Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot fun in the summertime

Last Saturday we went to the Washington City Rec Center with the Browns. It is such a great pool!

These little bouncy swings were so fun. Andrea, check out Gracie's shy face, haaahaaa

Liza and Syd were twiners

The weather has been so nice and cool. We spent some time in the yard tonight. Syd is obsessed with belly buttons. Hers and everyone else's, haha...

I planted a few things along the back wall. I don't know if they will live but they are nice to look at!

Two squash plants. The tiny one was growing in the garden but I moved it because the other plant was doing so much better by the back wall.

Look! Tiny squashies!

Some purple flowers and some cool ones that close up at night and open in the day.

These flowers are really thriving! I guess I will plant more of them.

This one also blooms really nice in the day but closes up at night.

Daisies. Story time. Once when I was younger I thought I would do a really nice thing and weed my mom's flower beds. She came home and said I had pulled up all of her daisies! haha. Um, yeah, I was like 17. Embarrassing.

Lavender. Not doing so well. I love lavender though. I may have to plant it somewhere else if I want it to live.

Our tomatoes are growing like crazy! I am so thrilled:)

Tiny little basil plant. I wonder if it will ever be big enough to eat?


Look, our grass is green! Neil mowed it for the first time tonight! Yes, we laid the sod in March, ha ha.

Here is my shelf with my diaper boxes all fixed up cute:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crafty McCrafterson

I have been noticing that all day long stuff from upstairs accumulates downstairs and it drives me crazy. I read in BHAG to put a basket on your stairs to put those things in and then every once in a while take it up and unload it. I saw this idea to make cute containers out of diaper boxes and decided to try it!

I made 3 sizes of baskets.
The top one still needs some ribbon, I made two button holes on the liner to tie the ribbon through, it was so fun to learn to use the button holer on my sewing machine! As soon as we mount the TV on the bedroom wall I will move the shelf downstairs and put my baskets to use! The top one is just a small cardboard box, the next two are different sized diaper boxes.

Here is a link to a tutorial on my SIL Lindsay's craft blog. It is really not as hard as you might think! The trick is trying to find heavy duty fabric that is not too pricey. I shopped on the clearance aisle at Joanne's and used coupons to help out:) I am pretty proud of myself!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Potty time

Proof that your kids really do watch what you do.

"Do do do do, I sure like this book"

"Um, excuse me mom, can I get some privacy?!"

"Okay fine, one picture"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sydney and a tomato

Sydney has been enjoying gogurt lately. So has her hair.

I think it's kind of stylin!

We have been spending lots of time at the park enjoying the awesome cooler than normal weather!

Cute little Mormon girl. She loves nursery!

Our tomatoes are growing like crazy! 3 have started turning red, I am so excited to eat them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthaversary

Yes thank you. We did have a nice anniversary:) Neil left me some presents when he went to work in the morning. They all involve an inside joke, it was fun for me:)

We went to dinner

And a movie

We really enjoyed Olive Garden and "Soul Surfer". I think it's the first time we've been to a movie in about a year.

Yesterday was Neil's birthday. We went to the temple and Aunt Rachel babysat, it was great:) Then we had leftover cake from my birthday and opened presents.
New shoes!
Wall mount for the tv in our bedroom! He opened it and said "yay! Just what you wanted!" haha, funny dear. He then admitted that he gave me the really nice 600 thread count sheets for my birthday because that's what he wanted. We're even.

But this was the best present of all...

First watch the commercial. It makes us laugh so hard:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Big 3-0

Happy Birthday honey! Your mom says you were the nicest calmest baby, thanks for passing your genes on to our child:) Look how cute you were!

And you know what they say Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving! haha love you:) Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Bug

Sometimes I put Syds hair in two pigtails. She looks so cute, like a little bug. She makes me think of ...

These Muppet bugs, of course my child would remind me of a Muppet!

Or these little bugs that sing with the map on Dora. Hee hee:)

I have so many things I want to blog about but of course I can't find the cord that connects the computer and my camera. Grrrr.