Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get your kicks

My mom and I have this love affair with old highways.  We once drove highway 89 from Salt Lake to St. George on a whim. We have always wanted to drive part of Route 66 together and a few weeks ago we did it!

First things first. A birthday present for Sydney. She is in love with this castle!  It was darling watching her play with it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! (Disclaimer- This is probably the first Grandpa has heard about this...just smile and nod dad)

 We drove from my house down through Laughlin and Bullhead City. Over through Oatman and on to Kingman. The road from the Mojave Valley turnoff all the way to Kingman is Route 66.  We even listened to the Cars soundtrack because we are just that awesome;)  I of course forgot to get my camera out on the first part of the trip. We stopped in Oatman and explored, fed the burros and all that jazz.  Route 66 was a twisty turny road full of interesting places and people.  I didn't take a ton of pics because I was driving. I would recommend it though, we loved seeing everything!
 When we hit Kingman we stopped at this park that had a neat old train.  Kingman is kind of a nice town. Why did I think it was such a hole? I have no idea...but we want to go back someday. 

 We at at Mr. D'z.

 We sat at Oprah's table, sweeeet.
 Um, Syd, that is not daddy;)
 Nora and Elvis

 We made a quick stop at Canada Mart of course!
 And then we were home.  It was a GREAT day!  I love my mom so much. We have the greatest memories together! 

Then on Sunday, the day before Syd's birthday she got to wear a new dress to church.  This was the best picture I got!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We discovered...

A duck pond:)

 Syd has crazy hair after a sweaty nap
 Syd's costume for the day. Nora's hat and the baby sling.
 We pulled out the music table.  She can't stand up to it on her own yet, but she liked it:)

 Cute little Mormon girl.
 FHE puppets.  This week we had a dance party. Next week, who knows?
 Wheeeee we love October weather! 
 Then she tipped over.
 What cha doin Syd?
 One of Syds favorite things is to play with the spray bottle.
 Nora is completely fascinated by everything Syd does.

 I love her hands.  When we hold her she clings to us like a monkey and pats our backs with her little hand.