Monday, July 25, 2011

Yeah, we know.

After Sydney was born...

everyone kept saying what a good job we did...

for our "first try"

and now that we see...

how well she is growing up...

we thought...

we just might...

give it another "try"

Our next baby should "March Forth" in the spring:)

Get it? March 4th? Haha I am so clever...I know.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Hole

Hi Folks Syd here.
One day on the beach Uncle Chad dug me a big hole to play in, it was awesome! He is a great Uncle:)

My mom said it was like having a little playpen on the beach! I wanted to stay in there all day and dig with my beach tools.

I still miss the beach, whenever I see sand I ask my mom "beach?" I can't wait to go back!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beach

Here is the house we stayed in. Yes, I know. It was amazing. Here are some random beach photos from the week.

View from our house

My toes enjoying the view

Uncle Ethan and Syd walking on the beach one morning.

Syd loved the sand. After we got home she kept saying "beach beach" whenever she saw sand.

Here I am reading my trashy magazine on the beach.

This girl has no fear, seriously, we rode some big waves together, it was so much fun!!

Neil and the boys playing frisbee

Morning walk on the beach

Building sandcastles. Uncle Chad also dug Syd a hole taller than her and she sat in there and played for a really long time, it was the best play pen! haha I will have to find the pics.

My toes enjoying the beach

Hanging out with my hubby wubby

Bye bye!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I have not posted anything about our vacation. The first reason is that I can't find the disk of pictures in my messy house. The second reason is that now that I do everything on the desktop Syd gets mad when I sit down and get on the computer and turns it off, grrr. Her finger just loves that little button! The third is that whenever Syd is napping I am napping. But mostly it's because I can't find the pictures. I did take pictures on the 4th of July with our NEW camera! Woooo hoooo! On Saturday the 2nd I bought Syd a cute 4th of July outfit. Then I came home and was sad and told Neil that there is no point in having a cute outfit if there is no camera to take a picture:( I know, right? So he went to Walmart and bought a new camera. It is hot pink, need I say more. One day I will blog again. Right now I am too tired. Good Night.
PS you should check out my sister Andrea's blog. She did a new post;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming soon....

We went on THE most amazing vacation to the beach. My camera got broken by a dolphin, but I still have pictures to share. Neils office got new computers so we got his old one, score! The only problem is that all of the pictures are on the laptop and our wireless internet is not working. Stay tuned! But here are a few pictures that I stole from my SIL's blog, thanks Lindsay, hope you don't mind! PS, she has a super fancy expensive camera so try to not be dissapointed when I upload my own pictures, haha..

On our way to San Diego we stopped at Leisure World to visit Grandpa Howard. Sydney fell in love with baby Aly.

We stayed in the most amazing beach house! Don't ask how we got it... if I told you I might have to kill you. Here is the view from the patio.

The spacious inside. There was plenty of room for everyone to relax, rest and spend time together. (plus a smiley volleyball to make you feel right at home!)