Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm in escrow! Again. Also more from Canada.

So earlier this year we were building a little house. But not on the prairie. In the desert. But that could have made a good show too. Maybe Pa could get stung by a scorpion and then Mary and Laura would have to haul the water 20 miles from the river and Carrie would have to roll down a hill full of rocks and dirt, but still, good show. Aaaaanyway.

One day some stuff came up and we were sad to realize that we would no longer be able to afford the house. It was a pretty sad day. That is probably why I never blogged about it. But now we have moved on and we are excited that we have put an offer on this town home. We love the area it's in and it is a lot bigger than the house was. It is the one with the two car garage on the end. It is a short sale so it could take months to hear if the bank accepts our offer. We really hope it goes through. So that is that.

One day in Canada we went to a place called Frank Slide . Click on the name to read all about it. Basically in the early 1900's the Mt. overlooking this little mining town crashed down and covered most of the town in 82 million tons of rock. 70 people were killed and only a few that lived in the path of the slide survived. You can see in the picture where all of the rock fell off the mountain and the boulder field is where the town used to be.

Then we decided to drive into British Columbia.

Our first stop was in Sparwood to see the biggest truck in the world. It is a coal truck.

There was a guy there in this tiny little car. Turns out he used to drive the truck! I think it's funny that he went from driving the biggest truck in the world to driving the tiniest car in the world!

Watch out mom!

A grocery store. I am not sure about the name. Neil said it is a good thing it's not a restaurant or no one would eat there, haha.

We drove through the Canadian Rockies, it was so so beautiful:)

We went as far as Fernie BC. It is a little ski resort town, kind of like Park City. Notice the maple leaf in the golden arches:)

Both of the McDonalds we went to had these retro high chairs. I loved them! And so did Syd, she talked to the characters the whole time we ate.

Even the outhouses are beautiful in British Columbia!

There were tons of lake and rivers. We didn't have time to stop and see much so most of my pictures were taken from the car.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some little stories about stuff I made

The other day I was changing Syd's diaper. I have these little bags to put poopy diapers in. They are hard to get out of the box. I thought to myself "hey self, you need to make a little tiny grocery bag holder to hold those poopy diaper bags." So I did. It was my first project I made with my sewing machine.
The End

Once upon a time there was a sad little chair. His cushion was brown and paint spattered and his stuffing was coming out, sad little chair. All of the grand kids would cry and cry if they had to sit on the little chair. The little chair would cry and cry too.

One day a fairy godmother came to his house. She knew all about looking funny and people making fun of you.
She fixed him up as good as new!

Now the grand kids fight about who gets to sit on the little chair!
What a happy little chair!

The End

The other day I had this fabric and I decided to try and make a pillowcase dress. It was sooooo easy.

I am nervous for her to wear it though because I am pretty sure if she crawls in it, it will fall apart....

The End

Here is another cute thing I made

She is 10 months old! Shriek! All of the sudden she seems so old. She is darling. She likes to wave hi and goodbye and she gives little kisses and says "mmm" and then smacks her lips. It melts our hearts.

The End

Saturday, August 21, 2010


In case you didn't know my mother is Canadian. She became an American citizen when I was 17. We have a lot of Canadian pride in our family. That is one reason we love to go to Alberta, it takes us back to our roots.

This funny commercial may help you better understand:)

We always sing "Oh Canada" as we cross the border. We decided to stop and take a picture by this sign and don't worry Becky as we drove across the border I said "You're in Canada I'm not!" Okay, so when we were kids we would always drive the station wagon to Canada and when the front part of the car was crossing through the border whoever was up there would say "I'm in Canada you're not!" haha.

This is the house my Great Grandpa Grover Thomas built during the great depression. Yes, his name was Grover. My grandma and her sister married men named Grover and Elmo. Neil wondered if any of their kids were named Cookie Monster, yuk yuk yuk.
(Can you see my mom waving at me from the window? heehee)
My mom's cousin owns the house now and has restored it back to it's original state as much as possible. She does not live there but anyone is welcome to stay there anytime. We had such a wonderful stay here! My great grandparents were alive for most of my life so I had many wonderful memories here.

These turtle foot stools were around when I was a little girl:)

Syds favorite game to play with grandpa

Southern Alberta is full of rolling hills and big round bales of hay that weigh a ton, literally, they each weigh 2000 lbs.

The farmers get paid if they will put windmills on their land, it is the new cash crop.

I love these old graneries

One morning Syd got up early and we watched the sunrise, it was amazing

This is a little store that has been around FOREVER. When we were little we would walk up the road to Van-Dan's and buy penny candy. They still sell pretty much the same stuff they did when I was little. It is fun to revisit those memories. This truly is a general store, you can get food, hardware, shoes, books and a little bit of everything else:)
This town has a cheese factory. So I guess when you get old you join the "Aged cheese club"?

They have a little ice cream parlour (I have to spell it with a u since it's in Canada)

Best Cotton Candy ice cream on the planet! The chocolate kind is Rolo it has little tiny rolo's in it, yum:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming.

Don't worry, I will post more about our Canadian adventure. I just wanted to share some cute pictures of Syd.

Crawling under the table to find tidbits to eat. Yum:)

I was outside, she crawled over and started doing this, it cracked me up!

Here is a picture so you know she does not always look like a homeless child.

The other day I gave her some avocado. She was not sure what to think about it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A long awaited expedition

I have been to Cameron Lake pretty much every summer of my life. Even when I was Syd's age my mom took me out in a row boat on the lake. GG was not very happy about that. I have always wanted to row a canoe all the way down to the end of the lake. But Rachel was always to afraid the canoe would tip over, so we had to rent a rowboat or a paddle boat instead. And lets be honest, you can't get that far in a a paddle boat or a row boat (unless you have skills, and we do not). So I finally got my chance, and it was amazing. On the expedition....




But as I did not know any Sacajawea songs, I sang Pocahontas songs to entertain Lewis and Clark.

At the end of the lake there was an iceberg, lucky we just missed it or I would have had to start in on my rendition of "My Heart Will Go On".

At the end of the lake we got out of our boat and explored a bit. It was so beautiful!

The end 1/4 of the lake and this mountain are in the US. I suggested that we climb over the mountain like the Von Trapps. Then dad pointed out that since we had passports we could drive across the border. Remind me later to tell you how I had something taken away from me crossing back into the US. I should have climbed the mountain after all.

The snow was melting off the mountain and there were waterfalls cascading all down the sides of it!

We rowed back and returned our canoe, satisfied with our expedition. Then we saw this sign near the visitors center.

My first reaction was oops, I guess we were not supposed to get off and explore. My next thought was holy C-R-A-P we could have been eaten by a bear! Seriously. I am glad we lived to tell the tale. Coming tomorrow, another bear encounter.