Monday, February 22, 2010

Story time

Syd is 4 months old today. She loves to sit up and is so happy to have the boppy and the bumbo (but seriously do they both have to have such lame names?)

We had a great weekend in St. George. We stayed at the Schmalz's and had a great time! Yesterday was of course Sunday. It was crazy. I may or may not have decided to not go back to church until Syd is 3 and can go to Primary.

9:05- Arrive at the Brown's church a bit late
9:06- The kids see Neil and all freak out, jumping over the pew, so excited to see him and saying
"where is your candy!" (sorry Andrea!)
9:45- First speaker is still going...seriously? Kids are getting restless.
9:47- Lindsey and Emily sing a duet "when I am baptized" it was so beautiful. They are braver than me!
10:10- The second speaker finally finishes and we take off to try to get to the rest of Neil's parents church.
10:11- We hear Liza screaming in the chapel, she is sad that we left...:)
10:30- We get to the Schmalz's building and to Sunday School. Walk in late of course.
10:33- Syd starts to cry. I decide to take her for a diaper change.
10:43- After walking around the whole building and losing a sock twice we find the mothers room and change the diaper.
10:55- We sit by the Sunday School room and wait because I do not want to walk in again and make a scene.
11:03- We head to Relief Society, I am excited to hear Sherry give her lesson.
11:10- Sherry starts her lesson, Syd starts crying. I try to console her.
11:13- Corinne says "Uh oh" and points to Syd leg, it's yellow poo. Shoot. So we leave.
11:15- Find the mothers room again, remember I have no wipes, that's okay I can use a wet paper towel.
11:16- Realize that I only had one diaper and I already used it. Look at the diaper pail and think about try to find the old was only a little wet.
11:17- Abandon that idea, decide to take Syd home to change.
11:25- Finally find where Elders Quorum meets discreetly try to get Neil's attention, get the car keys.
11:30- Driving to the In-Laws house, then I realize that I don't have a key to get in. Decide to go to my moms house because I know how to get in.
11:35- Get in my parents house, take off the dress, take off the onesie change the diaper. Decide the onesie has too much damage, put the dress back on. Try to wash the poop off my shirt and off Syds sock.
11:45- Get back to church, sit down in Relief Society again to catch the rest of the lesson.
11:46- Syd cries, and she is hungry.
11:47- Take her out, and try to quiet her in the foyer. She HAS to eat. I do not want to find the mothers room again. So I decide I will nurse her on the couch. Who will be able to tell anyway? There is no one around.
11:55- Member of my Singles ward bishopric walks toward me, oh no! I pull Syd off and try to cover up knowing that he will want to see her and not me...if you know what I mean.. hee hee.
12:05- Church is finally over. Go home. Take a nap. I am pretty sure I left the poopy onsie at my mom's house. Oh well.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valley of Fire State Park

On Monday we all met at Valley of Fire. It is about halfway between St. George and Vegas so it was perfect. Everyone was there except Neil and Rachel:( Neil does not get holidays during tax season, instead he gets his birthday off. Rach was too far to come:( Anyway, here are some shots from the day.

Valley of Fire is so amazing, it reminds me a lot of Snow Canyon outside of St. George.

Me and Sig in front of the Beehive.

Gracie Lou Freebush loves the backpack!

Elephant rock, can you see the elephant?

Some cabins built by the CCC in the 30's for travelers to use.

Fake petroglyphs

real petroglyphs

I don't like the sun mom!
Look! I'm a nun!

My sisters said I look like a teenaged mom, nice..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today was...

One of those days where I felt like everything went wrong...then I saw this truck...

Awesome. And I was able to get a picture! Totally made my day better.

Also, how could I not be happy when I get to hang out with this girl all day?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dam Day

That's right, we spent the day at the Hoover Dam on Saturday, it is about 25 miles from our house. The Wildes came on Friday night and we headed down there on Saturday morning.

Sydney is an indoor baby. She does not like the sun and wind.

The big arch behind us is a bridge that they are building so people don't have to drive over the dam if they are just trying to get to Southern Arizona, the traffic over the dam is really really congested.

Becky and I kept talking about this movie on the way there and were pretty excited to see this movie poster! But we did not throw a silver dollar over at the state line...I am pretty sure they would have thrown us out.

Clearly you can change boy babies, and girl babies here. Androgynous babies need not apply. Also, I love that the babies are holding hands, awwww...

I made Neil wear the baby Bjork (as he calls it). He was not too sure about it until I told him about this guy...And then he was all about it.

I just love my baby.

Did I mention I love my baby?

I really love her, and since this is my blog I guess I can put up as many photos as I want.

The Dam (in case you couldn't tell)

The bridge over the river Colorado

Hey, it's that cute baby again!

I am glad to report I did not see the guy on the sign. Although Jeff almost got thrown out, that is a grrrreat story. Becky I hope you will share it on your blog!

We ate a picnic overlooking Lake Mead.

On Saturday night we went out for Thai food. Becky and Jeff are Thai food aficionados. We thought is was funny that this Thai place was called The King and I considering this . They gave this place a 6 out of 10. The were not sure how authentic it was, but then I looked at the menu and saw this...

hee hee.

It was so fun to see them and have them visit us:)

Coming soon. Valley of Fire State Park.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

Here is my little Valentine. BTW she was wearing socks and booties but she kicked them off, it was 68 degrees, I don't blame her. And also, yes, that is the church couch. What can I say I bring my camera everywhere...Becky and I had some fun in the foyer today;)
The Wildes have been visiting, we have done some fun stuff, but I will save that for another post. Tonight we made heart shaped pizzas:)

Align Center

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I'm in escrow!"

Ok, so Neil says we are not in escrow, but that line is from one of my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes (can you name who said it? Very funny episode)

We have been house hunting since we got here. After lots of looking we pretty much came to the conclusion that in order to close on a house by June 30th (tax credit) we would have to build a new one, which let's be honest is not the worst thing in the world. We signed the contract tonight, pretty exciting! The picture below is the model home. The balcony is off of the master bedroom and will look out over a park (when they get around to building the park, hopefully soon) I am dubbing this house, the "Fraggle" house because it is being built on Wembley Hills Place.

Wembley was never my favorite Fraggle (I was more partial to Red), but I think that being able to build a house on a street named after a Muppet was pretty much a sign.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo shoot fun.

Last week Syd and I went to St. George to meet with our favorite photographer Shellee. Shellee was our wedding photographer and she said something along the lines of "since you were pretty much my favorite bride ever, I want to take pictures of your first born, for free" Okay, maybe I made that up, except for the free part. She is an amazing person and photographer. We think she is our long lost sister! Here is a little preview. Also, she is so great that she said "have Gracie come too so I can take some pictures of her now that she is bigger" (that is true, not made up, really..). Syd was so cute and cooperated so well, I am so excited to see more pictures! PS if you are my facebook friend you can see a few more shots on my facebook page.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Corinne!

Dear Aunt Corinne-
Happy Birthday! I was so happy to be able to come to your office today to wish you a happy birthday! You are the greatest aunt, thanks for being so sweet to me, and loving me, and buying me cute things to wear:) We sure love it when you come and visit us in Las Vegas! My mom and dad love you and so do I! I am so lucky to have you for an Aunt.
Love, Sydney

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Syd talks

I think it would be fun for those who don't see us much to hear how Syd is talking a little bit. Isn't it the best when your baby starts cooing at you?! I just about died:) She pretty much stopped when she saw the camera, oh well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Syd is all ready for summer to come!

PS It has ruffles on the bum, how could I not buy it?!

A little bit of curly hair

PS I call her Will Shakespeare when she wears this outfit.

She loves to sit on the couch....

and watch TV with her dad.

PS We do this A LOT..

Dear Grandma,
Thanks for buying this front pack for my mom so she can haul me around the house...

While she vacuums

PS I love to drool all over the front of it, yum!

Here I am in my cute little overalls

PS I am such a good girl I slept for 3 hours in my car seat while my mom looked at houses.