Friday, July 27, 2012

Princess dolls video

Lately Sydney has really been having fun pretend playing. She likes to gather up all of the little dolls/people/animals she can find and take them for adventures on the school bus.  She usually wants us to play with her, I try to be patient and play nice;)  I am trying to remember that she is going to grow up so fast and I need to enjoy this phase.  I tried to annotate this video so you could know what she is saying. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July- 5 months old

Oh July.  You have not been my favorite month.  Hopefully August will be better! Here are a few things we have been up to.

On July 6th Nora and I flew to Salt Lake to be with Becky and Jeff. They lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation, it was a hard time for them. It was good to spend time with them and their darling family and to give them some love and support.  

Nora's first plane ride. She did great, of course;)
 This is the only shot I got of the cute Wilde kids. Love them:)
 Aunt Rachel surprised us by driving down from Logan, yay!!
 Nora loves staying at Aunt Becky's house!
 We flew home on Monday night.  As we were getting into Vegas the pilot said that Air Force Two (the Vice Pres.) was on its way and he was flying as fast as he could so we would not get put into a 30 min holding pattern while they landed.  Yikes!  We made it just in time. Good thing because Neil had planned his departure from SG just right so he could swing by the airport and get me!  Whew. 

 Look who was waiting at the gate for us!  Hey, I know that guy! haha.  Dad was flying to Tuscon so he came and found us, he flies a lot and got me my ticket to go to Salt Lake, thanks dad:)

He saw this picture and said "wow, I look 100 years old"  Well, he is not, I promise.  I think he is like 42...
 I got a fancy Norwex mop for my new floor.  It is AWESOME.  Syd got right to work!
 Syd thought it would be fun to join Nora in the exersaucer.  It was funny until they were both stuck.
 And last but not least, Nora turned 5 months on the 24th.  She is the cutest.  When I had Syd and started raising her I thought "Wow, she must be about the easiest baby on the planet!"  I was wrong, it's Nora.  She is so easy going.  She only cries if she needs a diaper change or is hungry.  Oh wait, I forgot that she does not sleep real great in her own bed, she spends most of the night with me, so she is not 100% perfect, just like 99% (how did I forget that?  It must be because I am sleep deprived).  She smiles all the time and completely adores Sydney.  She is a skinny little thing.  At her 4 month checkup she weighed 11 lbs (20th percentile) and was 25 inches long (97th percentile).  People are always asking me if she was a preemie or if she is "normal" for her age, whatever the heck that means.  Sometimes I want to ask people if they are normal for their age! haha I kill myself.  Anyways, if you want to get on my bad side, please comment on how too skinny or abnormally small my child is.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Alphabet cookies

Today we made alphabet cookies.  First we made an easy sugar cookie recipe.
One box of cake mix (we did strawberry)
one cube of almost melted butter
3 T flour
1 egg
We also added mini choco chips

Mix everything and form into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour.

We have a whole alphabet of cookie cutters (thanks Sheri!) here they are ready to go in the oven.
Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes

 All done! Yum:)
Best part?  No frosting! Not that I don't love frosting because we all know I do.  But it is messy.  

Then end.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Four month twins

Sydney 4 months old.  She still had a lot of room to grow in those sleepers!

Nora 4 months old.  She has outgrown these sleepers already!