Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Syd and Dad

Sydney loves her dad:) She is growing too! We went to the dr. yesterday and she weighs 7 lbs 3 oz, hooray!

Yum yum, I like to eat his face

Thanks cousin Emily for my cute purple outfit:)

Ta da!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Daily Dose

I found some cute little bows to stick on her head toady:)

We love to hang out together all day long:)

Cute outfit compliments of Gracie Brown

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Playing a musical instrument in her sleep.

Out cold

This video is not that exciting, but at least you can see her with her eyes open! And yes, that is The Hulk in the background.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Weeks and a labor and delivery story.

Today my mom said "I need to see new pictures every day!" So here you go!

She is getting a lot of hair on top, but still has the way long stuff in back, hee hee..

It just flies all over the place

The rest of this post will be about my labor and delivery, so proceed at your own risk.

This morning at 3:30 I was feeding Sydney and Neil woke up and said, guess what we were doing 3 weeks ago right now? I thought and said "um, getting an epidural?" woo hoo! Here is the whole story....

On Wednesday the 21st I woke up and went for a long walk. I had been dilated to a 3 and trying to get things going all week. I had been having contractions off and on for about a week but nothing regular. After my walk I had more and more contractions. I decided to go shopping to see if they kept up. After a few hours I was having some concerns about some things and decided to go to labor and delivery to get checked out. I called Neil and told him that I was going but to stay at work because they would most likely send me home (even though I was secretly hoping they wouldn't). I went in. They monitored me for an hour and yes, sent me home. I felt pretty dumb because I had already been in there on Monday. I said "I will be back later!" haha.

As the night went on I had more and more contractions. We went for a long walk and by about 11:30 they were so strong and close together I decided to have Neil start timing them. I told him we were going to time for two hours to really make sure they were really 5 min or less apart, I would not be denied again! So that's what we did for the next two hours...HOLY COW it was bad! Finally I said lets go. I was having contractions about every 3 min. We got labor and delivery, luckily there were different people working. I said "I know I have been here twice this week but I promise this is for real!" They checked me and guess what... I had only dilated like 1/2 a centimeter! Baaaaaahhhhh!! I started to cry that all of those horrible contractions had done nothing! They said they would monitor me for an hour, but I needed to be at a 4 before they would admit me. We walked around labor and delivery and I hung onto a bar on the wall every time I had a contraction.

Then I went back to the room. I was crying from being in so much pain. The nurse checked me again. She had a look on her face that told me things were not good. Then she looked at me and said "okay, I am going to call this a four, I can tell you are in a lot of pain." At this point it was about 2:30. She said that my Dr. was on her way in to do a c-section and that as soon as the anesthesiologist was done there he could come and give me an epidural, thank heavens! So at about 3:15 another dr. from my clinic came in and broke me water, ew, that is a lot of fluid! Then the contractions were WAY worse then they ever had been. For the next 15 minutes I pretty much thought I was going to die, it felt like FOREVER before the anesthesiologist got there. He did the epidural, while I was sitting there and he was putting the huge needle in my back he said "has anyone every told you you have scoliosis?" I said "seriously? Are you trying to be funny right now SERIOUSLY?!" Oh, he was actually serious. I said "no, no one has ever told me that...." weird, I need to ask my chiropractor about that....anywho, moving on...
They had me in this bed, that is clearly just for pregnant women...

I had to wear an oxygen mask the whole time...I don't remember why...Neil? Once the epidural kicked in, wow, I felt grrrreat. Neil coughed a tiny bit and the nurse said, "I am going to need you to wear a mask" He didn't wear it the whole time though.

We were able to rest a bit. They came in to check me and in about an hour since they broke my water I had dilated from an almost 4 to a 6. Between 4:30 and 7:30 I went from a 6 to a 10. The nurse said "wow, you dilate like a woman who has had 5 kids already!" I told her that my sisters were the same way and that they had their babies way way fast. She suddenly looked worried because the dr. was not going to be there for a while, and earlier this nurse had said that most women push for like 3 hours on their first baby. She asked me how long my sisters pushed for, I told her I was not sure, but I didn't think it was for very long....

I was pretty excited when they pulled out the little baby warming bed:)
The delivery rooms were so cute:)

They had me rest from 7:30-8:30 am. Then I started in with the pushing, after about 30 min. I thought "are you kidding me?! How do women do this for 3 hours?!" My dr. showed up a while later. She said hello and said she was going to go out to the main desk and she would watch the baby's monitor to see how she was doing, she said it would probably be quite a bit longer. Then she came back like 5 minutes later. Apparently during the last contraction the baby's heart rate dropped really low and she was pretty worried and wanted to get her out ASAP. So we talked about options and decided to get out the vacuum, ahhhh! It was actually not as scary as I thought, for some reason I pictured a huge hoover with a suction cup the size of the baby's head, really it was very small. A few pushes later Sydney was here (with only a small suction cup mark on the back of her head that looked bad but went away in a few days so hopefully she won't be too scarred for life).

Wow, amazing, I cried and cried and kept saying "hello baby!" They put her right up on my chest and rubbed her down with towels. She hardly cried at all, but they said she was okay. They let me hold her as long as I wanted to, then they took her and weighed her, Neil did a good job of taking pictures while they did everything. I remember being suprised that she did not look like me at all, I thought she looked just like Neil! She was all swollen and had a cone head, but still so cute and tiny and wonderful:)

Happy little family

After she was born they moved us upstairs to a bed for non pregnant people...
The End

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Pink Bow

My mom bought me this big pink bow to wear on my head. I don't really like it. But I let her take a few pictures, enjoy!

For grandma, who needed to see more pictures