Friday, September 28, 2012

Days like this....

 Help me remember why I love living in Southern Nevada
We spent a perfect afternoon at the "Mountain goat park" as Sydney calls it. Really they are bighorn sheep.  

Take down hug
 Picnic.  Look at Nora's headband line on her head!  I guess it's time for bigger headbands.
Nora Vs. The pretzel stick

 Sydney pretending to eat Nora's fingers. She is such a ham.

 I love my girls:)

 Nora likes to drink from cups now. She makes funny little grunting noises if she wants a drink. And if you take it away before she is done she screeches.
 Syd loves the sheep.  I think if I would have let her she would have walked right up to them. I guess we have been to enough petting zoos that she thinks she should be friends with them!
 We got home and Nora promptly fell asleep in her favorite spot.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I love this baby!

She has been so sweet while I have been out of commission this week!  See the guy holding her?  He has been so sweet too:)

Also, speaking of cute things, look at this little car.
 Look how sweet Emily is with Nora:)  She really got her laughing one night, it was so so fun:)
 Here is how our week went after coming home from St. George.  

Monday- Syd got dressed in Nora's clothes.  We watched TV most of the day. I was in pain.  Neil came home with dinner.
 See I told you Sydney got dressed in Nora's clothes....
 Jk. But I totally don't remember why she was naked.

Nora lived in the exersaucer.  Poor baby.  Here she is on Tuesday.  It was not even nap time!  Sleepy girl.
 Here she is later in the day.  I could not really get her out of this thing because of my back. I finally did and then when I tried to put her in later she whimpered and curled her legs up:(
 This may have been Wednesday.  Neil came home early from work and went in late on Thursday so he could take care of me.  He took care of dinner every night and he got up in the night when Nora cried and brought her to me.  He totally took over the house while I laid in my lawn chair. Yep, you  heard me. 

I had Neil bring in my cool reclining lawn chair for me to lay in, it was perfect! haha

 I think this was Thursday. Yes, she wore the same clothes two days in a row.
 She fell asleep again! Worst. Mother. Ever.
 On Friday we were finally able to leave the house. We were gone most of the day. When we finally got home I put Nora in the exersaucer and she squealed in delight and hugged the green dragon like he was her long lost best friend. So I felt a little better about making her live in it all week. 

Here is Syd. I am pretty sure she is wearing the Rapunzel shirt again, but it is backward or inside out.
 She woke up!  Cute girl.  Nora, you were totally worth the gestational diabetes. Love you!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to business

Here is what we have been up to. I went to St. George with the girls last week to have all kinds of fun before Ethan's mission farewell on Sunday.  Here is what really happened.

I am worn out. The end.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zuma Beach- Watch for David Hasselhoff

 We have had a brief intermission in the
 California travelog.  I went to St. George and put my back out while I was there. That has pretty much consumed my life.  Anyway, back to our trip. Day three we all headed to Malibu to Zuma Beach. Awesome. It is such a great beach!  I totally want to go back.  I bought Nora some of those baby sunglasses and she spent the whole day in a little tent, well mostly anyway. 

We set up a little camp on the beach.
 Micah and Syd
 I love this girl, she is the cutest, sweetest most fun older cousin.  I can tell that she and Syd are going to have a lot of fun together over the years:)

 These boys loved Nora.  Zayne said "Nora is so cute" about a million times over the few days we were there, it was so sweet!
 Waaaaahhhhhh.... also I don't remember why she was naked...anyone? 
 Playing with Aunt Julie
 Having fun in the big hole.
 We got Subway and took it to the beach.  Zayne dropped his sandwich in the sand, oops, oh well, right?  All of a sudden a seagull swooped in and picked up the whole sandwich!  We were all laughing so hard!  Oh so funny.

After the beach our family took the scenic route home and the Reed's went home for naps.  Then we let Syd swim in the built in Spa.  She had been seeing it in the backyard and of course it looks just like a tiny swimming pool so she was intrigued.  We kept putting swimming off until Saturday morning.  She and Neil were outside and she saw a squirell jump over the fence.  She said "Oh, is that little squirel swimming in Aunt Julie's pool because he is afraid of the swimming in the ocean too?" :(  Poor little girl.  So after that we made sure she got to swim.  Of course I have no pictures.  Remember how my memory card filled up on Friday?  We went to the store on the way to the beach and bought a new one.  After I took this picture of Nora my battery died.  Aaaarrrrrggggggg.  I was so mad!!  Blah. 

Hello cute Micah:)
 Syd thought the baby gate was cool
 Look at Nora's eyes, awful!  Worst mom ever.  Any time Nora got fussy Makayla would pull out this little doll, Nora was mesmerized.

 On Sunday we went to church.  Quietest ward I have ever been to!  Holy Cow, seriously, you could hear the sacrament cups clink in the trays.  It was a great ward, I love going to church with Family.  Syd was the only girl in the nursery amongst 10 boys.  They were happy to have her! 
 These cousins had so much fun together.  Zayne is super fun and Syd loved to follow his lead in everything and Micah would run after them.  I can't wait for them to play again at Thanksgiving. 

 After Julie and I took a photo I made the menfolk pose too. I am sure they were thrilled ;)


 The trip home was pretty good.  We had no traffic until about 5 miles outside of Vegas and we were at a standstill. Boooo.  But Syd kept herself busy looking at things through her "noculars"