Monday, April 30, 2012

Tax Holiday 2012

So, this new blogger is freaking me out.  Lets see if  I can make it work for me.  After tax season ended we took a little holiday.  There is a tv commercial for Laughlin and every time I see it I say "we should go there!"  I love to go to new places.  So Neil called one day and said he had booked a hotel, suprise!  We headed out on Friday afternoon. It was only a 90 minute drive, perfect!

We had fun swimming at the hotel pool. It was 100 degrees, yikes!

 This picture is for Rachel who has been wanting to see what our van looks like. You're welcome.

The front of our hotel.
Dinner at Chili's

After dinner we saw a sign that said free boat rides so we decided to check it out.  So we took a little ride on the Colorado River. Syd thought it was the greatest thing ever! 

Really the boat was a shuttle from one of the casinos to a parking lot across the river, the guy was so nice and let us ride it back and forth about 3 times.  Notice the windows on the boat?  Syd kept saying it was a "school bus boat".  I don't know where that came from since she has never ridden on a school bus!

Laughlin skyline
The boat dock

We drove around in Bullhead City Az (which is across the river from Laughlin) it's a nice little town.  I always say if a town has McDonalds and Target then I can live there, Bullhead City had them:)  We made a quick trip to Walmart, because what family vacation would be complete without a visit to your local Walmart?   

Then we got ice cream.  Yum:)
Someone was too tired to finish her cone. 
Coming soon, part two...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A blessing day post

Neil gave Nora a beautiful name and blessing today.

But lets back up to the beginning...

Cute nakie girl
Getting dressed

Nothing better then a clean baby in a onsie:)
This was my blessing dress.
Grandma Joyce bought this dress in Cardston and mailed it to my mom. She wrote a letter to go along with it, it is in my baby book. I was so happy to have Nora wear it today!

All of the Browns came, and Rocky, Sherry, Corinne and Ethan and Randy and Stephanie:)

Sydney did not want to stop playing with her cousins to have a picture taken.

Ethan, Rocky, Neil, Ben, Dad. Thanks for helping to bless our baby girl.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Speaking of look alikes...

I was trying to figure out who pigtail Syd reminded me of. Then it hit me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots of pictures of two little girls. And a wooden spoon.

Life is pretty busy these days. Syd and I baked some cookies together. She is getting so big. Since Nora was born she has really come out of her shell. She talks so much more to people outside of our family. The nursery leaders can't believe it! And when people at the grocery store talk to her, she will actually talk back! She seems so big, but I think it is helping me get over the fact that she is no longer my baby, which has been hard.

One night I was making dinner in a bad mood. But then this guy smiled at me and it made me feel better.

Syd loves Nora so much! It is kind of exhausting! Hope she doesn't break her!

Breakfast of the champions

She was cracking herself (and us) up with her static hair

Isn't she the pinkest yummiest baby?

We had an Easter egg hunt with some of our friends, Syd loved it!

The Easter bunny came:) It made me think of Steel Magnolias.

She got her face painted, another thing I know she would not have done a few months ago. Then we went to Target and she was quite the hit.

She wore pig tails for the first time, so cute:)

She insisted on wearing her Snow White dress all day. Oh well, pick your battles, right? Again, she was a big hit at the grocery store:)

I swear that sometimes Nora looks at me with a pleading look "help me mom!"