Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 Months Old

This is Sydney. She is 11 months old. This is what she looks like after a nap. Sweaty bed head. And she makes the funniest faces.

She is still my little Muppet. Both of the ladies we visit teach have little dogs and she LOVES them. The other day the Westminster Dog Show was on TV and she sat and watched it and talked and clapped. Sorry Syd, not going to happen. Her current favorite song is even "how much is that doggy in the window?" Ahhh, NO dogs. Again, sorry Syd.

She looks so sweet and innocent but over the past week she has turned into a holy terror! Well, by her standards anyway. She started crawling at 6 months and has never had much interest in the book shelf. Now all of a sudden she likes to tear all the books and picture albums and decorations off. Really, in just one week she has done a total 180. But that means her brain is growing and developing...right? So I took everything off the book shelf and put her toys and books on it. When she saw what I did she squealed in delight..and proceeded to pull everything off the shelf. Just like I wanted her too:)

We had to put a baby gate up to block the kitchen because also in the last week she figured out she could open the cupboards and take everything out and she dropped some nesting bowls on her foot and it was all sad and bruised:(

She loves books. She likes to go into her room by herself and look at books, it amazes me how long she will sit and just look at all of the different ones! Good thing she likes books because probably the only talent she will get from me is reading really fast.

She is starting to eat a lot and she is finally getting heavy to carry around, I think she has been having a growth spurt because I swear that outfits that fit her a week ago don't fit anymore. She takes little bites of everything with her 4 little teeth.

Here she is in her new car seat, I love it, it is a Britax Roundabout. It is perfect for rear facing (it is super tall so she will be able to stay rear facing for quite a while) and reclines a lot so she can sleep and be really comfy, and I think she will be able to use it until she is ready for a booster seat, I would highly recommend it. She says "hi" to everyone and waves. At the grocery store it is a big crowd pleaser:) When I come around to get her out of her car seat she gets so excited to see me and says "hi hi hi hi!" haha, the best is that we sit in the front at church and she likes to stand facing backward on the bench and say "hi" (loudly) to all the people who are coming in late. They all love her. It is fun being in a ward where there are not a ton of babies her age, everyone really enjoys her and wants to hold her.

She loves to be outside and always comes home from the park super dirty from crawling everywhere. She is starting to get really stubborn and assertive and I can hardly change her diaper anymore, she rolls right over, I have to use my handy dandy wrestling moves to keep her on the mat! Only one more month till she is a whole year old!

(Don't worry she didn't lick the pole)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I was hacked!

I feel so violated. My facebook and gmail account were hacked this morning so many of you may have recieved an email from the hacker through my account. Now my facebook account is deactivated and my email is not really working. It looks okay, but I am not getting messages and all of my contacts have been erased. I am not really sure what to do about that. I contacted facebook about my account and they are supposed to get back to me. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do about it. I would like to find the hacker and strangle him or her, but probably that is not going to happen. I am so mad!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kute Kanadian Kids

First of all let me just say how much I hate it when people change the spelling of words so the name of their store, restaurant or whatever will be alliterative, hence my title. It is cuter? Does it make you want to read my blog even more? Gag, whenever I see places like this it makes me not want to ever go there and I usually go off about it to the person I am with. Anway. Moving on.

When we were in Canada my mom and I made it our personal quest to find something Canadian for each grand kid to wear. We discovered the best store on earth "The Bargain! Shop" Yes, that is an exclamation point in the middle of the name. They are all over the place and have the best, cheap stuff. It kind of reminded me of Big Lots...hey, doesn't Big Lots have an exclamation point in their name too? Fishy... Big Lots! That is better. Anyway, every time we saw one we made my dad stop so we could see what they had. We collected a lot of great junky cheap souvenirs. Except for the Canadian flag beach umbrella, we could not figure out how we would get it home on the plane. Dang. When we got home and got all the kids gathered around and in their clothes we wanted to get a picture. Note that we could not find t-shirts for Lindsay and Sara. I promised we searched at least 5 Bargain! Shops. (don't worry, they got other gifts). Here are our feeble attempts to get a group shot.

"Everyone grab a baby and stand on the fireplace!"

Not too bad

Meh... oh, you are wondering about the little umbrellas? We picked those up at a grocery store in Pincher Creek for 2 bucks a piece. They were on display above the produce for Canada Day (July 1st) None of them had a price and we asked a lady if she would sell them to us. She said sure and said no one would buy them since Canada Day was over already, so we could have them for 2 dollars, score!

"Notice that my child is the only one paying attention in this one, yep, that's right..."

This is the point where we kept saying "Evie, move the umbrella from your face!" nope, she was not interested in that one.

I think this is about the best we can hope for! We know that Evie has a darling little face under that umbrella! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

August Rush

First of all lets talk about how August Rush was the longest movie of all time...seriously it drug on and on and on, I thought it could have been "rushed" a little, haha. Oh and also, we FINALLY watched Avatar- not in the theatre, but on the Schmalz big screen with surround sound. So, this is really hard for me because I know everyone loves it, but I have to be honest in saying that all I could think about the whole movie was how I kept expecting the main girl to see her father, the chief and say "Wingapo Father!" and break into "Colors of the Wind" and "Just Around the River Bend".

I hate to hurt any feelings, but I just don't get the hype, maybe it's because I did not see it on the big screen.

Any way, here is what we did in August

We hung out inside a lot to stay out of the heat. Syd's hair grew a lot this summer.

We laughed and had fun

We went on a trip to Jamie's wedding, Syd and Grace got new car seats, I actually ended up taking Syd's back and now she and Grace have matching car seats:)

The wedding was so great and the had the cutest touches added everywhere! This was the gift train, you gave your gift to the little boys and then they took the train into the backyard and put the gifts on a table.

Derek got to be part of the wedding:)

It was a long day with no naps, Syd looked like this some of the day

But mostly she looked like this.

I love this girl!

Randy was not enjoying jumping on the tramp after Gracie tackled him

Every Saturday we go to Costco for lunch. Mostly we just eat samples, but sometimes the samples are a little lacking (I know, how dare they not provide us with enough samples to fill us up!) so we get a hot dog.

Syd had her first taste of lemonade

This is how she felt about it.

Within two weeks she got four teeth, they are so cute:)

She is growing into the pink chair

I think she looks like a skinny little elf in these pajamas

There you go. August in a rush!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The one where we took a hike, literally.

One of our Canada days was spent in Montana at Glacier National Park. It is the American side of Waterton Park. Our first stop was at the beautiful lodge. It looks like a Swiss Chalet. Or at least what I would imagine a Swiss Chalet to look like...

It is huge, I could not even fit all of it in a picture.

We had decided to go on a hike, even with Sydney, she was a great little hiker:)

Um, scary. That is all.

That is my dad in his favorite hat. He bought it before we went to N.Z. in 2006. It has a lifetime guarantee. He never goes anywhere without it and I am pretty sure if the house was on fire it would be the one thing he would grab.

We hiked to Iceberg Falls. It was kind of hard to get a good shot of the falls. Trust me, they were really pretty. :)

We ate a picnic, Syd chewed on an apple.

Syd liked the cold water and the rock she found to chew on.

When we got to the falls there was a sign saying it was about 3 more miles to the lake. We were not ready to do that, but my dad wanted to, he took off and said he would catch up with us in the parking lot. We were not even back to the trail head when he came running up behind us! He had run the 6 mile round trip that fast, go dad! He said when he would run by people they would say "why are you running?!" and he would say "there is a bear right behind me!" haha, nice. Also he is not sweaty, he got wet in a little waterfall, yeah, otherwise, gross.

I took a picture of every single wild flower I saw intending to come home and look them all up online. Still haven't done that...shoot!

It was a great day!