Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A good time and a good night sleep was had by all. Well, at least by me.

Let me just start this post by saying that I love the Wilkey's, but I really don't love to camp. Really. As in, Neil and I do not own one piece of camping gear. Well, maybe we do own a flashlight. Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors, but I like to sleep in a bed and take a shower every day. Anyway, it came time for the annual Wilkey reunion and I decided that even though Neil could not come Syd and I would hitch a ride and rough it in the trailer with my parents. They let us sleep in the trailer last year too because I was pregnant, but I am pretty sure this was the last year we are allowed, so sorry guys it has been fun, but I just don't think I can do the tent thing. JK (sort of) I had to dig through Sydney's winter clothes and shop a little on the clearance racks to get her geared up for the cold. And after all that, I forgot to bring a jacket. It is just hard to think about a jacket when you are packing the car in 110 degree heat. Luckily I borrowed one from my mom:)

While I packed and looked through things Syd played in her crib and was really happy to discover that she could pull herself up on the side.

Here she is in a 0-3 month jacket I found. She looks like a homeless child in her reindeer jacket, cheerios t-shirt and legwarmers.

Here she is in a hat that someone gave us when she was born, of course it was huge back then, but a little snug now. I think it makes her look even more homeless! I don't know what is going on with her tongue, maybe that is how she cools down...

We got up the canyon just in time to finish off Uncle Garths amazing gumbo. Pretty sure I have been craving it ever since, it was so good. I got Syd all bundled up in this little hat I found at Gymboree for 99 cents and little Randy's old snowsuit.

The next morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast, again, compliments of Uncle Garth. Syd enjoyed her first pancakes, Eliza is such a good helper:)

Then it was time for a bath. I figure if you have one, why not?

Here is tiny Randy at breakfast, is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen!? I heart him.
I got there and was in awe. I forget what a concrete jungle and desert I live in until I come to a place like this. It was rejuvenating to my soul.

Here is Sara in the lake. Those kids are little fishies!

Auntie Rachel was sure happy to see her little Siggy again.

We went down to the lake and stole the canoe for a little ride, I love canoeing! The girl who is rowing is my cute cousin Ashlee, isn't she darling? Watch out single guys of Boston! The girl behind me is her sister Becky, she is darling too, but she is happily married to the guy behind her. The weirdo in the middle is me, in case you missed that. Oh the good times we have all had together, hahaha...

I love how happy/dirty Robbie is in this picture:)

Sleeping in my arms by the campfire

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some videos to make you laugh, I promise.

The other day I found my old harmonica in a drawer. I can really only play the hymns and now I can play some primary songs, I totally should have been a pioneer! haha. Anyway I thought I would play a little song for Syd. Here is what she thought of it...

Sydney is kind of a solemn baby, she rarely laughs or smiles for other people, and is just barely staring to warm up to her grandparents, aunts and uncles. I feel bad because for us she smiles, laughs and talks ALL of the time. The other day I caught her laughing, so here is proof that my baby does smile and laugh!! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention

I never did share the story of my clip on chair. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I had been searching for one of these chairs. Graco does not make them anymore so they are really hard to find. I tried Craigslist with no luck, Ebay was selling them for like 85 bucks, blah! I really wanted one because we live in an apt. and I didn't want to have to make a place for a high chair when we have a perfectly good table to clip this little guy to. Plus they are great to travel with and take to restaurants. Plus my mom and sisters have one so maybe I just wanted to be part of the cool crowd. Anyway, one of my friends suggested that I do a national Craigslist search and then if one showed up in a place where I had a friend or family maybe they could pick it up and ship it to me. Brilliant! Everyday I searched and finally one day one popped up in Calabasas California, which is where the Kardashians live, and you know how I heart them. I looked on a map and saw that it was only about 15 minutes from where my SIL Julie lives. I called her up and she said that she would be happy to get it for me! Hooray! Julie met the seller and paid her the money...10 dollars, thats right, ha Ebay, in your face! We loooove it and are forever indebted to Julie for getting it for us!

Here is Syd sitting in it when we first got it, she was so tiny and kept tipping over.

The one thing that the lady said when Julie picked it up was that her dog had chewed on the straps and buckles, so she reduced the price. I figured we could get new ones but we looked and looked and could not find any replacements. Sad smiley.

Then on Saturday we were headed inside from shopping and Neil noticed this stroller by the dumpster. We were excited because it looked brand new! Then we looked at the wheels and they were all broken, blah. Then I realized that we could totally salvage the buckles for the high chair, woo hoo!
Now Syd has a nice secure strap to hold her in her chair.
Also a few months ago I needed another chair for our bedroom. I saw this one in the dumpster (are you sensing a pattern?) So I rescued it even though it totally grossed me out. And....

Ta da!

Also we needed a pack and play and found this one at Target on clearance for $30 because someone had opened the top of the box and they had to re tape it. Woo hoo, total score. It was a pretty good weekend for us.

Also, I needed a new swimming suit top but could not find one for under 30 dollars, seriously, modesty is expensive! You can get a bikini for 10 bucks, just sayin...But again at Target (pretty sure I will go over to that location more often, it had everything) I found a cute top for 9 dollars. I got home and it did not fit quite right so I cut it up and with a needle thread and a big pink button I got it to fit great. I was pretty excited about it. Yay me! I would post a picture but that would not be modest and I am all about modesty ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

I can't believe my baby is 8 months old!!

OK, lets be honest, sometimes I think it is funny when people say that, because I can believe my baby is 8 months old. It has been fun to watch her grow and change. I have never realized how incredibly fast babies change until being with one 24/7. Until now I have been okay with her growing up and doing new things because she still seemed like a little baby. But now that she is crawling it's a whole new ball game. Wish me luck keeping things off the floor!

I LOVE her, she is the sweetest, happiest little baby. When people say "you did pretty good for your first try" I think it's funny to say "well, she wasn't our first try, wink wink" bwaaa hahaha. We really have been lucky that so far she has been really healthy and slept great, etc. She finally learned to roll over, good job Syd! So she moves all over the place in her sleep. She has no teeth, not even a hint of one. Around anyone but Neil and I she clams up and is super shy, but around us she squeals and screams and laughs and claps and make a ton of noise. She loves to go shopping with me and go swimming and we like to take long naps, eat treats and watch TV. Pretty much we live the high life. Don't be a hater, I am living it up because we all know that when the next one comes along everything will change.

She likes to get messy. Today I gave her free reign on her almost empty bowl of pears she had a fun time, it kept her entertained for like 20 min.
She likes to hold her own bottle. Sometimes she gets excited and shakes her arms and then it gets everywhere. She always looks a little surprised when it happens.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A fun weekend visit from the California cousins.

Julie, Dewey, Makayla and Zayne came to visit for the weekend. We really had a fun time. We went to a really pretty park. We were driving down the road to the park, it was so green, there were so so many trees and flowers and shrubs. It was the greenest place I have seen here! I said that to Neil and then I realized that the name of the street is "Paseo Verde" haha, go figure.

Syd was very tired and not that impressed by the park. It was cool and a little sprinkley. The only warm thing she owns is this 12 months size sweater. I bought it for her to wear in the fall. Poor little Las Vegas baby!

Zayne took right off and ran all over the place!

Cute Makalya

Cute sister and brother

I was trying to show Syd how fun the playground is.

Swings: No bueno

Tube: No Bueno but her hair stood up all over from the static, haha:)

Slide: No bueno

"Well hello there tiny person"

Cute cousins, they were born about 7 months apart!

Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Rocky came down on Saturday to see us all.
Rocky is doing his best "decrepit old grandpa" face.

The swings were really fun, I have not been on one in a while

Makayla and Dewey

I took some pictures while Makayla and I were on the swings. I must have been tired because I was laughing so hard! haha

Zayne did like the swings, but he did not want to stop for a picture:)

Sherry's two favorite grand daughters ;)

You have to have cute toes if you live in a warm place!

Look! Triplets:)

Check out Sydney's crocs. They are the cutest, tiniest, pinkest things!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We have been swimming in our pool every day, Syd loves it!

She likes to clap now. I have yet to capture it on video but it is oh so cute.

We like to take a "drink" break