Thursday, June 28, 2012

The new floor

Hooray!  First we moved everything into the living room.  Syd came in and said "Dad! Mom moved my house!" she was not happy. Then later she walked in there and threw up her hands and declared "This is a big mess in here!"

Then we started tearing up the tile, carpet and floorboards. That was the WORST.  But worth it. 
Then we shuffled stuff some more
We started laying floor on wed night and worked a little each night

By Saturday we were soooo close.
Last little bit of carpet
The girls were amazingly good

Nora woke up at about 11pm and wanted to help

Last piece
Nora at four months. She is so mellow. I was holding her and she just drifted off to sleep.
She likes to sit up and hold stuff
She is getting so smiley and giggly

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth...unless you get bit by a horse.

See? Ouch. No fun.

Nora and Syd both like to wear Neils socks

About 3 weeks ago Neil sent me a text. "Would you like to go to Disneyland if it would only cost us $87 dollars. Me- "Don't even tease me"
Him- "I am serious"

So the story is that his co-worker had won two adult two day park hopper passes on the radio. They were about to expire and she was not going to use them so we could have them if we were willing to just pay the taxes on them. Um, yes please!!  We had been wanting to go before Sydney turned three so we would not have to pay for her. But as you know it is so stinking expensive to get into the park, plus gas, plus a hotel blah blah blah.  We had some money set aside to go last December and then we had to pay $800 dollars in cash for an ultrasound. So the idea had been on the back burner.  As you can imagine we were pretty excited.  Neil suggested that I invite my mom. She had gone to Disneyland last year with all of the grand kids except our kids and we thought it would be fun for her to come with our little family.  She was SO excited to be invited and even offered to pay for a hotel, again, yes please:)  We left on Wed night after work and got there after a mostly uneventful 4 hour drive.  We did make a stop at the creepiest place on earth in Dunn California where I was pretty sure we would end up on an episode of Dateline.  As long as Keith Morrison was the host of our story we would have been okay with it ;)  Side note about Keith Morrison.  Does anyone else think he looks like the Angel Moroni as depicted in the church paintings?  If you don't know what I am talking about google both and let me know what you think.

We got to our hotel and Sydney went to sleep pretty quick, we were nervous because she slept most of the trip.
 We all slept pretty good and we ate donuts at the hotel the next morning. Yum:)  Then we walked right across the street (we stayed at the Tropicana Inn and Suites) to Disneyland. Yay! 
 Um. Okay. This sign was kind of a buzz kill. 
Dear California- Calm the heck down will you?!
love, me
 Nora spent a lot of the trip in her little tent
 Here we are with our free tickets. Hooray!  I need to warn you that from here on out I pretty much look gross in every picture. Lets just get that out there.
 We walked through the castle. This was something that I had never done, so it must be newish.  It was really cool, I liked this chandelier.
 Syd was pretty quiet and wanted to ride in the stroller and be held. I could tell she was really nervous about a new place and the crowds.  She was cautiously excited.

 The first ride she wanted to go on was the Carousel.  Grandma held Nora on the bench.
 A little worried..
 Fantasy land
   If you look closely you can see her cute dress has princesses on it!  Grandma Sherry made it for her especially for this trip!  Isn't that the cutest?!
 Then we headed over to Dumbo.  The line wait was about 20 min. Not too bad.

Hi mom!!

We rode on the circus train which I had never done. It was cute and fun and we got to ride in a car that was for monkeys, so what's not to love?
 Here is what Nora thought of the train 
"nom nom nom"
 Then it was time for a churro break.  Best churros on earth.
 The churro helped Syd warm up to Disneyland a little more:)
 Nora did not get a churro

The Disneyland Baby Care Center
Pretty sure this is the REAL happiest place on earth.  Do you guys know about this place?! Do you?!  It is amazing. 

Look how cute this place is!  The sign on the wall says "Please to not bath your baby in the sink" aka cloth diaper swisher outer/ toilet thing. ew  The lady said that sink has been there since 1955.
 Tiny little toilets.

Childrens area with a tv, coloring, and books to read. 


There is an area for mothers to nurse their babies.
 Cute little Walt Disney.
They also had diapers (two for a dollar), bottles, formula, baby food and other things for sale. Plus there were high chairs so you could go in there and feed your kid, awesome:)  It was nice and cool and a great place to take a break. 

We ate at the Plaza Inn for lunch. That chocolate cake had golden glittery stuff on top.  I had no idea Disneyland had such amazing baked goods. Yummmmm

Then we took a sail on the big paddle wheel boat. Another thing I had never done. It was great!  It was nice and relaxing and it was fun to see all of the scenery.  My mom has always wanted to ride on it and no one would ever ride with her. So I am pretty much the child of the year.

Next we visited the home of the happiest horses on earth.  Rachel, I have found your calling!! 

Did you know Disneyland had a petting zoo?  Me either, but Sydney LOVED it.  This was the first real smile we got out of her all day.  She felt right at home with these goats.  It was really fun:)

We rode the train all around the park two times so I could nurse Nora.  I love the train:)  Syd is holding some leafs she found, neato, she carried them around all day.

Then we watched the parade. I cried when she saw the princess float and got so so excited, so magical:)  The button she is wearing says "First visit" you can get them at any of the stores for free.

I love this ride. Always have always will. 

What the heck mom?

Look who we met!  Syd was too nervous to hug him, but she liked that he played peek a boo with Nora and gave him a high 5.  I was thinking this might make a cute Christmas card.  After looking at it...not so much.  Remind me to head here first thing in the morning next time.  When we still look cute.

Oh my word. We went on the toon town roller coaster. I turned around the whole time so I could watch Sydney's face. Funniest thing I have ever ever seen.

She thought it was so fun to pretend to drive all of the cars

She climbed up to drive the firetruck and this kid got up and got to the steering wheel first. Um, rude.  His mom thought he was the cutest thing.  Hello lady....get your kid out of my kids way! My mama bear came out, hee hee.  You can tell that Syd is like "Um, okay, I was going to be the driver but WHAT EVER"...

Best cheesecake I have ever had.  I called it the 200 dollar cheesecake because I would buy another ticket someday just to come in and buy it from the Jolly Holiday Restaurant.  We may have eaten here two nights in a row.

Then we headed back to the hotel and got the girls to sleep.  My mom wanted to stay at the hotel so that we could head back to the park.  We went on Star Tours (we had picked up fast passes earlier in the day), it was really fun!  Then we went on Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.   I told Neil we had to hold hands the whole time and pretend like we were on a date. I am sure he was thrilled ;)