Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smiley Pants Goes to Chuch

So the last time I went to church was the Sunday before Syd was born. I thought maybe it was time to get active again;) Plus I couldn't miss church the Sunday before Christmas.

I like church, I am a good little Mormon girl.

Thanks for this cute dress Auntie Corinne!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Camping in Vegas and other stories

We are finally moved, not so much moved in, but at least moved. On Dec. 11th Neil graduated with his Masters of Accountancy, good job! The graduation was short and sweet. He got the most cheers of anyone and when they said for family and friends who supported the graduates to stand up I held up the baby and said "yay dad!" haha:)

Here is our little Aggie, Neil got this bow for her...

and these cute socks

that night everyone pitched in and helped us get ready to move.

Fact: I have the GREATEST in-laws

Exhibit A: My mom-in-law scrubbed this oven and I am pretty sure it has not looked this good since 1975, thanks!!!

Exhibit B: My father-in-law rigged up this awesome idea to get our boxes into the truck really quick, what a slick idea!

Exhibit C: Corinne braved the cold to catch the boxes. These are people who were born and raised in Southern California and St. George, it was COLD. Then it started to snow! I owe them all big time, I hope they accept payment in grandchildren.

We drove all day on Saturday. Neil drove the U-Haul, Rocky drove the expedition with a trailer, I drove Sydney, Corinne drove Neil's car and Sherry took turns driving with us.

Okay, story time. So I was almost to Fillmore, I was alone and had pulled ahead of the group because I wanted to get home fast so Syd would not wake up and cry. I was talking to my mom and then my phone died, shoot I didn't realize the battery was so low. I was worried if Neil tried to call me and could not find me he would totally freak out. I had a strong feeling to pull off at Filmore and try to call him from a gas station or something. I pulled into the Texaco station (the one with the Burger King). I went in and explained what was going on. One of the employees let me use her cell phone. Then another employee offered to charge my phone a little bit with her car charger, what nice people! Then that lady came back with my phone and handed it to me with the charger and said "I want you to have this, I have two and I would feel good about you having this". What a blessing, it was nice to know I had a working phone the rest of the trip. So when you stop in Fillmore for gas, stop at the Texaco and say hi to my new friends:)

We got to the Schmalz's, slept in the most comfortable bed and the next morning got on the road to Vegas. We got there and got moved in super quick, I am so grateful to have such great family to help! My parents were with Rachel in Logan because she had back surgery on Monday, woo hoo!

We were so happy to be in the 60 degree weather!

I unpacked a little bit and hung up a few decorations. One more story. We did not have power until Monday morning. The windows in our apartment do not let a lot of light in, great for the summer but not so great when you don't have power and it gets dark at 5 anyway. Luckily we borrowed a battery powered lantern from mom and dad Schmalz, it saved us. They also let us borrow their little battery powered DVD player so we could watch the office. It was a little chilly with no heat so we went to Target (that day and every day since then) and bought some fire logs to have a little fire, brilliant! So we are sitting there in the dark with the fire starting to burn and I ask Neil if he opened the flu, he says he did, a few minutes later it smells pretty smoky we turn on the lantern and sure enough, our room was all smoky, ahhhh!! I guess the flu was already open and Neil just pushed it the other way, closing it. I would have assumed it was closed too honey, don't feel bad. So our house smelled like a campfire for a few days. That along with our lantern and the chill in the air added up to our first (and probably last) camp out in Vegas, woo hoo! We stayed in Vegas until Wed. morning unpacking and exploring our new neighborhood a little, we even had our first visitor, Ashlee B. yay! She even bought us a housewarming gift, what a sweetie:)

Pros of living in Las Vegas: Outlets
A real Mall
Fun new places to eat
All kinds of interesting new people to look at, I plan on making some submissions on

Cons: No 99 cents large drink at McDonald's:(

Really that is the only thing I have been disappointed about since moving there. That was seriously my favorite part of the day! I know you can get a cheap fountain drink at a gas station but I like the drive through because I don't have to get the baby out. I will have to find a new cheap drive through.

Now we are in St. George until after New Years when Neil starts his new job, it is so great to spend so much time with our families. We are really living it up and being spoiled by our parents, isn't it great to not have to buy food?

Here is my meager attempt at Christmas decorations. I decided I couldn't skip the decor all together because it is Syd's first Christmas, so this picture is for you baby girl.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Six weeks

Hello. I am six weeks old now. I still like to make funny faces.

My mom calls this my Muppet face.

I am starting to smile at my parents a little bit, it thrills them to pieces!

This is what me and my dad do every night.

I am learning to hold my head up really good.

I don't know why my mom is making such a weird face, at least I look cute...

We tried to take a family picture...not so much.

The other day when I woke up from a nap I had pretty crazy hair, it was sticking up all over the place!

Then my mom gave me a bath and put a pretty bow on my head.

I thought I looked so cute I would pose for a picture.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

On Dec. 11th Neil will graduate with a Masters of Accountancy, good job honey! He worked hard to get a lot of job interviews and was offered a great job in Las Vegas, yay! I am very excited, I am a city girl and can't wait to move to a bigger city with lots of shopping and great places to eat out (those are my highest priorities, good schools? meh, whatever..; jk) We have rented an apartment and will move in on the 13th and are hoping to buy a house by next June.

Now, just to clarify...when we tell people we are moving to Vegas I think alot of them think we will be living here...

and as much as I would love to pay 2 million dollars for a one bedroom 750 square foot apartment on the strip....probably we will have to settle for a nice little neighborhood like this...
and shop, eat out and see free outdoor movies at places like this.
and hopefully spend a lot of time visiting this place:)
Feel free to come visit any time, I will let you play the slots at the gas station by my house;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Syd and Dad

Sydney loves her dad:) She is growing too! We went to the dr. yesterday and she weighs 7 lbs 3 oz, hooray!

Yum yum, I like to eat his face

Thanks cousin Emily for my cute purple outfit:)

Ta da!