Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farewell to the Ottoman Empire...

Once upon a time we bought some furniture on Craigs List. For a screaming deal we got a couch, love seat, two end tables and a big ottoman. Fast forward one year. A lady in my ward has a son who sells cutco knifes. My mom owns a few and they are great. They have a lifetime guarantee and they will come to your house and sharpen your knife for free! Anyway, she asked if her son could come and do his demo (remember the friends where Phoebe sells knifes like this? "Don't you hate it when you have to cut a penny with an ordinary knife?" haha). I told her he could come but there is no way we could afford to buy one (they range from around $30 for a paring knife to about $75 for a carver), but if he wanted to practice that would be fine. He came and did his thing, cutting rope and pennies and leather. I told him he didn't really have to sell me on the product because I knew how great they are from using my moms. He really tried to sell us some but we just couldn't do it. We got his phone number for when we had some extra cash. On the way out he saw our ottoman and really liked it...okay...we are not really in love with it. It takes up a lot of room (Neil calls it the Ottoman Empire) and kind of collects junk. About a month or so later the lady in our ward said "so my son loves your ottoman, he was joking that he would trade you a knife for it" we laughed and I didn't really take her seriously. A little while ago Andrea said she would give us this chair (another great Craig's list find). But we were not sure where it would go. I said too bad the ottoman takes up so much space in the corner, or it could fit there. Then, in a stroke of brilliance I remember the cutco guy! I saw his mom and asked if he was really serious, she called him right then and he was totally interested, woo hoo! I used my negotiating skills that I have learned from my mom to get the knife I really wanted, woo hoo! Whew long story. I never thought I would be so excited about a knife!

Goodbye Ottoman Empire!

Hello fancy knife!

In other news, we drove Neils company truck in the homecoming parade again. Go Aggies! I probably should not have tried to wear this shirt...but it was my only USU t-shirt, haha
Neil took this picture and thought it was pretty funny. This is for you honey...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sad Day

My straightener broke.....

Without it.......

I kind of look like her....

Go Dorothy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

My brain is not functioning on full capacity

So, funny story. Today Neil came to pick me up from work. While I was waiting for him I called Becky to chat. While I was chatting Neil drove up. I got in the car, still talking. I kind of mouthed "hi honey" and kept talking. Talk talk blah blah....I talked about Neil's job search, my pregnancy, what was up with her, my last Dr.s appointment. I noticed that Neil was not taking a direct route home but I thought "he must be running an errand". Finally I hung up as we pulled into a car wash. Oh, we are getting a car wash, great. Suddenly I heard the passenger door behind me open, I jumped a little, who was getting in our car? Then someone got OUT of the car. Yeah, it was Neil's boss. He had been in the car behind me the WHOLE time.... Neil was dropping him off to pick up his truck that was getting detailed. I said "Neil! Has he been in the car this whole time??" Neil looked at me like I was crazy "are you kidding? You really did not know he was back there?" Uh, yeah.... how did I not see this guy when I got in the car. Then I was really embarrassed. I said "Neil, did I say anything on the phone that was embarrassing or anything?" He said "no it's OK" I said "Did you think I was totally rude to not get off the phone and say hello?" He said "Well, kind of" OH MY WORD. This man did not say one word the whole time he was in the car, but how did I not see him getting in the car, or sense his presence? I am totally losing my mind.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thoughts on 35 weeks...

So the other day I was telling Neil how I am tired of total strangers asking me about my pregnancy. Friends and family that is fine, great ask away. Random checker at the grocery store, no thanks. I don't know why it's starting to bug me. It especially bugs me when they want to know what we are going to name her, I want to say "well why don't you tell me what you named your kids?" I just think it's weird. Maybe I am cranky....wait, no maybes about it.

So we went to dinner the other night and I was telling Neil this, I said "If we had a female server she would totally ask me about my pregnancy" as it was we had a college age male server and he of course had not said anything. He was nice etc. and then after he brought us our fried ice cream he asked "so when is the baby due? Boy or girl? etc etc" I was very nice to him and we chatted and had a mutual chuckle about a baby being born on Halloween (oh so hilarious). After he left Neil totally cracked up, so did I. I know people are just trying to be nice, but part of me feels like "do you really care, really? I don't want to tell you all of these things because I am tired of talking about it and you won't remember after you walk away anyway" The checker at the grocery store the other day took one look at me and said "do you have any weird cravings" um, excuse me? That is so weird, it was literally the first thing she said to me. I should have said "yes, human flesh, mwahhahaha" or "why would I be having cravings, do you think I am pregnant or something?!!!" and started to cry. Wow, this makes me seem like I am the meanest person. Really I am super nice to anyone who asks me, really, ask Neil.

Another thing that I think is funny is that I am getting to the point where when people ask how far along I am instead of "wow, you still have a while/long way to go" it is "oh, you are almost done/ oh good only a few more weeks" I think it's funny because so many people act like once the baby is born it's all good and back to normal....don't worry I know the truth, stop trying to trick me. Really I am more scared to have her out then in! The way I see it, not much will change. Let's compare.

While you are pregnant VS. After the baby is born

Go to the bathroom 10 times a day.
Change diapers 10 times a day

You are starving/ have to be fed all the time
Baby is starving/ has to be fed all the time

Up 5 times in the night
Still up 5 times...or more during the night

No sleep in the last 2 months because you are huge and uncomfortable
No sleep in the first two YEARS....

Weird people wanting to touch your belly
Weird people wanting to touch your baby

When you are pregnant people ask inappropriate questions about your pregnancy
After your baby is born people ask you inappropriate questions about your delivery

Only maternity clothes fit
Only maternity clothes fit...still

Lots of unsolicited advice
Lots of unsolicited advice


Huge aching belly that hurts whenever she moves VS. Wonderful tiny pink bundle.....

No Contest

Sunday, September 20, 2009

While you were sleeping....

Dear napping house people

While you have been napping on the beach, here is what we have been up to...

Enjoying a lovely meal of chicken enchiladas because it's finally cool enough to turn on the oven again, hooray!

Playing Scrabble

To celebrate the oven being turned on we made lemon bars, yum:)

All done! I told Rachel "I kind of look like a slob" She replied "That's ok, you're pregnant". Shoot, if only I had known earlier that that's how it works! ;)

It was neck and neck but Neil was the winner, we think it's because he used words and would say "that's an accountant word..." Sure. We told him it's okay because we always let mom get away with her "Canadian spellings"
We miss you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Have fun on your trip to Carillon Beach. Can you go somewhere cool next year too? When I am not 8 months pregnant and unable to fly? That would be great.
Love and Stuff,
Sara (and Sydney)

The House
The Beach (Gulf of Mexico)

The extremely jealous, extremely pregnant daughter.

Have fun and be safe!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Weekend

What a great busy weekend! On Friday night Neil and I went to an open house for an accounting firm in Salt Lake. Then we met the family at the Mayan for dinner. I had never been there. I loved it! How could you not love a place that reminds you of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland?!

Then we went to Becky's house where Neil got lots of practice with the babies.

Saturday morning was Robbie's b-day. We had a fun present treasure hunt.

I had to include this picture of Evie. She was up during the night and Jeff was really working with her. When we went in to she and Robbies room to sing happy birthday she sat up and said "My daddy's tired".....she cracks me up!

A little later we had a fabulous baby shower! Everything was just perfect:) Check out the amazing food! It was so fun to see everyone and everyone brought (and sent in the mail, thanks Julie, Lindsay and Shelly!) such amazing gifts. We are all set for our baby now!

Cute little babies

A beautiful quilt my Mother-in-Law made. The lace trim was lace from her own mothers sewing supplies. What a treasure for our baby to have!

My mom sewed this darling car seat cover!

Great Grandma Wilkey and Gracie

Not long now!

Gracie trying on one of Auntie Lindsay's cute headbands:)

Bye bye!

Friday, September 11, 2009

N Swizzy! (turn up your volume now)

I would like to introduce all of you out there to my alterego, N Swizzy. This all came about one day at work when we were making fun of one of our customers (bad, I know). Anyhow, our customer has an independent rap label, umm hmm. So Mckenzie, she runs our embroidery machine, made me a cool hat for our new record label, Hott Dang Records. It just went downhill from there, even to the point where I was dubbed N Swizzy, and we had a photoshoot for our new ablum cover. It will probably not be nearly as entertaining to all of you bloggers as it was to us, and my apologies if you were looking for a really nice post by Sara, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I give you , N Swizzy!

They told me try to look "gangsta", I think I look pretty hardcore.

Me and my toys! The customer we were making fun of has a my space pace with a section that is entitles me and my toys, and he posted pictures of him with a bunch of different women. This was my take on it.

My favorite toy!

They were trying to get me to put off the vibe like on Dumb and Dumber, this is the best I could do.

This is my future album cover pic. My friend that I work with is going to supperimpose a wall of graffiti behind me. I wanted to wait until that happened to do this post, but I have waited as long as I can.

Anyway, I hope you think that N Swizzy is a dizzy, dope, dawg! Peace out homie! Word!

Shout out to Uncle Tarre

I forgot to share one of the best parts of my whole weekend. Let me start by telling you a story. I love Gandolfo's. My favorite is the Ebbets Field sandwich. I have been craving one of these sandwiches for the last 33 weeks or so. There used to be two restaurants in St. George and one in Logan....they all shut down! So sad. Every time I was in Salt Lake I would think about trying to find a location to get my craving fix. But it just never happened. Again so sad. On Monday night we stopped in Springville to pick up cousin Keisha and take her back to Logan with us. When we pulled off the exit we saw a gas station with....a Gandolfo's sign! Woo hoo! We headed right over to get me my sandwich. Guess what? Closed down (of course). I literally almost cried. Uncle Tarre and Keisha pulled up to meet us and I shared my sad sad story with them. Tarre then proceeds to tell me that he knows where we can find a Gandolfo's pretty close by. He is now my favorite Uncle. Two exits away on University Ave. and Center Street in Provo we pulled up to an old building and headed down to the basement to get my sandwich. Yum. The end.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We had a grrrreat time in SG. Except I forgot my camera. Stupid. So I am stealing some pictures from Andrea and Rachel, thanks ladies:)

We drove down on Friday night and got there late. When I woke up Neil was reading the paper and said "hey, look at this coupon I found in the Spectrum!" wow, what a great deal for us!

Aida was amazing. I saw it in New York 10 years ago (yes, that does make me feel old) and loved it. I bought the soundtrack and it has been one of my favorites. I have always wanted to see it again and was so excited that it was coming to Tuachan. But being pregnant and always super busy when we are in St. George I did not think we would be able to see it. I got all teary eyed when the opening music played, thanks Neil!

My cute sisters:)

Um, I am a whale in this picture! Really I am, but it's okay. You are supposed to look like a whale when you are almost 8 months pregnant.

I heart the expression on Gracie's face in this picture. She is such a doll.

Gracie and Tiny Randy. I can't wait until Sydney joins them:) They will be the 3 musketeers!
Tyler Brown drew me this picture. So cute. In case you could not tell it's he and I. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Mom

Tonight my mom said to me on the phone "I am tired of looking at the chicken dog, when are you going to do a new post?" Here is something cuter for you to look at mom:)

33 Weeks!
Neil informed me tonight that this sweater makes me look "really huge" yes, yes it does honey. Oh, mom, this is the sweater I got because the cute dress didn't fit, I love it! Thanks!

We had a great time in St. George this weekend. I will post about everything, but here is a preview. Look at all of these cute things compliments of Sherry and Corinne, my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law and cute little Gracie Brown who is finally growing out of things! Good job Gracie!

The End
PS Pray that she gets born in time to wear this cute Halloween outfit! (I am due the 30th)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poodle Art

So I am not really a dog person, but I totally want one of these specially groomed poodles.
Click here for full slide show!

Hee hee

So lately my favorite thing is marshmallows. I toast them over the toaster and eat them with those stripey keebler cookies. Yum:)

I will be 32 weeks tomorrow, she is coming pretty soon, yay!

Tonight Neil is going to "meet the firms night" on campus where he will meet a bunch of accounting firms and get free stuff like bags and water bottles, total score.

We finally got the internet at home, yay, now when the baby is born I can post millions of pictures of her every day, I know you can't wait.

This weekend we are taking our last trip to SG before the baby comes. Andrea and Ben are blessing Gracie (pop over to Andrea's blog to see new pictures of her, she is so stinking cute!)