Friday, December 17, 2010

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Also, Syd screams for Santa.

We moved the second Saturday in Dec. last year and then went right up to St. George for two weeks so we did not decorate for Christmas. So this year we went to the house on the Wed. before we moved in and put up the tree! Sydney thought everything was so neat. So neat that I had to put the tree up on an end table. A few days after we moved in I said to Neil "Honey I can't find the other end table! Where in the world could it be?" he said "'s under the tree" Losing. My. Mind. :)

But she quickly figured out a way around that.

She loved the ornaments.

Every year since I was about 4 my Grandma Wilkey has made all of her grandchildren a hand painted ceramic ornament. They are such treasures!! My favorites are the snow babies:)


Tonight we went to our new ward's party. It was great! There are so many nice people and really friendly young couples. We had a great time visiting people. Syd had a great time going through my purse. I have to note that there was a soft serve ice cream machine there, it was awesome! The kids were in heaven.

Syd took one look at Santa and totally freaked out, I just don't get it, we saw strangers all night and she was just fine. I guess it's the suit!

She was still screaming when it was time for a family shot.
Here are some shots of our Christmas decorations.

I bought this real pine wreath to hang on my pretty red door and I can't find a door hanger that will work on the door, so I hung it on the pantry.

Our gas fireplace is broken:( I am SO sad!

I had forgotten that we had bought this nativity on our honeymoon, so cute:)

Monday, December 6, 2010

"I'm gonna paint my front door red and change my name to Elizabeth Arden"

Name that movie!

My pretty red front door:)

Master Bedroom

Look mom I can finally use my Christmas dishes, yaaaay!

Look at this cute dish I found while I was cleaning cupboards at my new house!

I must have dropped a peanut m&m on the floor and she found it. Neil could tell she was eating something and he tried to get her to open her mouth but she wouldn't. Then the chocolate started to run out of her mouth, and she was saying mmmmmm. haha, he snapped a picture then took the peanut out!

She loves to crawl into cupboards. At the new house she has so much fun climbing in and out of all of the empty cupboards:)

Sydney loves phones and she loves to say "Hi!" I caught her with the remote saying "hi, hi, hi!"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Very Californian Thanksgiving

We went to Julie's house in Thousand Oaks for Thanksgiving. It was a great time, I love Southern California! I could not find my camera on Thanksgiving day so no pictures there. But I found it on Friday. We headed down to leisure world to visit Grandpa Howard. We brought Pony Boy along with us.

Nap Time




Sydney and Great Grandpa

Some of his Great Grandkids:)

Haha, hi Zanye!

Lets try again

Sydney fell in love with Uncle Chad. She was his little shadow the whole trip:)

The weather was so beautiful! We went to visit Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy and they fed us a great lunch, yum:)
We decided to check out Target since it was black friday and all. We got some good deals! By the way, this is Sydneys new favorite way to ride in the cart. I don't blame her for wanting to look at what is going on instead of me!

On Saturday we went for a walk to a park nearby. As you can see Syd was very excited about going!

I love the swings!

Even Neil found a fun toy

Sliding down the hill on cardboard

Chad decided to take Syd for a ride on the hill

On Sunday Micah was blessed. Such a cute baby! Grandma Sherry made his outfit:)

Fun aunts and uncles

I can't wait until these two play together, it will be fun!

Zayne loves "Uncle"

Aren't we darling?

Three peas in a pod

It was really fun to be together. Thanks Julie and Dewey for having us all!