Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aren't we darling?




Yesterday was possibly the worst day of this whole pregnancy. I went to the perinatologist and everything was great. Then I went over to my OB office for my check up. Which seems pointless to me, but thats just how things are. I was waiting for the dr. when the front office girl asked me to come see the billing girl. Billing girl then proceeds to tell me that I need to pay money toward my balance. I say "what balance". She then proceeds to tell me that I have to pay $1000 dollars toward my end balance or I can't see the Dr. that day. I tried to tell her that when I signed my contract they told me I would be paying at the end. She didn't believe me and said I was supposed to have been making payments. I asked why then did they not ever ask me to make a payment, hello, I am 35 weeks pregnant! I think they just realized that they had never asked me and didn't want to get fired. Well, we'll see about that. I am seeing the dr. tomorrow (after leaving yesterday because I couldn't pay the money, and therefore could not see the doctor, don't worry I slammed the door pretty hard on my way out, haha). I can't wait to see what she has to say about her jerk staff people. I was so upset. I came home and cried the rest of the day and then had braxton hicks all night long. I am now in the process of getting the perinatologist to take me as a regular patient and deliver me. I am firing the ob.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost ready...

I finally hit nesting mode this week and have been getting lots done. I did some crafty stuff for the girls room. Syds new twin bedding came, see below.

I know! So cute. It matches the crib bedding exactly. It came with a bedspread, dust ruffle, pillow sham and window valence. The valence matches the curtains that I made last year. I almost cried for joy when I saw how well everything went together. Of course that could be my medication talking too, ha. My blood sugar levels can't stay where they need to be after dinner so I have to take more medication in the afternoon. The doctor said no matter what I do, eat, drink, follow my diet like a gestational diabetes nazi, it's normal for this to happen as your pregnancy progresses. The placenta just keeps putting out more and more hormones that affect blood sugar the more the baby grows. As soon as the placenta is delivered I should be back to normal. I have to go back in 3 months and do another 3 hour fasting glucose test just to make sure, and I am at risk of getting this in future pregnancies. Right now I take half of a tablet in the morning and now I take a quarter of a tablet in the afternoon as well. Have you ever tried quartering a small pill? So frustrating! Today was not a great day after I took the afternoon dose. And of course today was the day that Syd would not take a nap. I laid in her bed for an hour while she jumped around and talked and pulled my hair. I dozed off a few times. Finally she got out of bed so I got up too. I was so cranky! I don't think I have ever been that frustrated with her. I hate feeling like that. Hopefully in the next few days my body will adjust to this new dosage. It is being hard to stick to my diet this week. So far I have been fine to stay away from sweets because I simply don't keep them around. Neil is not a cake and cookies eater so that really helps. Last night at relief society they served chocolate pudding, it about killed me to stand there and watch people eat it, and now I have been craving cookies all day....6 more weeks to go!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

34 weeks, ready to pop.

Okay Andrea. You win. I AM huge!

Here I am at the USU homecoming parade when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Sydney. Not too bad.
Here I am at 38 weeks with Sydney. She was born one week later.
This is me about 5 minutes ago. Um, huge! I am freaking out that GD is going to make my baby weigh 10 lbs. I just want a nice little 6 pounder again! And I don't just look huge, I feel huge too. Last night I thought for sure my belly would just burst like a balloon, it hurt so bad!! Several times a day she kicks so hard that I cry out and Syd runs to see if I am okay and brings me a tissue (even though I don't cry). Then she tells the baby "that's not nice".
I don't have another measurement ultrasound until Feb. 9th. I wish they would measure her today to put my mind at ease!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Garbage Finds

Look what I found in the garbage!

My mom made them (but are you glad I said psych?)

When Syd was a newborn she was so skinny and tiny that all baby nightgowns drowned her except one. My mom used to make these little skinny nightgowns for the little skinny babies in our family. There was one left, I think from when Sara Wilde was a baby. It fit perfect and I wished I had more. So I decided to be more prepared this time. I got the fabric and we went to SG this weekend. My mom sewed the body together with her serger and then I brought them home and sewed up the front and added the elastic and added the bows. I can't wait to see our little girl in them:)

Okay, but seriously Neil did find these in the garbage one day a week ago. He saw them when he was leaving the neighborhood to go to work and brought them home with him. Syd loves them! We can't seems to get enough little chairs around here (we now have 4). Also you can see her new little haircut. I keep thinking I will let it grow, but it grows out all stringy still. I think she looks much better with her Justin Beiber haircut;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Garbage, garbage, garbage

I love my neighborhood! Here is a picture of Syd playing in Becky's excersaucer that we borrowed. The other night we were on a walk and guess what our neighbors had put out next to their garbage can? Yep, this exact same excersaucer, in perfect condition! I took it all apart, washed everything in bleach in the tub, washed the cloth toys and seat in the washer. It looks fab. I love garbage finds.

Update on GD. I think that my body is finally adjusting to the medication because everything has been looking great, whew:) 34 weeks on Friday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New baby smell

I got some Dreft yesterday. My good friend Natalie got me some when she went to Walmart, I was so excited to start washing baby clothes and then Target didn't have powdered dreft, so thanks Natalie:)

I love Dreft. I love the way it makes your house smell like a new baby. I love the way it makes your new baby smell. When Lindsey Brown was a baby I used to do my laundry at Andrea's house in Logan. I had a tv watching blanket that Andrea would let me wash in Dreft. What a good sister:) Best smell ever.

My blood sugar was way low yesterday, like 65 after I ate lunch. That can't be right. Lame. But at least when I woke up in the night feeling weird and checked my blood sugar it was normal. Phew. Also while I was trying to go to sleep last night I had the worst braxton hicks contraction I have ever had, yikes. Luckily there was just the one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yo Yo Mama

I love this shot, even though by this time her hair do was totally shot. I love the colors and lighting and location.
I feel like my body is a yo yo. Yesterday was fairly normal, right before lunch I almost crashed, but I hurried and snarfed a cheeseburger so I would not.

If you don't want to read about my GD, I don't blame you, at least read the funny highlighted story.

Speaking of cheeseburgers here is a funny story. We go to the same McDonalds near our house quite a lot, and usually the same people are working. One man in particular. I think he may be the owner. Anyway, yesterday we went through the drive through at 10:00 am for a Diet Coke (me not Syd). Then we went to one bank to pay off our car loan. Oh yes, we sold the CRV to Rachel, we bought a mini van! Love it. Will post pics soon. Then it got close to 11:00 and I was feeling shaky and I realized I was pushing it. We still had errands to run so we went through the drive through again. Of course the workers were so happy to see me back (haha). We ate and then went to a different bank to deposit Neil's paycheck. We were standing in line and who should walk in? The McDonalds guy. We said hello and laughed. Okay I promise it was funny at the time.

Anyway. I ate lunch and checked my blood about 20 min later and it was fine. Then I checked it at the 1 hour mark and it was too high, arrgh. Anyway, we ate dinner (roast, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad). I decided to use all my carb points to have the mashed potatoes. I may have eaten about 1/4 cup more then I should have. One hour later I was at 175, yikes I will have to check, but I am pretty sure a teeny bit more carbs would not make it that high. I am supposed to be at 120 or below an hour after a meal. I have never been that high before. Then I checked it before my bedtime snack and it was back down to a good level. Then after my snack I was at 69. WTH?! I was so tired but could not go to bed when it was that low. So I ate the glucose tablets, ate another snack and waited an hour. I was at 89 when I went to bed. I am supposed to be at 90- 120 but I figured it was close enough. Then I woke up all night long....not sure why. I know if my blood sugar drops when I sleep I am supposed to wake up all shaky, but I was so out of it and didn't feel awful, just awake and nervous and sweaty. Okay, so I did feel awful. Hmmmm. Bring on today.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Neil's brother Chad has a super cool camera and took some awesome pictures of Syd over Christmas break. This is my favorite:)

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I did not have a crash all morning so they felt okay keeping me on the 1/2 dose of my medication. I didn't crash today either, but the medication does make me feel cranky and depressed, so hopefully that passes. However my afternoon and evening numbers are still high, so it seems like the medication only works in the morning. Grrrr. We'll see. I hope I don't have a 19 lb baby like this lady.

Monday, January 16, 2012

More GD

I am recording this so I can remember for my next pregnancy. Yesterday was Sunday we are on the 9 am schedule. We were at 1pm for 2 years so we were pretty excited, but now we get home at noon and feel like "what the heck are we going to do with the rest of this day?!" haha. Anyway. I ate breakfast and my after breakfast levels were fine. Then about halfway through the sacrament (9:20ish) I started feeling kind of yucky, not shaky or lightheaded, kind of nauseaus. I waited until the sacrament was over and went to check my blood. It was 40, yikes! So I ate my glucose tablets and 15 min later I was at about 80. I texted my D.C. Donna. She said to eat right away, even though I was not due for my morning snack until 10:30. So I sat in the foyer eating my PB sandwich. I was feeling much better by then but I knew that Sunbeams would be a no go. I found my co teacher who is so great:) She would find a helper and we headed home since Syd has a cold and can't go to nursery and I was not up to taking her home alone while Neil stayed at church. We went home and I ate again and then slept for 3 hours. When I woke up my BG was 56, yikes again. I ate a snack and things looked better 20 min later. The rest of the night went okay and before bed I was at 96, whew. Before I went to bed Neil and our friend gave me a blessing, so that was wonderful and helped me feel more at peace. I go to the dr. today so I will be interested to see what he recommends.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A picture of my big fat belly

32 weeks. I think I kind of look huge. Today we went shopping. We were at the DI and I started to feel a little light headed. I ate some pretzels but still wasn't feeling well so I went into the bathroom to check my blood sugar. It was 45, reallllly low. No wonder I felt like I wanted to pass out. So I ate some glucose tablets that the diabetic counselor gave me. They tasted like smarties, but are 10 times bigger, I had to eat four of them. After not having sugar for so long, oh my word, they tasted amazing!! Within 15 minutes my blood had gone back up to 145, whew. It was not fun. The diabetic counselor said it is most likely because of the medication I just started, I guess it's doing its job and then some. Hopefully my body will adjust soon!

Syd likes to touch my belly. But sometimes when I ask her where the baby is she puts her hands on my boobs. When I try to tell her that the baby is down in my tummy she insists, "no, up here mom". The other day I was sitting by her and she was playing with her doll. She asked the doll "wanna touch mama's baby?" And took the dolls little hand and stuck it on my boob. I laughed pretty hard. She loves babies whenever we see one, but when I ask her if we should have a baby at our house she says no....tooooo late.

She loves to wear Neil's socks. After her bath she will get a diaper on and then find a pair of his socks and put them on and wear them all day and sometimes to bed.

I baked rolls from scratch for the first time ever. I wanted them to be big for sandwiches. Then they rose. Whoa! But they tasted really good!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

32 Weeks

32 weeks tomorrow. I went to the perinatologist today. My blood sugar is not low enough after meals so I have to start taking medication, not insulin, that will be the next step. This is an oral medication. I have to go twice a week until she is born for non stress tests and ultrasounds. I am feeling pretty discouraged, but happy that this baby is doing well.

One plus is getting to see her alot! Look at those lips:) I think this baby.....

Is going to look a lot like this baby! :)

(this is Neil by the way)

We can't wait to meet her!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas:)

Syd got a trike
Here she is on her first ride

Besides the cute stockings, Aunt Lindsay sent this Dora backpack she made! Syd loves it:)

Here is a little thank you video for you Lindsay

Yum, orange.

Something I want- Miche Bag
Something I need- New boots
Something to wear- New dress
Something to read- New book
Plus some stocking stuffers:)

Something I want- Ipod
Something I need- New drill
Something to wear- PJ pants
Something to read- New book

Something I want- Bike
Something I need- New game to play
Something to wear- Christmas dress
Something to read- Book
The doll stroller was from Santa and yes that white thing is a tiny potty for a tiny doll:)

We got dressed up all cute and went to church.

The end