Wednesday, August 22, 2012

California dreaming....

Day two of our trip started out with a trip to the zoo.  But first, a stop at Pants World. For all of your pants needs.  Oh wait. We are all wearing pants?  Moving on then. Oh wait, that makes think of a story.  Before we headed to the zoo Zayne and Sydney were playing upstairs in the playroom. Suddenly Zayne comes downstairs "Mom, there is so old gross guacamole in here!" What the heck? Then I hear Neil say "Oh Syd, we need to change your diaper" Julie and I look at each other and run upstairs. Sure enough, some of Syds "Guacamole" was on the carpet. Gross! Julie was so so nice about it and promptly pulled out her awesome carpet cleaner and cleaned it right up. Whew. The best part about this is that on the way home to Vegas Neil and I were talking about this story and laughing. Suddenly Syd piped up from the back seat "Actually dad, the guacamole was my poop!" hahaha

 We headed up the coast to beautiful Santa Barbara.  Did you know that Psych is not filmed in Santa Barbara?  Me either. We were bummed out.  Where is it filmed? Oh, in British Columbia? Yep, makes sense to me...not.
This is the part of the story where I forget my camera and see Kourtney Kardashian.  The zoo was really beautiful and Julie took some pictures, so maybe someday you will get to see some.  Syd had never been to the zoo.  We told her we might see lions and tigers and bears, she said "No, we will see cows and goats!"  Apparently she has been to a petting zoo.  As we were walking around I saw a girl pushing a little boy in an office chair.  Oh wait, it is a stroller, wow, cool stroller!  I think to myself, "Hey, is that Kourtny Kardashian?  But then I think, no, it's just a little Mexican chick.  Then Julie says "Hey look, it's Kourtney Kardashian!" cha ching.  At this point I decided I won't ask about her stroller because I am pretty sure we don't shop at the same kinds of stores.  I wish I had my camera to take a pic though.  You will have to settle for this pic.  She is no longer pregnant and was carrying her tiny baby in a front pack. Her boyfriend was not there, but her entourage was.  I looked up the stroller, it is only $750 5 birthdays Neil? haha come on, it has a generator and a cell phone charger AND headlights!  Or I could just push Sydney around in an office chair.

After the zoo Julie's boys were asleep so she headed home and we explored Santa Barbara a little more. 

Everything there is so beautiful, even McDonalds is fancy.
 Neil needed to put a little air in the tires.  Syd was asleep but Nora was feeling sad so I talked to her while Neil worked. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

I love her blurry skinny arm:)

 Then I went into the gas station and got myself a Diet Coke with raspberry flavor, pretty good.  I went to pay and the man told me it would be 25 cents. What?  Awesome. They were having a promotion. All fountain drinks 25 cents. Shoot, I would have bought a bigger size!
 Then we parked at a nice spot while I fed Nora and Neil walked around and took some pictures. 
 I love
 the ocean.
 Pictures never do it justice. It is so vast and blue and calming to my soul.

Then we headed back to Thousand Oaks for dinner at Cisco' s. Yum:)
 Cute purse Neil!

Stay thirsty my friends. 
 Half priced dinner if you order a drink. Kayla and I got Shirley Temples, yum:)
 Dewey, Zayne, Micah, Julie

 We made a stop at Target. Here is Sydney in her classic pose.
 Micah loved Nora's car seat, he drug it around the house and sat in it, it was so so cute. I told Julie that she did not need to buy him a Christmas present. Just get out his old infant seat!
I heart California!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I wish they all could be california giiiiiirrrrrls...

We just had a fabulous family vacation to Southern California.  Wednesday morning we got in the car and drove straight to Seal Beach.  That's right folks. Not one stop!  Go us!  Nora slept the entire trip and Syd slept until about the last hour.  We went right to leisure world to visit Grandpa Howard and Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy.  We chatted, ate some Del Taco and then had to get on our way so we would miss rush hour.  Grandpa just LOVED Nora, he almost couldn't give her up when it was time to go.  He was so glad we stopped and so were we:)  

 He could not believe how tiny and quiet and serene she was.  She just sat on his lap and looked at him. So sweet:)
 He gave us some plumeria to take with us, they smelled amazing!
 We got on the PCH and made a stop in Malibu at Point Dume

 We walked down these stairs so we could walk on the beach
 Syd was a little nervous about the ocean.
 Tiny sandy foot

 Hi guys!  Okay, story break.  A few weeks ago Syd said "I wish the prince could come home from work" I asked if Neil was the prince, he was.  When he came home she danced around saying "The prince is home!"  I asked her if he was the prince then who was she?  She said "I am Aurora...and mom is Meriweather!" Great, I am the chubby cranky fairy.  Sounds about right. 

  So Syd has this dog. For a long time its name was "Ruff the dog" then on the trip she started calling it "Baby Jaguar" (from Go Diego Go) side note- Diego is Dora's cousin. If you don't know who Dora is then you should probably stop reading now.  When we got out of the car Syd said to Neil "Come on Diego!"  Then turned to me and said "Dad is Diego and I am Dora"  I asked "Who am I then?"  I was hoping I could be Alicia, Diego's cool older sister.  After a second of thinking she said "You are Meriweather!" haha  She cracks me up. 
 Nora's footprint
 Neil found a super cool stick
 This nice couple took a picture of us. When did I get so short?  The lady asked how old Nora is, I told her 6 months (I know you know where this is going).  She looked at her for a minute and said "Really?  She is so tiny, I have a six month old at home and..."  then she kept looking at her strangely while her husband took our pic. BACK OFF LADY!

 Pretty sure these stairs are about 100 years old.
 We headed back to the car and got on the road. About 30 minutes later we arrived at Neil's sisters house.  Julie and Dewey live in Thousand Oaks with their 3 darling kids. We had SO much fun visiting them.  Highlights of the trip include- A Kardashian sighting, some old gross guacamole and a trip to the zoo.  Also, Syd calling Neil "Uncle Neil" for about half of the trip.  All coming soon to a blog near you:)