Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Stuff

Last weekend we went to St. George!

Sydney took her first golf cart ride and Grandpa Rocky helped us find a great new car! Thanks so much!!

This is not OUR car, but this is what it looks like. We LOVE it!
Of course we spent time with the Brownie Bytes, they are so funny! They were all downstairs and we heard giggling. They came upstairs with Gracie in the doll infant seat. Then they hooked it on the stroller and pushed her around the house, heehee:)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Then the cops showed up...

Our date was going so well, then the cops showed up to arrest him....
wait. Let me back up a little.

I was living at home in St. Geroge. Some friends and I decided to go to a singles dance in an effort to meet some new people. It was your typical singles dance, semi ok music, lots of food like Doritos, onion dip etc so you would have bad breath and not get inappropriately close while dancing. We met a nice guy and all chatted, I think I danced with him once. At the end of the dance he approached me and asked for my phone number. SCORE! That has only happened to me like twice. He gave me a call a few days later and asked me out. I was semi excited, it's always nice to have a date and he seemed nice etc. The day of the date I was talking to my roommate Mandy and she asked if he was picking me up at my parents house, or if we were just meeting somewhere. I had never thought of asking him to meet me. She pointed out that she did that a lot if it was someone she didn't really know. I thought that maybe I should call him and change plans, but then I felt dumb, hadn't I met him at a church dance? Oh how the naive learn their lessons...
He picked me and we went to dinner. Everything was going just fine. He asked what I would like to do next, we were driving past a bowling ally so I said, "why don't we go bowling" even though I totally stink at bowling (except for on the Wii, I am really good at that!). We went in and the place was totally packed. We got a lane and started our game. About 20 minutes into the game two police officers came in and approached him. They asked him if he was ____ _____ (I promise I can not remember his name). He said he was and they asked to speak with him. Um slightly freaking out inside, but I tried to keep cool and sat down on the bench to wait. The girls who were next to us looked a little freaked and asked "has this happened to you guys before?" I told them it was actually our first date, they were like, NO WAY! How horrible, etc. Anyway so he comes back and says "the cops say we can finish our game but then we have to leave, I will tell you whats up later". Um, "No" I say "you will tell me now". So he proceeds to tell me that his ex wife has a restraining order against him and apparently she was there and saw him come in so she left but called the cops after she left. WHAT?! Are you kidding me? (He was not, haha). We finished our game the whole time I am thinking "oh my word, this is THE MOST awkward situation I have ever been in." Also I was thinking, "should I even let him drive me home? I should have listened to Mandy and just met him at the restaurant" All that being said, I did not feel nervous and felt like it would be ok for him to take me home. On the way home he told me a little bit about his previous marriage (turns out his ex was in my singles ward) bottom line, they both made mistakes and all that kind of stuff. I know I only heard his side of the story, but whatever. I felt kind of bad for him that he couldn't even go bowling without having the cops show up, there are only two bowling allys in St. George and I am the one who picked that activity. In the end he called and left me a message the next day saying that he was really sorry that he put me in that situation and I was a nice person and that was probably embarrassing and he hopes I can forgive him. I called him back and left a message basically saying it was ok, but I don't think we should go out again and I hope he can get things in order in his life and be happy someday. Whew. Drama. The best part of this story is that I didn't tell anyone what happened for a few days. I came home from the date, my dad asked how it went "fine" I said. He asked if I would go out with him again I replied "mmm probably not" a few days later it all came out and he laughed his head off thinking about our conversation from the night of the date.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Six Months Old

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it has been six months? Woo hoo! Here are some special things we have been up to:)

Today I ate some sweet potatoes and thought they were pretty yummy:)

Last weekend we went swimming in the pool for the first time. It was too cold and I cried, but I loved to be outside!

We went to Costco. Clearly you can see where my mom's priorities lie. My dad had to carry me around after that.

I tried out the swings for the first time. Meh, I was not too impressed. Maybe later.

My mom and I walked to the park on a really windy day. Yes I am wearing two hats, one to keep my head warm, one to keep the sun out of my eyes. My mom forgot to bring me some toys so I asked if I could play with the Tylenol bottle, she said okay.

Being six months old is the best, my mom and dad think so too! On Monday I will go to the Dr. and see how much I have been growing!

Love and Stuff

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay- Before I begin I need to point out that no, I do not know these people. I am not trying to make fun of them, I am sure they are really nice people and will have a wonderful life together, if you happen to know them please give them my best wishes. That is all.

Now for a little fun (how could I not!), go ahead and read the wedding announcement below....


Todd and Barbara Moon of Providence are pleased to announce the wedding of their daughter, Kyra Michelle, to Kevin Randall Moon, son of Lee and Kathy Moon of Duchesne.

The couple will be married Friday, April 23 in the Logan LDS temple. A reception will be held that evening from 6:30 - 8:30 at the Old Rock Church in Providence. All friends are invited.

Kyra is a 2007 graduate of Mountain Crest High School. She is currently a junior majoring in electrical engineering and math at BYU. Her interests also include piano, improvisation, choir, hiking and reading.

Kevin is a 2005 graduate of Duchesne High School. He served an LDS mission in Puebla, Mexico. He is currently a junior majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in economics at BYU. His interests also include piano, drums, guitar, drama, hiking, and reading.

Kyra and Kevin both work for the electrical engineering department doing research on image reconstruction and ice melt detection. They are both Gordon B. Hinckley Presidential Scholars.

Showers were given by Jan Petersen, Denise Jensen and Katherine Lyman.

The couple will continue their studies in Provo.

I read this and could not believe it. Seriously. Are we sure they are not twins? Seriously. They have the SAME last name. Their first names start with the SAME letter. They are majoring in the SAME thing, they both received the SAME prestigious BYU scholarship. They have the SAME job. They even look a little alike....

Just Saying.

Monday, April 19, 2010

J's date and a mad mom

Ok it's time for another story. So i had this roommate named J. She was asked out to dinner by a guy. He said he would pick her up at 6:30 and they would go to The Bluebird. Around 6:30 we were all waiting in the living room for him to show up...we waited and waited. 6:30 came and went and he still was not there. "Maybe he is just running late" we all said. 7:00 came and went and he did not show. "Maybe he had car trouble" we all said. By this point she was feeling a little bad. By 7:30 she was feeling angry. She tried to call him but there was no answer. Had she seriously just been stood up? Grrrrr. I said "Lets get out of here, why don't we go to the Blue Bird since you were excited to go there tonight?" She agreed. A few of us drove to the restaurant. As we pulled up, she said "I think that is his car!" what the.... she said she did not want to go inside because what if he is there?! Hmm I told her I would investigate. I had never met him so she gave me a description. Lets pretend that his name is Jeff, which actually I think it may have been for real....anyway. I went in and started to look around, I turned a corner and there he was! Sitting at table with another guy! What?! I was so nervous but also enraged that he would stand up my friend and then go to the restaurant with one of his buddies. I walked up to their table and said "Excuse me, are you Jeff Smith (not sure about the last name)" he looked at me and said "um, yeah, who are you?" at this point I totally lost my nerve and turned and ran. In my mind where I am braver, this is what happened. I say to him "Excuse me? What are you doing here with this guy? Here you are at this restaurant but clearly you forgot to pick up your real date, loser!" Then I would throw his drink in his face and calmly turn around and walk away. I got back to the car and confirmed that it was really him. She felt really bad. I was so mad and that must fuel good ideas because I asked her if she had his phone number so we could leave a mean message, she said he lived at home. Even better. I called his home number and who should answer but his mother, ha! I said "Hi, my name is J. and Jeff was supposed to pick me up for a date like 2 hours ago and he didn't show up and I am worried that something might have happened to him, I hope he did not have car trouble or get in an accident or something..." woooo was she mad! haha. She said he was not there (yeah, we knew that) but when he got home she would be sure to have a talk with him and see why he did not show up to pick me (her) up! Haha, one of my all time favorite dating stories. I am pretty sure that she did not talk to him ever again, and I hope his mom gave him you know what for standing a girl up.

The End.
Stay tuned for next weeks installment

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thanks to my Auntie Corinne

Hi Aunt Corinne thanks for the cute outfit, I looooove it!
It gives me super powers....

....because there are sunshines on my bum!

Love, Syd

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update on Marsha

So after some thought we have decided to lower the asking price on Marsha to $6000, FYI.

The time has come to say goodbye to Marsha. Sniff sniff. She has been a great car, but we need to sell her and get something a little bigger. She has about 100,500 miles on her and is in GREAT shape. She has never been in any kind of accident or had any kind of problem. I have taken good care of her. She is a 2002 Honda Civic EX. We are asking $6,995. If you or anyone you know needs a car this is a great car for a great deal, she will keep running for a loooong time. She is in Vegas with us, but if you are in Utah I would be willing to meet you in St. George.

We will miss you Marsha!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dutch Date

In less than a month Neil and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary. I am so happy to be married to him and not playing the field anymore. That was a looong 12 years. Leading up to our anniversary I would like to tell some of my favorite dating stories.

Story #1

In 2004 I met a guy named Dave. He was a nice guy. We went on a date, it was fun. He taught me to fish and we had a campfire and roasted hot dogs and stuff. So when he asked me out for a second date I thought it was great. He picked me up and suggested we go to dinner. He asked where I would like to go, I asked what kind of place he had in mind, fast food, sit down, etc. He said "anywhere you want, pick something you like." So I picked a place that I liked, per his instructions. We got there sat down and the waitress brought us some bread, the bread is really really good. We chatted and picked up the menu's. The food started at about 8 dollars a plate. A little more then I remembered, so I felt kind of bad, seeing as how he was a college student and all, but oh well, too late. After a few minutes he looked up and said "would it be okay if we went dutch tonight?" In my head I was thinking "wait, what?! As in, you want me to pay for myself?" I was pretty shocked and caught off guard and said something like "ummm okay?" Our waitress showed up and she took his order first. Since he wasn't paying for me anymore I guess he figured he could spend more so he ordered something that cost about 11 or 12 dollars. I was pretty ticked off by this point so when the waitress asked for my order I said "I will just have a Diet Coke and keep the free bread coming". He was like "oh, aren't you going to order?" I told him I wasn't hungry. I took great satisfaction in how uncomfortable he looked eating his huge meal all alone. Awkward... I told my parents about the date and my dad dubbed him "Dutch Date Dave". That is how we always refer to this guy to this day. When Neil and I lived in Logan we were a little late to church one day, I walked into the building and who should I see but....that's right! Dutch Date Dave! We had a little chat and I almost called him Dutch Date Dave, haha. Then I went and found Neil down the hall and said "guess who that guy was?!" He said "I don't know...Dutch Date Dave?" How did he know? It was pretty funny.

As a post script to this story I would like to tell you that at the end of the date I had the guts to tell him that the reason that I didn't order was because I was pretty mad that he would ask me on a date and then ask me to pay for myself. He said that he thought most girls liked to do, I don't know what alternate universe he was living in, but whatever. I told him that it's okay if money is tight, we didn't have to eat out. Or if he wanted to take me out to dinner he needed to have a plan so it would for sure be with in his budget. So the next time he asked me out he cooked me dinner, some fish he had caught, and it was great:) But it was pretty clear we had different ideas about how life is and should be and we only went out a few more times. We would not have been happy together.

THE END ....or is it? Stay tuned for the next installment of Sara's slightly sad dating stories.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Things

Syd and I went to the park and watched the airplanes.

She is finally becoming an outdoor baby, she didn't freak out at all when the wind blew in her face.

Then we went to Trader Joe's and she rode in the front of the cart for the first time.

We sold the Rameumptum bed on Craigslist and bought this bed, we love it, it is fun to redecorate a little bit and I am happy to not have to use a step stool to get into bed. Neil says "We are happy to have a bed that's a little more down to earth" The duvet cover came with two shams, but I liked the white ones we had and I am going to get all crafty and steal Rachel's sewing machine and make some throw pillows out of the sham fabric. (Get, it, crafty because I am stealing and also because I am making something... I kill myself!)


Whenever we are out and about and people stop us to say hi to Sydney, they always say "Oh! She just looks like a little doll!"

Now I know why!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter slash Conference weekend

We had a great Easter/Conference weekend. We stayed with Neil's parents.
The Easter Bunny found Syd. Neil said "why does she need an Easter basket? She can't hunt for eggs..." I said "It's so we can take a picture so when she's older she won't feel traumatized that we skipped her first Easter because she was too little". So honey, here is your picture! The basket has a ballerina skirt around the outside of it that you can take off for her to wear. I think in a year or so she will love it:)

She is doing a good job of sitting up....

She loved getting to know her cousins from Ca. a little better.
Syd loved Makayla and warmed right up to her, which is unusual for her! Makayla loves babies and knows how to talk to them in the sweetest voice, it was so so cute:)

Grandma Sherry and Syd and Julie and Zayne. They are 7 months apart, isn't it funny how babies vary so much in size at first? They will be great friends one day:)

This is a totally random video I took in the car, so it's really shaky. Whenever we ride in the car she does this, I think it is so funny and wanted to catch it on video.

Monday, April 5, 2010

We have walls!

Master bath

Master balcony

Second bath



Friday, April 2, 2010


Two years ago today Grandma Joyce passed away. I sure miss her. I like to think she got to come to our wedding and met Sydney when she went to heaven. It makes me feel happy to think my baby would have known her, even if it wasn't on earth because as you will see below, all grandma wanted was for me to find a nice man, settle down and have some babies! The other day I was looking through an old email account and I found a whole file of emails from grandma. What a treasure! She always had something funny, wise, sassy and sweet to say. I want to share some with you.

6/20/02My lawn is green, the mountains are white , the lakes are full, my flowers are pretty and the church is true. I love you so much. Grandma Joyce.

I hope that you are warmer and just remember the pig barn when you think your apartment stinks. Ugh!!

we went to the barn dance. I phoned an old friend of mine and he is OLD but a good
dancer so that I would have a dance partner,It was a hot night( not from the partner) so we could dance and then go out on the balcony to cool off.
I am glad that you are happy and I want you to know that the gospel makes me happy too. I love my R.S. job and the sisters I work with. Much love Gr. Joyce.8/03/02
Yep you are too cute and you are too cute in the things that you say. I am sorry that you are not getting married cause I think that you would make such cute babies.

Sydney Joyce, yep, she is pretty cute:)

I have been going to the barn dances and it has been so much fun. Last night there were a million kids there doing their jumping around dances and taking up all the room but they were having fun and fun to watch. I even had a good time too. I did have a date but there is no Biology, Algebra or Psychology, never naming Chemistry.UGH but he is a good dancer and a good person.

I'm glad that you have a good home and we all love you so much. I pray for you each day and think of you when they pray for the missionaries in the temple.

Stay happy and well, hugs and kisses Grandma Joyce.


I had been to Nauvoo 30 years ago and the town hasn't changed but when we rounded the corner off River Road and there was the gorgeous white temple it took my breath away. My first thought was---You darling pioneers, you labored and labored and then you walked away--what Faith. It is as you read in the Ensign but maybe we can talk about it more some time. This e-mail is too long now I will write again soon. I love you so much and pray for you always Grandma Joyce.


I had to buy new tires for my car today and then I went to see Grandma and the temple. I just talked and talked and Grandma liked to here my voice even if she didn't know what I was talking about.

There was a man who decided to buy a pet. He went to the pet store and looked and looked. Finally he bought a centipede. He kept it in a little white box. One day he said to the centipede " Do you want to go for a walk? No answer. Again " do you want to go for a walk? Immediately the reply came " I heard you the first time I am just getting my shoes on.!!!!!!


Tomorrow I have to speak at the Remembrance Day program at the school. they are sure getting hard up. It is because most of the soldiers have died already. Now they have to call on the kids. Ugh One thing about it if you do badly they won't ask you again.


I still have my boy friend but he just isn't thrilling. I think he tries but I have had no experience with thrilling at 82. Ugh.

I have been asked to give a reading for the Christmas party it is silly but I guess that I can do silly. It starts out: Hey Santa a baby with that twinkle in your eye. That might be the only twinkle that I get all Christmas. Ugh again.


It is very cold tonight -25 c. A little snow is coming down and it is a pretty night. No stars though I love a cold night with the stars shining.


I had to smile that you ride the bus and the Elders have cars. Are you just figuring it out that this is a mans world? Ugh. Never mind look at the growth you will have. You know when I get to Heaven I want an itemized statement that says, when you suffered this you grew this much etc. I am tired of all the growth experiences. No...I am just tired. I took the paper off my bathroom and den and painted them. Actually I had a painter paint them pink. Well, I like pink.!!!!!

1/28/04 is -30F. tonight. so cold that they cancel Enrichment. I was so sad. These ladies are wimps. It was -30 F this morning and this old lady got up early and left for Cardston at eight o'clock for a meeting. I pulled off the road to let the snow plough go by and got stuck. But I was so so proud of my self as I got my self out. The meeting was long but good as we are planning our R.S. conference. It is going to be so good.

WHAT---You are letting another man into your life. Well------ tell me his name and give a description. Where is he from?

How old is he.?

What is he taking in school?

Does he have bad breath?

Is he ugly?

Of course I want to know how he compares to your old boyfriend that you gave to me.


You know how Grandmothers are : They have lots of time to get into their grandchildrens life. You should have been hatched out an egg and then maybe your grandma would die with the chicken flu. Because you were hatched from a smaller egg than that you still have a grandmother and she wonders how you are doing.

I have been doing senior activities -- you know funerals and viewings. Then I visit the nearly deads in the chinook. I am taking notes cause I'm on my way Ugh.


Your Mother said you worked your head off at home when she was sick and the babies were there, never naming your roommates too. You have tended so many kids you probably won't want any. I do hope that isn't the case as I need your great-grandbabies.


blah blah (side note from Sara, this was the entire contents of the email)


How are the men looking to you, or have you given them up? Don't forget how you love babies. I love you. Grandma Joyce. Thanks for writing even if your mother made you.