Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Here is our cute little Easter girl.

You may wonder why she is always standing on a chair to get her picture taken. That is the only way I can get her to stand there and be still! Today should have been her first day of nursery, she turned 18 months on the 22nd. But she has a cold so we will wait till next time I guess:)
When my parents were in Costa Rica they went to church and all of the little girl were wearing shoes like this, so my mom found some at a store. Aren't they adorable?

The Easter bunny found Sydney.

This was after church. Sydney was not interested in sitting still and having her picture taken. Good thing I got a few before church!

She wanted to go for a walk in the trailer. She took a nap instead.

Right after a trip down the slide:)

This is a little video of Sydney looking at her Easter basket. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I gave Syd her first pedicure today. Then we went swimming for the first time this season. It was pretty much the perfect day:)

Monday, April 18, 2011


If you look reeeaaaallly close you can see a few tiny brown dots on her face. They are the cutest freckles I have ever seen:)

Funny story about freckles. The other day I was in St. George and I was visiting the Browns. I was helping Eliza who is 5 wash ice cream off her face. Here is how our conversation went:

Me: (Scrubbing her nose and cheeks which are covered in freckles) "Eliza, there is something all over your face right here! I can't get it off!"

Eliza: (pulls away and looks at me very seriously) "Aunt Sara, are they like little brown dots?" "Those are just freckles".

I cracked up and so did she. What a sweet girl:)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Syd's mullet was growing out, so I gave her a little haircut this morning. I tried to get a picture of her. Here is what I got.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I might die of lock jaw so you should probably read this post.

First off, I stayed up waaaay to late last night reading this book. It was good, but also I was like "how can I not take advantage of this uninterrupted reading time?!"

Sydney has a 6th sense for when Neil is up so of course she wants to get up at 6:30 too, I get her up and she runs right into our room where Neil is shaving and says "Daddy! Ba? (bath)" Since I had about 5 hours of sleep (I know I am a baby) I went downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. Pretty soon Neil came and said "okay, I am going to work now" I stood up and hugged him and he started talking. Then I passed out on the couch, literally. I came to and Neil was looking at me funny. I said "sorry, I didn't hear anything you just said because I passed out, for real" haha. Then he went to work. Don't worry I did not pass out again. About 8:30 I made Syd take a nap and I went to sleep. We woke up all refreshed and got dressed and headed to the park. I love this park. It has a fence all around it so Syd can wander to her hearts content. My old ward has playgroup there and I love to go and catch up with my friends:)

Then, since I was in the area I needed to go to the mall to pick up some pants that we had ordered online for Neil because they never have his size because he has looooong legs. I almost said freakishly long but I just ran it by him and he said "that is not very nice". Then I realized that the stroller was not in the car and I was not about to carry Sydney around the mall. I remembered that Target had umbrella strollers on sale for 10 bucks. Woohoo! Since we needed one anyway we went and got one. And some little shirts for 2 bucks each.
We stopped by this store at the mall and got a few more shirts. Sydney has a lot of summer shirts, but they keep getting stained and ruined. Mom, before you say anything I have tried everything to get the stains out, I promise! I soaked them in biz and scratched them with my fingernail!

We got home and I put Syd out to pasture in the backyard, her favorite place. I started cooking dinner, homemade mac and cheese . I noticed that Syd was bringing flowers in that she was pulling off my plant so I went out to stop her. I cut my foot on a rusty nail. Ahhhh! I was slightly freaking out inside. One semester when I worked for USU Audio Visual I had to show slides every Tuesday to a communicable diseases class. I only remembered a little bit about tetanus, but I was pretty sure I was going to die. But dinner was cooking so I pulled the nail out of the wood and hobbled in on my bleeding foot. Then I remembered that Sydney had a chiropractor appointment in like 15 minutes. So I rinsed my foot off and put dinner in the fridge to cook later. Of course we have no band-aids so I had to use a cotton ball and scotch tape, that's right, scotch tape, I know, awesome. While I drove I tried calling the doctor to see if I should come and get a tetanus shot, but I could NOT get through. We went to the chiropractor (I am hoping it will help Syds chronic ear infections.) At this point Neil was trying to call the doctor but could not get through so I told him I was just going to drive to the doctors office and ask what I should do. They said I should get a tetanus shot and the receptionist whispered that I should just go to the health department so I wouldn't have to pay for a dr. visit etc. Whew. Of course, I drove by and they close at 4:30. The nurse had said I have a 2 day window before tetanus would set in. Lets hope.