Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Siggy's first trip to the DI

Yesterday Syd and I took a trip to the DI. We got a little lost on the way there, but eventually I thought I was on the right road. I was thinking to myself "Hmmm I hope I am going the right direction on this road" then I looked in front of me and this is what I saw.

I figured they had to be Mormons and were probably headed to the DI. I was right! (also the pile of junk in the backseat was a giveaway). This tactic also worked for us on the first day we went to church here. We were trying to find the chapel and we saw a car with a BYU alumni license plate. I said "hey Neil, follow them, I bet they are going to church!" Luckily they were, if we had followed them to a casino I probably would have lost my testimony.

Here are some interesting things we saw.

Um, hello if you are getting rid of a picture frame, take the picture out. How sad for this little girl, what if she came here and saw that you gave her away!?

I can see this hanging on the wall of a home with 10 kids and one bathroom... I thought about buying it, but we have two bathrooms we are good, right Neil?


In case you can't read this it says "Electrical testing center, not for sale" I wonder how many people asked to buy it before they had to put the sign up. I know it would look great in my house, such a shame.

Siggy slept the whole time. I found a musical toy for her, some children's books including "The Monster at the end of this book" starring Grover, one of my all time favorites, and a dress for her. At the check out the clerk told us all about how he met Pauly Shore at the casino down the road, he was pretty excited about it..

Then we went grocery shopping at Walmart. The carts here have an anti theft system on the wheels, they lock up if you try to leave the parking lot, it makes for a bumpy ride all over the store, I swear she is going to get shaken baby syndrome! She slept the whole time. When we finally pulled up to our apartment I found her like this.
She was not even crying. Usually if a hat or headband slips down over her eyes she totally freaks out, I guess since she could see through the little holes she was OK:)

Monday, January 25, 2010

A few things

Dear People- If you would like my mom to blog more please send 39.95 to her pronto so she can get wireless Internet at home. Tank you tank you tank you


Wow! We have been so busy I have not had any time to blog lately!

Total lie. We are not busy, I just hate trying to go to the library because Sydney cries when we are there, she better get over that because in our family we like to read and watch tv, that is all. She does ok with the TV thing though so maybe she will catch up. This morning she watched Project Runway while I cleaned the bathrooms and really enjoyed herself.

I will insert random pictures for Aunt Rachel that have absolutely nothing to do with this post. Moving on.

So I pretty much hate daytime TV. Thanks to Corinne I have been saved by seasons of Roswell, Veronica Mars and Chuck. Keep it coming! I do have to say though, lately I have been way into celebrity news. I know. Weird. I have always hated celebrity news with a passion. Why I should care what is happening in that world is beyond me. I think I am turning into a stay at home mom, awesome. For some reason E! is my new favorite channel. My two new favorite shows are TMZ and Keeping up with the Kardashians. Neil tolerates it, and let's be honest, secretly enjoys it. Another show we have been enjoying together is Pawn Stars, it is Antiques Roadshow with an attitude. It is on the History channel. In case you missed it, it is about a pawn shop in Las Vegas, get it, Pawn Stars? oh never mind. Anyway, we need to figure out where their shop is so we can pay them a visit....that reminds me, I also need to find out where the DI is. I only have a Henderson phonebook and I think it is in Las Vegas. Also, in case you were wondering, I live in Henderson, NOT Las Vegas...story time- When we moved in we went to the apartment office and signed a bunch of papers. The manager and I had the following conversation

Him: Yeah, this is a freaking awesome area, you will like it here, it is really safe etc.
Me: Great, we are glad we picked a good area, we are not that familiar with Las Vegas.
Him: Yeah, there are probably some area's that are okay in Vegas, but I for one would never live in Las Vegas!
Me: Smiling politely while thinking "um, dude, you DO live in Las Vegas..."

Then I got it he lives in Henderson, not Las Vegas, apparently there is a big difference...

(Insert Random Picture)

Hey this one does have to do with the post. Last week my mom was here visiting and we were shopping at Target, I go out of my way to shop at the Target with the Starbucks, nicer shopping carts and rich people, I am snobby that way. Anyway, Andrea called and said Gracie was being admitted to the hospital and could we come up. Of course we could! What a blessing that we were only two hours away and get there super fast! We threw a birthday party for Eliza on Wednesday it was great fun.

Lindsey is such a great babysitter! I wish she lived here! She just knows how to take care of little babies. This was in the morning when Eliza was opening her presents.

Trying out the bumbo. She so advanced and already sitting up at 3 months!

Not. She lasted for about a minute and then started crying. I probably scarred her for life.

So speaking of scarring for life I got a new calling. In the primary! I have not been in the primary since 1992 when I graduated and moved on to Young Womens. I will be the substitute pianist and chorister and teacher. Um, let's be honest. I am not a great pianist. I can do it, but it's not great and I do not have anywhere to practice. Why oh why did I tell the bishopric I could kind of play the piano and would be happy to help out, but not in sacrament meeting because I can't pull that off. I will just have to tell the primary they get what they get and they shouldn't throw a fit...but if they feel the need to release me I won't feel bad. I would not be so worried but I know that the girl who plays the piano now is having a baby in March, yikes....

Well I hope that is sufficient, according to Rachel everyone really misses my blogs, I interpret that as SHE misses my blogs. Rach, maybe you could get the family to chip in to pay for us to have Internet, cable is already to expensive and we can't live without that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Three whole months

Hello everyone! I am three months old. The other day my mom held me while she stood on the scale and there was an 11 lb difference, I am growing! My mom has only dropped her cell phone on my head once and let me wiggle off the couch once, so I think we are doing pretty good!

Here I am next to the outfit that mom and dad brought me home from the hospital in.

This is my room, isn't my crib so cute! I like to take a nap in it every day.

Here is our second bathroom, my mom was excited to decorate, thanks for the help grandma!

I wish I could stay and chat but we are at the library and I am crying a little bit and our laptop battery is just about dead!

Peace Out
Sydney J.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Picture

Holy cow! We have no Internet and our neighbors are all smart enough to block theirs. Good thing for the library computer lab. I totally love living here. The other day Andrea and my mom came down and we went to the mall. Andrea said "Sara it is your dream come true, you have a baby, are a stay at home mom and live by a great mall". So true. The weather is great, the apt. is great etc etc.

Random thought. I just drove by a Mexican restaurant called "La Cosina". Isn't kitchen in Spanish "cocina"? I think there is something so ironic about a Mexican restaurant with a misspelled Spanish name.

Any way, Siggy is laying on my lap drinking a bottle while I type this with my left hand, I am truly a multi tasking mama. The lady next to me is cracking up. I guess I should go. Don't worry Rachel, next time I will bring the laptop with pictures on it so I can post some pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed Sydney the Sunday after Christmas. It was a great day. Neil gave her such a beautiful blessing. What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful dad:)

We bought the dress at Mormon Handicraft. It only cost $200 dollars....

Just kidding, my mom made it. Isn't it AMAZING!! What an heirloom. I can't believe how beautiful it turned out! The blanket is one that GG made for one of Andrea's babies (Liza?) and now Andrea passed down to me. It was very special for Syd to wear something made by her grandmother and great grandmother.

Yes, lots of pictures. Well, it's my blog so I can do that, ha.

Thank you for the tiny shoes Gracie:)

Nerdos getting their cube on

Ok, maybe they are not the only nerdos...check out these hotties!
Another shot of Syd, just for good measure.

OK, story time. Since coming back to church I have discovered the most wonderful part of motherhood. The mother's nursing room. I took Syd in there on Sunday, and she may or may not have actually needed to eat, and maybe I had secretly slipped a Diet Coke into my church bag because maybe I had been on the verge of a breakdown 2 minutes before church was supposed to start because I could not find Syd's tiny white bow that she needed me to glue to her head that morning. So maybe, just maybe, I snuck into the mothers nursing room and put my feet up and drank my Diet Coke during Sunday School. Maybe. I guess we will never know.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Away in a manger

Christmas Eve

Emily: Mary
Lindsey: Doubled as a donkey and Angel

Liza: Wisewoman

Tyler: Joseph

Baby Jesus

Christmas P.J.'s

Spoiled girl. I think we bought two of the presents in this picture, lots of people love her:)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baking Day

One day we got all ambitious and decided to do some Christmas baking.

Tyler's job. Smash up the candy canes for the short bread cookies.

Lindsey's job, unwrap kisses for the peanut blossom cookies.

Liza's job, test the short bread dough

Emily's job, official frosting tester.

Gracie's job. Hold this candy cane and don't cry.

Siggy's job, sleep the whole time.

Everyone did a good job!