Sunday, January 30, 2011

Craigslist always comes through.

We got a new table and chairs on Craigslist last night! We had been shopping at RC Willey earlier and found something we liked but could not afford, bummer:( Then when we got home Neil looked on Craigslist and there was almost he exact same set! It was fate. So I called and told the lady we would come and get it. We drove up to Summerlin (like 45 minutes away) and took the legs off and tied the table on top of the CRV, the chairs fit in the back, whew! We are pretty excited, it is perfect!

Lately Sydney has been making this face a lot it cracks us up!

I call this her "Bitter beer face"

I gave her bangs for church today, so cute:)

Here is what our finished bedroom looks like.

I got all sorts of crafty with these wall hangings.

The end.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have not blogged because I am having trouble with my computer, it is so irritating! I have TWO that's right, two bro-in-laws who are computer experts, I need to make some calls. Anyway. Some pictures of the house. But first you have to ooh and ahh over my baby. She is 15 months! I know. I can't believe it either. We went to the doctor for her check up. It turned out she had an ear infection, sad. I had no idea, she did not have a fever. She was cranky but she is cutting some molars so I thought that is what was up. Apparantly she does not say enough words. The doctor asked what words she says and I was like "hmmm shoot, not a lot" Mom, Daddy, hi." ... silence. She said that she should know 5-6 words and 20 by the time she is 18 months! Then I got home and remembered that she says baby, Uh oh and I swear that when I put her down to change her she says Poo poo. Maybe I should call the doctor. haha. Oh well, I am not too worried.

I looked over one morning and she was doing this, so funny:)
Then I was washing the dishes and she was being so quiet. I looked down and there she was sitting in the frying pan, playing with some spoons.

Nothing like a good Sunday nap

Waiting for the cookies to bake. Thank you Aunt Andrea for introducing her to cookies...

Albert Einstein

15 Months Old. All ready for church. She is all Neil's since I got called to teach the 5 year olds. He got called to be the Elders Quorum secretary.

She will not stand or sit still or smile for pictures. I hope it's a phase. Julie, look how cute the dress looks! I love it:)

Okay here is the house (I know, finally, but don't tell me you did not enjoy my child)

This is Syds little toy corner. She loves to bop up and down in front of the mirror.

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Kitchen Before


Why yes, that is a Gone With the Wind quote on my back door! I'll think about it tomorrow...oh Scarlett.

I sewed the curtains myself...I know.

Ta Da! I LOVE my house. We are so happy here:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Randy Wilkey's Rockin New Years Eve

I generally hate New Years Eve. When I was single it was just a lonely holiday, there is always too much expectation, and it usually turns out to be a bummer. Not this year though. We had the best time! Ahem, also, when I say "we" I mean like 6 of us out of about 20 people. Oh well.

Syd will not be pictured because she went to be at 7:30. It is a miracle that she slept through the party going on right outside of her door!

My mom bought a Karaoke machine. Who would have thought that it would have been such a big hit? Becky really egged us on to get into it. So we downloaded our favorite minus tracks, put them on Rachel's new I-Pod Touch (spoiled) kidding..sort of, and plugged it into the machine. Oh my word, we had the BEST time. (Again, "we" is a selective term)

Sara and Lindsey singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" it was darling.

The Dynamic Duo. Andrea changed, but earlier they were wearing matching outfits, haha. Cuuuuute

Aunt Rachel busts out Hoe Down Throw Down

Lindsey can't resist joining her

"Pop it lock it Polka dot it!"
(Neil had to help me with the words. I love my husband)

Emily makes her big debut

Here I am preparing to fulfill a life long dream of singing "On My Own" Karaoke style. It was sublime.

Here is how the menfolk felt about our karaoke party.

Jeff got his cube on
Neil looked like he was about to die
Ben fell asleep
All but Grandpa. He was proud as punch of his talented grand kids. He is such a stage mom.

At least Evie had a good time:)

Get down grandpa!

We broke out the silly string at the stroke of midnight

There was kissing

Even Aunt Rachel got a kiss, and we all know that Tyler Brown gives the BEST smooooches!

Happy New Year!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We had a great Christmas morning. We each got 4 presents.
1. Something you want
2. Something you need
3. Something to wear
4. Something to read

Syd got that little kitchen in the background and a sweater and some balls and some board books.

I got this cool storage ottoman, I love it!

And there was a Diet Coke inside, even better!

Neil got a cordless screwdriver, CSI, a book and some jeans

Besides the ottoman I got some beautiful Sapphire and Diamond earrings, some cute shoes and a book:)

Syd would tear off one piece of paper at a time and hand it to Neil. It was so cute, even if it took her forever to open her gifts:)

Neil cooked a yummy breakfast:)

Then we drove to St. George and visited our families and got more presents, we loved them all!

Grandma Sherry made Syd this darling dress!

After dinner nap:) Syd was not feeling well and Auntie Andrea got her to take a little nap, it was so sweet!