Monday, September 29, 2008

Mi Familia

This is my family. Can you guess who everyone is? More to come!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Email!

We received our first email from Rachel today! How exciting:) I decided to post it on here so you could all read it. I sent out a mass email, if you did not get it that means I do not have your correct email address, please send it to me at and I will put you on my list! Enjoy:)

Hello All!!
Hi how are you guys(or as you say in the MTC, Brothers, Elders, or Sisters. Apperantly guys are the ones back home dating the Elders girlfriends!)? I am doing great. I absolutaly adore my companion. We are best friends. So lets see... I am going to try Jamies bullet point Idea.
-My companion is Sister Allen. She is from Gilbert, Arizona and is 26 and going to Ventura California. She is amazing. It is crazy how well we get along. We just feed off each other and keep each other laughing all day long. I love it!!! We are sad that we aren't going to the same mission.
-The other Sisters in my room are, Sister Kaetler from British Columbia, Sister Tu'ivia from Tonga and Sister Wolfgramm from Prove (she is in another district because she is going to New Zealand Tongan speaking). They are all great and we get along really well.
-There are 10 of us in my District. 6 Elders and 4 Sisters. The Elders are Elder Lindsay, Elder Hall, Elder Vaeter (as in Darth), Elder Becker, Elder Payne (the teeter totter guy) and Elder Grosebeck. They are all great and we get along. A member of our branch presidancy always says that we sisters are angels and that our district is his favorite and we are his best chance of getting translated! hehe. It is crazy how well matched up the companionships are. You would think that Sister Allen and I and Elders Lindsay and Hall have been best friends forever. Sis. Allen and I get along really well With Elder Lindsay and Hall. We have a riot together (when the time is right) We all sit together at lunch and Elder Hall created a new drink called "power for right". It is a mixture of powerade, orange fanta, and sprite, can you see how they got the name? It actually taste pretty good. The elders are so funny. When any of the sisters enter a room they all stand up for us and won't sit down until we do. It is great... the best is when we get up and down a lot!
-Even though it is p-day, we still have a pretty strict schedule. I am doing pretty good at getting up and stuff, but I do struggle stay awake in the large group meetings, those can get kind of long and it is really hot in there. But it is getting better. Every Tuesday night we have a devotional with everyone and a general authority comes and speaks. This weeks was Elder Jensen of the presidancy of the seventy. It was really good.
-The schedule here is crazy. We go to class at 7 have breakfast at 7:45 and then are back in class at 8:15 till 12:30 and so on. All we do is Sing pray, eat and go to class. Did I mention sleep in there any where?? no. We are all very sleep deprived. Sister Allen and I take airborne every day at breakfast and the sisters think it makes us crazy cuz we are always laughing!!
-As far as I know, I am the only sister here going to Riverside... hmm, I hope there are more somewhere!! I am doing my laundry right now. It will be nice to have clean clothes again!
- My teachers are Brother Hoyt and then we had Brother knackstedt, but he broke his elbow in a bike accident a while ago so he had to quit so he could get surgury and still be able to recover and go to school. They are great. We don't know who our new teacher will be, but hopefully will be nice. We love our teachers!
-Well I only have 2 min. left so i need to get going. Remember that the church is true and that missionaries LOVE mail and packages!! Love you all!
Sister Wilkey

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hee hee

So I can't believe I posted all of the pictures from LA and forgot my favorite one. We were walking down Hollywood Blvd. and a lady was handing out samples of "Take 5" gum, everyone was trying to ignore her and just walk by. I had tried it before and it was good so I took one, just as I did mom says "Don't take that, it might be drugs!" hee hee, silly mom, I told her that they don't hand out drugs for free especially to tourists... we had a good laugh when she saw that it was just gum. Here is a picture of the reenactment:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Raining Cats and Dogs

Today we woke up to pouring rain, it is kind of nice, but man it's cold! Luckily I still have a fabulous water proof jacket from my NZ trip a few years back but poor Neil only had a sad fleece jacket. I hope he does not get all freezing and wet. I should buy him one of these things (see picture). I work in the basement of a building and even with my space heater and hot chocolate I am still freezing! I spend my morning break in the bathroom in front of the hand dryer drinking my diet coke, it was heavenly:)

Pirates and an update.

Becky had a cute pirate birthday party for Robbie last week. I had no idea about the theme but guess what I had bought him for presents? Pirate stuff! Seriously I am that in tune;)

What a great cake!

Also, we got our first letter from Rachel. She is so happy in the MTC and guess what? One of the guys who did the Guinness book of world records teeter totter thing is in her district, I hope she told him he is famous on my blog!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This one is for you my little "Wilde" Cats!

Who is excited to see HSM 3?! For those of you who are not cool that is High School Musical three. Anyone? Hmmm Neil is not raising his hand... how about Keisha, will you go see it with me? Anyway, Sara and Robbie told me how much they love my Jib Jab videos so today I thought I would dedicate one to them. Imagine my happiness to find that they had a HSM 3 video available! Woo hoo, Wild Cats all the way!!

Robbie and Sara
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Empty Sea

Didn't we all hear the story about the little boy who was worried about his brother going to the "empty sea" even if the water was all gone? Hee hee

So yesterday finally arrived, we took Rachel to the MTC and sent her on her way. I know she was nervous but I think she will be so glad to finally just be gone and doing what she has wanted to be doing. I had not been to the MTC since I went myself many moons ago, which translated means since 2001, whoa nellie that makes me feel old! They had us go into the chapel where they showed us old funny mormon T.V. commercials, you know like the one where the kids want to go camping with their work-a-holic dad so they trick him into going in the the camper trailer and then they lock him in and they all jump in the truck with the mom and drive away and yell, "glad you could join us dad!" Then a voice says "Family, isn't it about time?" hee hee:) My favorite was this: Little girl comes into her parents bedroom one morning and goes over to her dads side of the bed and asks if he can read her a story, he replies "go ask your mom, honey" so she goes around to the moms side and says "mommy, can daddy read me a story?" Oh my holy tear jerker! Ok, jk, but really some of them were, Becky and I were crying before they even started the meeting! It was really nice they had everyone who was a new missionary stand up, there were only 4 sisters in the whole room!! What?! I hope more show up! My favorite comment by the speaker was "We should have missionaries go out when they are 16, for two reasons, one, they know everything, two, their mothers would not be so sad to let them go." hee hee. Then of course they showed called to serve. What a gread 80's church classic. It always always makes me cry, but it is so outdated that yesterday it was making me laugh too. So we were laughing and crying, it was pretty funny. Then they movie ended and you could feel everyone thinking, what? NO! It can not be time yet! But it was, we hugged her and watched her walk down the hall. I am SO SO proud of her, she is going to be an amazing missionary and I can't wait to start hearing about how it's going. Speaking of which. She will be able to email us and I will be forwarding her emails to whoever would like to read them. Let me know if you would like to be on the list!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hollywood, A Wicked good time.

A few weeks ago we got this crazy idea to have a girls weekend and go to California to see Wicked. Then dad wanted to come (hey, it's not his fault he only has daughters!) so it kind of turned into a Wilkey family trip pre-1998 style, sorry Ben, Jeff, Neil, Lindsy, Sara, Emily, Robbie, Tyler, Eliza and Evie. Becky and I went to the airport at 5:00 AM to catch our flight....

I only read people magazine when I travel

Mom, dad, Andrea and Rachel had driven from St. George the night before and stayed at the Home Wood Suites in the OC. They got up early to pick us up at LAX...

Oh the things you see on the LA freeways...

Ripleys Believe it or Not Odditorium...I don't know what is so odd about a t-rex eating a backwards clock, but I do like t-rex's and clocks so....

Apparently this is where Lawrence of Arabia went to high school.

Creepo that I look at this I think it is so gross that we put those hats on!!

We did a little shopping

Then we stood in front of Hooters for about an hour watching a movie premier
Molly Shannon

Gay guy from Will and Grace...I know that does not narrow it down much.

Arsenio Hall

James Lipton, you know, from the Geico commercial

John Cusack

A foggy/smoggy day, if you look hard you can see the Hollywood sign

Mom took this picture and pronounce it "very cute" um, she obviously did not have her glasses on...

This was some kind of Tandoori chicken pizza, yum:)

Then we walked down to Pantages to see Wicked. Here are some stars we saw along the way.

The Hills are alive....

The theatre was amazing, the play was amazing, I cried twice...I know, amazing!

Becky made us ride the metro

The ceiling was all covered in film reels!

Andrea was scared to ride the train