Thursday, March 31, 2011

Animal sounds

First things first. Thanks Auntie Corinne for this cute outfit! Today was the perfect weather for it, plus I have not done the laundry and she was naked until I remembered it was in the closet! Coincidence? I think not;)

She loves to play in our new yard. Loves loves loves it! She wants to be out there all of the time. Woohoo! Also I cut her bangs and layered her hair a little bit. Neil said "try to not make her look too Dumb and Dumber" oops, sorry honey. It will grow.

Checking out the little flower/veggie garden. I planted some flowers around the veggies, we'll see how they grow.
Okay you guys. Our baby is a freaking genius. Well, maybe not. But this morning she brought me this book and I read it and said "what does the goat say?" She said "Baa baa". I almost died. Then I cried. Then we practiced all day until Neil came home. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Syd loves to bring me bows and flowers to put in her hair, this one cracked me up:)

She has pretty crazy hair when she wakes up!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The yard

When we moved in no one had been living in our house for over a year. The yard was totally dead. Then it rained for 3 days straight before Christmas and we got weeds, lots and lots of weeds. It finally got to a point that I could not stand it anymore so I started pulling them out of the lawn. By the time I was done the yard was pretty much all dirt. We had tried to fertilize and water to see if the lawn had any hope. Nope. I am pretty sure at least half of the garbage can was full of weeds by the time I was done pulling them!

Sydney loved being outside and helping me:)

I love these little dimples she gets when she smiles!

Two Saturdays ago we rented a rototiller and Neil got to work! It made him feel pretty manly;)

Then something got stuck in one of the blades and he leaned down to check...
ahhhh! Just kidding, his face did not get caught in the rototiller. When we were returning it the handle somehow smacked him in the face, ouch! On the plus side, he felt even more manly after this injury! But sadly it is all healed now and didn't leave a cool scar or anything:(

After that we needed to get all of the big rocks out of the soil, there were soooo many! The Browns were visiting for Spring break so to give the kids an activity I told the kids that I would pay them 1 penny for each rock that they picked up. I wish I could have found my camera to take pictures! Emily picked up 900 Tyler picked up 300 and Eliza picked up 150. The rocks had to be a certain size to count, they really did a good job! We had a fun trip to the gas station to spend some of their money.

A week later we had sod delivered. Becky and Jeff were here and Jeff helped to put it in, thanks Jeff! It only took about an hour.
All done! I just love how green and pretty it looks:)

Here is my little garden of tomatoes and squash. I hope I didn't plant too late. They say to plant tomatoes on Valentines day and I was about a week and a half later. We'll see! I planted the squash seeds and one day went out to see that my seeds had grown! I almost cried. For real. I really did not know if they would grow, it was a faith building experience for me.

All done! I hope now we can keep it alive! Sydney went out yesterday and ran around on it and giggled the whole time:)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...and a mom.

On March 3rd our baby Rachel turned 25, to celebrate we all met in SLC for a fun weekend!

We stayed on the 16th (top) floor of the Marriott. It was fabulous!

View from our balcony, this is the Salt Palace.

Andrea's view from her deck chair.

After we checked into our hotel on Friday night we walked a block to Temple Square to eat at The Roof. Yum:)
Rachel decided she couldn't keep up with us in her stilettos

The beautiful birthday girl:) Our waitress brought this dessert over and then the pianist played happy birthday. Then she play 100 years by five for fighting and we all cried. Isn't crying with your sisters the best? :)

On Saturday morning Becky made us get up and exercise, it was awesome. I watched Selena whilst running on the elliptical. We got dressed and headed over to the Lion House Pantry to eat lunch. I love that place!

We saw Hairspray at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem. If you live nearby go see it! Totally worth it. The tickets are only like 12 dollars and it was so fun and so well done! We grew up going to plays at the Hale Center Theatre, so it will always have a special place in our hearts:)

After eating at Zupas with moms brother and sisters we decided to run into IKEA. We only had about 20 minutes to shop. This was Rachel's first time at IKEA, Rach, how is that possible?

I pretty much wanted to buy everything in the childrens section. I settle on some plastic dishes and some cute finger puppets. I can't wait to pull them out for church!

On Sunday morning we walked over to Temple Square. Rachel stayed at the hotel with a headache :(

We watched "Music and the Spoken Word". It was so so beautiful. If I lived downtown I would go every Sunday!
I love Temple Square!

Raise your hand if you have ever gone to the SLC Temple quarry with my mom. It really is a great place. Here is mom reminiscing about the good old days at the quarry:)

I love Jimmy Johns! And I loved Snelgroves, back when this building used to be a Snelgroves.

Favorite high school hangout:)

Rachel's first time ordering at our favorite high school hang out. Not moms first time with jazz hands.

After we ate lunch we went to see Grandma Wilkey. She was just waking up from a nap and getting ready for lunch. She sat up and visited with us. We asked how she was feeling she said "well I am okay except I am so nauseous. And I am NOT pregnant!" haha oh grandma. It was good to see her. Then we sang her some songs, it was so fun to sing with my sisters! Then we dropped Becky off, kissed the kiddies and drove home to St. George. Then I went and got Neil and Syd and drove to Las Vegas. Then we were FINALLY home.

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's all about the food.

These little piggies went to Salt Lake.

So did these little piggies

Friday Night:

The Roof at Temple Square. Only buffet I have ever enjoyed.

This little piggy ate both of the above plates of dessert as well as 6 eclairs throughout the rest of the meal.

Saturday Afternoon:

Lion House Pantry. Who knew that eating in Brigham Young's basement could be so fun?

This little piggy worked down to two desserts, the blueberry pie and chocolate cake. Yum, at 1.50 each how could she not?
Saturday night:

Zupas. Only one dessert.

It looks fake. I assure you it is not. Mango creme brulee. Mmmmm

Sunday afternoon:

Cheese fries at The Training Table. No dessert.

Fries just taste better when you order them over the phone.

This little piggy cried whaaa whaaaa whaaaa all the way home.

Just kidding, she was happy to get back to her baby and Husband.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the best girls weekend ever!