sassy and knows it.  She is smart and is always one step ahead of us.  She is quite the little negotiator when it comes to getting things her own way.  She loves to run and jump and wear Nora's clothes.  I love this girl:)

Neil took the day off and we had a treasure hunt for presents. She thought it was pretty fun to find presents in weird hiding spots.  When she saw the decorations she said "Thanks for my party guys!" Then she saw the scotch tape sitting on the table and said "You got me sticky tape?!! Thanks guys! haha  .
 Except the oven. She would not touch this present. She said "Dad! We don't touch the oven, it's hot, it will burn us!"  He finally talked her into opening it.
 Nora checking out the decorations

 Cinderella book and dress
 Some friends of ours had a little trampoline that Sydney had jumped on a few times. I always thought it was so fun and starting looking around for one.  About a month before Sydney's birthday the same friends said they were ready to get rid of their tramp if anyone wanted it.  Um YES PLEASE!  We bought a new pink (of course) pad and a new net enclosure.  She was pretty excited and often says while jumping on it "I am so happy that dad built me this trampoline!" Remember that last year we gave her the little kitchen we found in the neighbors garbage.  I guess giving a present form the garbage will be a family tradition.
 She got dressed in her new outfit
 Of course they had to match:)

 We asked what she wanted to do for her birthday.  She said she wanted to go to the mall (of course).  We headed over and she fell asleep. We hung out in the parking lot while the girls slept for a while.
 We did all of the fun mall activities. Riding the elevator, looking at the fountains, getting a chocolate from See's.  Very successful day:)
 We went to the redbox and got the Muppets.
 All day she kept asking "where is my cake?"  I had not planned on doing a cake. We were going to eat dinner at a restaurant where they sing happy birthday and give you dessert....shoot.  I told Neil "We have to come up with a cake!"  We decided to have him get Cafe Rio (her choice) and get a slice of Claim Jumper chocolate cake. I gussied it up a bit;) 
 We sang and blew out the candle twice. Then I looked over and she was eating the candle! Aaack, stop! She was satisfied with the cake, whew. 
 It was a great day.