Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just so you get an idea...

...of what I do pretty much every waking hour. I even dreamed that I was painting the other night. It was awful! I can't wait to be done it is going to be greeaaaat:)

Laundry Room


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House and Sydney and stuff

On Saturday morning Sydney woke up at 5 am. Yeah, that's right. So I told Neil I was going to take her down to the house and get some work done. First we stopped at Walmart for a few things.

6:00 AM

6:15 AM

6:45 AM barely hanging on.
We shared some pancakes.

Corinne came down and we painted baseboards, don't they look fabulous?

Syd loves the tape balls, they kept her fascinated forever!
Syd and I worked all day on Monday and Tuesday. Here is our pretty yellow kitchen and awesome fridge~

As you can see it is very well stocked:)

(pretty much my favorite feature of the fridge by the way)

And one more just for fun. This is a new trick she recently discovered:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Postcards: Vegas to S.L.C

Mom and Dad-
It's me, Gracie! I had the best day with Grandma, Auntie Sara and Syd. Syd shared all of her toys, we danced around. She told me she wishes she could walk like me, I told her she would get there soon!

After we saw Aunt Sara's new house we went to a nice park and ran around and ate lunch. I had the best time!

I ate some chicken nuggets and this fruit and yogurt parfait, mmm.

Then we went to see the Hoover Dam, we drove on that big bridge!

Then we went to the store to see some toys. I kept squealing because I was so happy, but it made Syd cry:( Um, she is kind of a cry baby, just sayin.

We had a fun time anyway. Everyone at the store stopped to talk to us and to tell me my boots were so cute!

After I ate some oatmeal and peaches Grandma and I got on the road. I slept the whole way home. I am pretty much perfect. I love you! Have fun at your special March of Dimes party!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome home Schmalz family, welcome home.

We got our keys yesterday and headed right over to the house! We did some cleaning and then got home so Syd could go to sleep.

We went over this morning and got to work. Neil had the day off yay! Syd followed him around all day long. She was in heaven.

Here are some paint colors, not that you can really tell, but you get some sort of idea.

This is the color we are doing most of the house, hallways, bathrooms etc.

The front room is two shades of brown

Neil is now the proud owner of a ladder. I think he was more excited about this than the house:)
We bought this fridge at the Home Depot, it was an awesome deal! Woo hoo!

Syd got this apple out of the cooler and I caught her a few minutes later. I love all of her little tiny bites:)

We are so excited to have some visitors this weekend to show off our new house!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Postcards: Vegas to Costa Rica

Grandma Steph

It's me, Syd J. I thought you might enjoy this picture of my chubby little hands. I know how much you love them:) I sure miss you and can't wait to see you when you get back! I hope you will come see us at our new place. My mom says you can sit and hold me while she cleans and paints.

Grandpa Randy-

I promise to not cry if you come see me, even if you sneeze a lot and it's loud and it scares me. Me and my mom have been working on it.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The past few days

On Sunday Sydney and I wore matching shoes:) Today at Costco we lost one of her shoes:( So sad! At least they only cost $4 dollars.

Neil wore his Superman tie for Halloween

Yesterday she crawled off and a few minutes later I found her in her room playing with all of her shoes. She sat there for quite a while. I knew Aunt Corinne would be so proud:)

Her sleepers are too big but I want her to be able to wear them all winter. This morning I could hear her whining down the hall so I went to check on her. She had turned into a mermaid! I had to put her on the table for a picture because if I put her down she swam away on her tummy with her "tail" flapping, it was so funny!

She found this sucker from Halloween and was chewing on it. A little bit of the wrapper had come off and she was going to town. So I took the whole wrapper off. She kept saying "mmm mmmmm" she loved it:) After about two minutes she dropped it on the ground and forgot about it so I threw it out. Her first sucker was a success:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Big Birthday Party

Andrea threw the most wonderful birthday party for Sydney. It was so fun to have nearly everyone from mine and Neil's family there!

She decorated so cute:) Noah's ark was one of Syd's gifts from the browns. I told my sisters that rather then buy Syd new toys I wanted them to give her some of their old toys that their kids have grown out of. It was so much fun for the kids to give her toys that they have loved and Syd was so happy about all of them:) I love watching her play with these toys and think about my little nieces and nephews who I love SO much and the memories I have of them as little babies. The kids kept going to their rooms and bringing out more toys, haha, poor Andrea was probably like "don't give all of your toys away!" but it was so sweet that the kids were so excited to share:)

She got so many toys, clothes and other kinds of baby gear it felt like another baby shower! Thanks everyone:) She loves everything. It is fun to watch her play with new toys:)

The cupcakes that looked a little sad but sure tasted good! I will have to figure out what happened to the frosting for next time I guess.

She was fascinated by Noah's ark, she loves to play with all the animals.

She had a stomach ache and was not interested in eating any of the cupcake, but she tore it to bits and had fun doing that:)

Hello darling Gracie:)

This is was my favorite part. Everyone got a balloon and we went outside and one by one everyone gave Sydney a birthday wish and then let their balloon go. It was so sweet:)

It was the perfect first birthday!