Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nora turns threeee.....months.

Okay maybe I finally figured out how to have a sentence before I start the pictures on my blog.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and Syd called "mom, I am playing dolls with Nora" I said "Oh, that is nice Syd, good job".  I come back to find Nora like this. Awwww what a nice sister:)

She seems so big, but then I see how big her hands are compared to Neil's and realize how tiny she is.  She will be three months old tomorrow!

She has started to roll onto her side.  It is weird to me because Syd rolled time I think, when she was like 5 months. Then she moved right on to other things.

I don't like this mom!
Oh. Toys!
I helped her roll onto her tummy. She was not really a fan. She is smiling and talking a lot. Every time I put her car seat in the van she smiles and talks to herself in her little mirror, it is so so cute:)
I think she was meditating. She kept peeking and smiling at me.

We moved the pool so it could get the shade as early as possible. It was pretty fun and it was only 95 degrees so not too bad to be outside.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Neil's Birthday n stuff or.. MAYDAY!

 So lets talk.  Okay I will talk, you will listen. May is a freaking busy month in our house.  Almost so busy that sometimes it's not fun.  But we powered through.  Here is what we have been up to.

May 5th- Drove 8 hours to Logan to attend Rachel's graduation from Utah State. Go Aggies!  Go Rachel!  It was so fun to go back to Logan. It almost made me want to move there. Then I remembered the snow.  Sydney was in heaven running around campus, I am pretty sure she has never in her life seen so much grass in one place.

This is Neils little twin. When he walks around holding her and I can see both of their faces sometimes I laugh out loud at how much they look alike! Both so cute:)         

May 6th- Hey, it's my birthday!  Yeah, we drove.  All. Day. Long.  We finally got to St. George at 7 ish.  Sherry had made a nice dinner and cake and I got some really great presents:)  Then we all collapsed into bed.

May 10th- Happy Anniversary!  My mom was in town because she had brought Rachel down to the airport.  She offered to babysit so we could go out.  We went to Rubio's and to The Hunger Games.  Nora cried the whole time we were gone, poor grandma :/  Isn't she the best though? 

 May 13th (I think).  Happy Mothers Day!  We slept in for the first time in about 2.5 years and had 20 minutes to get ready for church, I didn't shower and could not find clean underwear, I know that is an over share, but you didn't sit by me at church so I don't care. Both girls had colds.  Oh yeah, part of the fun in Logan included a midnight visit to the ER with Nora who had a high fever.  They concluded it was just because of her cold, but were glad we came in.  The drive to St. George the next day was TORTURE.  Seriously it's a miracle we made it, we were so tired.
 So anywho... I said Syd could not go to nursery with green boogers.  There are so many new babies in our ward and I didn't want any of their siblings getting a cold and spreading it to them.  I thought we should go to St. George for the day, Neil thought we should stay home.  We stayed home. Whos day is this anyway?! haha I got over it.  We had a nice day hanging out, watching movies, eating nachos etc.  I got some nice gifts.  Sydney had picked out a Disney CD with her favorite characters on the cover and was so excited to give it to me:)  Life with kids is so fun:) 

May 18th- Neil's birthday.  For two weeks every year Neil is two years younger than me.  This year from May 6th to May 18th he was 30 and I was 32. Such a grandma. I was glad for him to catch up a bit today.  He went to work a little early so he could come home early (that is like a present for ME!) 

The girls and I headed downtown to bring him a present and go to lunch at Jimmy Johns.  We were right in the heart of the city in this tiny sandwich shop, I felt like we were in New York, it was fun:)  The present we brought him was a framed picture of the girls for his office.  Also, Sydney found the harmonica (the one she used to be afraid of) in the van and brought it in so she could play him a song.  She played the harmonica and ran in a circle. It was hilarious. What dad could ask for more?
Who needs a Sit and Stand stroller?  We have ghetto sit and stand!
 After we ate lunch the girls and I went to the outlets to try to find some new crocs for Sydney. Don't bother, it's cheaper to buy them online.  Nora was screaming, Sydney was screaming. It was a joy to be their mother;)  We finally got back to the car and got everyone calmed down.

We decided we needed some ice cream to help us cool down since it's was 100 degrees outside.  Sydney would like to publicly thank Grandma Stephanie for teaching her about ice cream in a cup from McDonald's. 
Check out this building. I always wonder what it's like inside.
 Neil got home soon after us. I went to the store to buy fixins for burgers.  We bbqd and opened some presents.  And the girls had some dad time.
 Tonight I pulled out the 6 month clothes.  Nora is growing fast!  She is nearly out of 3 month sleepers, she is a gangly little thing.  Just like me as a baby.  Her arms hang about 1/2 inch out of her sleeper sleeves.  She always looks kind of pasty white to me, and I figured out the other day that she does not really look good in light pink, it does not do much for her complexion.  HORROR!  What will she wear?  I dressed her in blue and purple and she looked amazing, her cheeks pinked right up and her eyes looked so blue.  She has about two blue and purple things in her wardrobe.  She definitely has her dads complexion!  Sydney has my skin tone, so she is easy to shop for, if it would be a good color on me, I know it will look good on her.  Today I was looking at Carters and felt so bewildered.  I kept having to hold stuff up to Nora to see how it would look.  I explained the conundrum to Neil, and said she may need a new wardrobe.  He did not think that needed to happen.  We'll see;)  Really I am kidding, but doesn't every girl deserve to wear clothes that compliment her?! haha....  
She will be 3 months old on May 24th.  She is so sweet and mild tempered.  Sydney is up in her grill ALL OF THE TIME.  Seriously this poor baby never has a moment to herself. I find myself saying "Sydney, stop licking Nora" "Sydney, don't put her hand in your mouth!" "Sydney, don't lay on her while she is in the bouncer" Now if I start to say "Sydney" she says "I know mom, I will be gentle with Nora".  Sydney just loves her so so much, it really is sweet and she really has learned fast how to be gentle and show her love without hurting Nora (3 months is fast, right? haha)   Luckily Nora tolerates it really well.  Sometimes if she is sad crying Syd will get right in her face and kiss her and soothe her, and it works!  It melts my heart:)   
Wow. That turned into quite the ramble.  Anyway. We are tired, so don't expect to hear from us again until September. 

Neil is not really a cake person and have I mentioned I am tired?  But we had to have a candle. The only candle I could find.  Good thing he is 30...ONE!  See, perfect;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Have I told you lately...

 that I love these girls?
 Hat- Nora's onsie

Shirt- her own
 Pants- Nora's.
While cleaning up the toys I found this purse that Syd had been playing  with all week. Contents:

 2 pairs of underwear, one pair of Nora's socks, Neil's alarm clock, one penny, two hair clips, one chip clip, one tiny princess doll, one pen.              

Here is how I found Nora in the swing one day

Playing outside

She asked if she could have some "sun scream" on her arms:)
Pulling the "dragon"

Tiny long toes

Tuesday, May 8, 2012



The second day of our tax holiday was spent in Oatman Arizona.  Google it. It is awesome:)  There are burros that roam the town and they are so tame they come right up to you hoping for a little treat (which you can buy at most of the stores).  At first Sydney was a little apprehensive about the burros, but she warmed right up.

We drove into Big Bend of the Colorado State Park.  We only stayed for a little bit because it was 104 degrees and Sydney would not wade in the water to cool down.
 Nora did not really love it when I sprayed her with the misty mate

 More Oatman

 The water was so clear and cold, it was wonderful:)