Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big News!

Made you look! Haha.

We attempted to take Syd to her first movie. Arthur Christmas. I enjoyed it, Neil and Syd enjoyed bits and pieces and enjoyed running around the hallway and arcade. Guess we'll give it another year.

We made pizzeles the night before I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At least I got to eat a few!

Look at what I found at TraderJoe's! Yum yum yum:) I can eat as much cheese as I want, so I was super happy to find this!

26 Months- 28 Weeks

My super talented sister-in-law made these for us for Christmas, I can't even explain how excited I was! Aren't they so cute?! She even made one for baby girl for next year:)

LOVE them!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I had to have an ultrasound today to check my fluid levels. They gave me a CD with pictures this time:) Here she is.


Look at that little smile "hi mom and dad" :) That is her leg above her head, she is folded in half.

The Dr. says she weighs about 2 lbs 2 oz. The same as Gracie when she was born! Amazing. \

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa...maybe not.

On Friday night we went to our ward Christmas party. Here are my cute people. I love them:)

We saw Santa.

Remember last year?

Apparently absence did not make the heart grow fonder.

Better luck next year Santa.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A new title and what we have been up to.

You may have noticed that my blog has a new title. If you don't care to know why I changed the title please feel free to skip to the pictures below. When I created this blog a few years ago I wanted it to have a creative and catchy name. Since I could not come up with anything I settled for "To dream costs nothing" in Latin. Don't make fun of me, I took Latin in college. Anyway. The other night we came home from Thanksgiving at my parents house. We pulled into the garage and I had a flash back of growing up. Whenever we came home from a vacation (usually late at night) as we pulled in the garage my dad would say "you know the routine guys" which meant we all helped unload the car until every last thing was in the house. We would sit in the back of the car, whether it be station wagon or Astro Van, and silently pray that he would NOT say it this time. No such luck. Over the last few years my life has become pretty routine. And so has my blog. So there you have it. You're welcome.

A week before Thanksgiving Emily Brown came for a visit. Andrea was pretty sick, but she is doing better now. We had fun and Syd LOVED her. Emily was the best playmate ever:)

She set up a house on the different landings on the stairs. The boxes are baby cribs.

One day I was telling Emily about all of the great stuff we get from our neighbors trash. She was intrigued and sure enough on Sunday night someone had put out these trees. She snatched them up and took them home with her:)

Here's me 24 weeks pregnant. While Em was here we all got the stomach flu. Except her, lucky!

On Wed. we all headed to St. George for Thanksgiving. I was too tired to take pictures, but it pretty much looked like this.

Now we are home and Syd has taken up a new hobby. Cooking!

Italian seasoning on every cutting board we have. Later she dumped parmesan cheese on the floor. I guess she wanted to make spaghetti.

Cinnamon toast crunch on dirty dishes. At least the bowls match the plates. That means she is super brilliant, right?

Our friends have a Christmas tree farm in Ca. and got us this amazing tree. It smells SO GOOD. It has been quite a few years since I have had a real tree at Christmas, it is fun!

Tonight Neil and Syd put the finishing touches on. Pretty sure she will pull them all off tomorrow.
Grandma sent Syd this little people nativity. She loves it! I told her grandma sent her a present and she sang happy birthday for the rest of the night. And yes, I realize that I have very few pictures of her wearing both pants AND a shirt. Oh well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Springs Preserve

Last week we went to Las Vegas Springs Preserve with some friends. It was really fun! There was a lot to see and we walked around for a looong time.

Syd with a big turtle

Syd with a big bunny.

Oh, before we left Syd made me breakfast. Yum.

One of the museums had an exhibit called "the scoop on poop" the kids loved it, it was really interesting. Here is Syd in the outhouse.

There was a great playground. Sydney loves trains, she played on this one for a long time:)

Happiness is falling asleep with your arm in the pringles can.

We were tired that night! I don't know if you can tell but she is eating 3 suckers. Almost done with the Halloween candy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Horsies and other things

For Syd's birthday Grandma Sherry made her this cute skirt. It is made out of Syd's Great Grandma Arminta's fabric, so special! Here she is wearing it to church:) The purple socks were her idea, and she would not be talked out of it. Lovely.

I decided I needed to start sorting through the baby girl clothes. Holy Cow. Seriously this kid will never want for clothing. You can't really see but on the other side of the couch there is a box with about 30 outfits in it. It was like a baby store threw up in my living room. By the way, this is not even all of it. There are two more Rubbermaids in the garage full of newborn and 0-3 month. Yikes!

Our friend gave us a bunch of clothes for Syd and this Minnie Mouse dress was in the bag. Syd loves it. She wore it for about 3 days straight. I had to hide it so I could wash it!

I bought this hat 10 years ago. I used to wear it all the time, it is a siz 2t. I pulled it out this winter and thought, hey, now I have a toddler to wear it! haha:) She loves it and cracks up when I wear it.

Syd loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star, so I wanted to capture it on video, enjoy why don't you:)

Sometimes Syd sings this little tune about horsies, I told Rachel about it and finally caught it on video. Fun:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We drug the holiday out for about a week this year. We went to two ward trunk or treats, the rec center trick or treat and we are going trick or treating in our neighborhood, yay! Today Syd had her 2 year check up. She in the 75th percentile for height, 60th for weight and only 40th for her head! Her body is finally catching up to her head size:) I had her wear her costume to the dr. and then we ran some errands. Then it was almost lunch time so we texted Neil to see if he would like to take Snow White and her wicked stepmother out for lunch. He of course said yes so we headed down town and enchanted his office and then went to lunch at Macayo's.

Here we are on our way to trunk or treat. Snow White, Clark Kent and a cowgirl.

Video #1- Syd saying cute things, in her costume. Video #2 Neil came home wearing his creepy teeth, this is her reaction:)

Also, one more story after you seen the teeth. The first time my parents met Neil was on Halloween. He came trick or treating with us and the Browns. He wore DI clothes and the creepy teeth and had not shaved for a few days. Afterwards my dad was like "um, so that guy was interesting..." I said "Dad! That was a Halloween costume, that is not what he looks like all the time!" haha nice first impression honey:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Sydney...

Syd turned 2! We wanted to get her a little kitchen. Then we saw this one in our neighbors garbage pile. Yes please! We cleaned it up and replaced a few small things. After we took this picture Grandpa Rocky helped Neil replace the plexi glass in the microwave and oven and they rigged up an oven rack made out of a fridge rack. Did I mention I found the fridge rack in another neighbors garbage pile? Yep. I can't help it if my neighbors keep throwing away great stuff! The table and chairs we already had but I repainted them.

Cute little dishes

She was so excited and has not stopped playing with it. When we leave the house she says "bye bye kitchen!"

We set everything up the night before. I told Neil to pretend to be Syd. I wanted to set the camera to capture her reaction, she tends to be camera shy if she knows you are taping.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thank Heaven...

For little girls...

For little girls get bigger every day!

Thank heaven...

For little girls...

They grow up in the most delightful way!
Sydney really has been such a delight these last two years. We love her so much and enjoy every minute we have with her! We asked her what she would like for her birthday...

She told us she would like a little sister...

We told her that would be okay, but she would have to wait until March for her present!

Thank heaven for one more little girl in our family:)