Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pay it forward

Let me start out with a story about how I NEVER win drawings. When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade our school had a summer reading program. When school started they had an assembly to reward those who had participated. If you read over a certain number of hours you could have your name a drawing to win various prizes. Ranging from an arcade game to a pink trucker hat that some company donated. I of course had read about a million books that summer. BTW I can brag about that because reading really fast is pretty much my only talent...except for I am also a really good shopper..but I digress. So they started drawing names...I waited...and waited...and waited...and you get the picture. By the time they drew my name there were about 2 things left, so of course I picked the pink trucker hat over some type of sports equipment. I think that this is where the curse started. Only a little bitter 18 years later. My point is that I WON SOMETHING! So here goes.

I left a comment on my cousin Heidi's blog on her "Pay it forward" entry. If you are not familiar with pay it forward let me enlighten you. If you leave a comment on this post I will put your name in a drawing to win a cool homemade prize from me. I will choose three names next Friday. So those of you who read my blog but don't comment (cough cough, Becky Merrill) should get on the ball so you can win a cool prize!!

Heidi is a brilliant artist and sent me this painting she did! It is so cool, I love it and look how great it looks on my wall!
So fabulous! So hurry up and leave a comment because you just never know what fabulous prize could be showing up in your mailbox in the next few weeks! Oh...I forgot to tell you that if you win then you have to pay it forward, ie post about pay it forward on your blog and make a prize for three lucky winners. So if you don't want to participate then don't comment. Also, I am not sure that it has to be a homemade prize. If you wanted to give something like an all expense paid trip to Hawaii people would probaby be fine with that.

Quick trip home

Even though Rachels Farewell was not this weekend we decided to go down anyway. It was a lot of driving and a short visit but it was really fun:)
We went to Lindsey's swim meet
This is pretty much the picture of the century. Eliza wanted to wear Lindsey's swim cap but it was squishing her eyelids down so she couldn't really open her eyes. She would pull the cap back from her forehead so she could fully open her eyes. I have not laughed so hard in a long long time!
Good job Linz! Second place. That kid can swim so fast it kills me!
We brought USU t-shirts for the kids (because they really are true-blooded aggies)
These two could be twins. Eliza is going to outweigh Tyler pretty soon!
So who remembers eating dilly beans at Aunt Kayes house on Thanksgiving? My mom paid $25 dollars for this jar she donated to the family reunion auction, yum!! Becky and Andrea kept trying to out-bid each other and then my mom jumped in and took them, of course so she could share with everyone...oh mom, you are the best.
What a happy crowd! When my mom bought this table in 1997 we used to sit at it and say "won't it be so weird when this table is crammed full of husbands and kids?" It is so great:) By the way, we did go visit Neils family for a bit, and they are coming up this weekend to visit! Yay!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 24th A.K.A "Pioneer Day"

Did you know that Brigham Young was almost the last one to make it to the Salt Lake Valley with the first group of Pioneers? He was like two weeks behind, coming in on the 24th. But I guess since the holiday was his idea he can have it any day he wants. So Neil and I were in Logan and had the day off from work and school. Neil wanted to go to Idaho, so we stopped at the store to get some road trip food (Oreos, Chocolate Milk and Diet Coke) and set off on our own little pioneer treck. We thought that maybe one of the little towns across the border would be having a big Pioneer Day celebration. Then we got there and realized....Pioneer Day is not a state holiday in Idaho, duh. Oh well. We went on a little loop through Preston, Mink Creek, Paris, Bear Lake and then down Logan Canyon, it was fab!

We went to Montpelier (named after Brigham Youngs hometown in Vermont, oh Brother Brigham...)
Old Ephraim, the last grizzly killed in the area. His skull is at the Natural History Smithsonian in D.C.

Oh dear what a cute little town

We stopped to see the beautiful Paris Idaho tabernacle
I love these old buildings!
We stopped at Bear Lake and walked on the beach hand in hand discussing our future...Rachel are you gagging yet?

"Pa, get out the tractor, lets pull the boat down to the lake!"
Happy Pioneer Day!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A catchy little tune

We are headed to St. George for the weekend, yay! I love going home even if it is 118 degrees. I got this video in an email a while back and I thought it was pretty good:) Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well, I hope Rachel isn't mad at me for posting this... she just went to the Physical Therapist and he told her she would need at least six more weeks of work on her back before she can go on her mission. She is pretty bummed out. So she will not be having a farewell this Sunday, we will keep you posted on that. I thought you would all want to know, and I know she will read this so if you want to you can post encouraging notes to her:) . Rach, don't lose hope! Heavenly Father has a plan for you, just remember that!
Love, Sara

PS No, I do not know these Sister Missionaries...I got them off of google images, oh the things you can find:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Date

Neil and I got asked on our first couples date last week. It's not really a lot different from single dating, as far as I can tell. First off, a girl I work with, we'll call her Jody, asked me what we were doing for the weekend. Well, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go on a date, but I wanted to be nice (because everyone knows that nice Mormon girls go out with every boy (or couple in this case) at least once, or our moms will give us a guilt trip that might even last past our wedding day). So I said that we did not really have plans and she suggested that we (meaning, she and her husband and Neil and I) go to dinner and a movie or something on Friday night. I ran the idea by Neil who seemed a little wary but agreed to go as long as I just said that "we" were going on a date, not "we are going on a date with these other two people" (I guess it creeped him out). So at work the next day Jody asks what we want to do on Friday night, I was, you asked us, you have to decide...wait, why does this seem so familiar...? So she suggests that we go to Wingers and see a movie. I said that should be fine and told Neil. Then Neil sends me a text saying that he has talked to people at work and the movie she had picked was not so great. Oh no!? What to do? Luckily I had practiced in Young Women's what to say if someone asks me to see a movie that is below my standards, so I got up the courage to tell Jody we did not want to see that particular movie...I was so nervous! What if she didn't want to go out with me anymore, what if she thought I was a prude and a kill joy and then other couples wouldn't want to date us?! Oh wait, I am married, this is ridiculous! Okay, so I told her and she was fine with that but then it was back to square one. Finally I made a suggestion to go to the Olive Garden and a different movie. I was nervous the night of the date, I primped more then I have for a date in a while (sorry Neil). We met Jody and her husband (we'll call him Jim) at the restaurant and it went pretty good for four people who don't really know each other. I just remembered what my mom always used to tell me "just be yourself" thanks mom:) We saw the movie, which I think we all enjoyed, but I kept laughing really loud and I wasn't sure how close to sit to them, and our elbows kept touching. So we were outside in the parking lot at the theatre and I got nervous again, do we have to hug them goodnight? Or will a handshake or high five suffice? Then I remembered again, oh yeah, I am married.... whew
So for those of you who think that dating nightmares end when you get married...think again...
The End

Sunday, July 13, 2008

There are some things money can't buy...

T-shirt, cutoffs, hat and fanny pack: $7
Shirt, cutoffs and sparkley camo belt: $8

Fitting in at the Demolition Derby......


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A stuble faced bride.

So after I typed up the bottom part of this post I thought I needed a picture to go along with it. I googled "Ugly Bride and Groom", you just never know what you might find... this picture below came up. Now before you feel too bad for the happy couple read the CNN article that goes along with it. Then enjoy the rest of the post:)

From Mohammed TawfeeqCNN
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Soldiers manning a checkpoint near Baghdad stopped a wedding convoy to find that the purported bride and groom were wanted terror suspects, an Iraqi Defense Ministry official said Monday.

Abbas al-Dobbi, left, and al-Bahadli were reportedly part of a wedding convoy that drew soldiers' suspicion.
The army set up the checkpoint last week in the Taji area, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of Baghdad.
The soldiers became suspicious of the convoy because its members -- save the "bride" -- were all male and because one of the cars in the convoy did not heed orders to stop, the official said.
Also, soldiers said, the people in the car seemed nervous and the groom refused to lift his bride's veil when soldiers asked him to, according to the official.
Soldiers ordered everyone out of the car, the official said.
Upon inspecting the convoy, soldiers found a stubbly-faced man, Haider al-Bahadli, decked out in a white bride's dress and veil.
Bahadli was wanted on terror-related charges, as was his groom, Abbas al-Dobbi, the official said.
Two other terror-related suspects were detained as well.

Anyway, yay for them. So my new job is still great. Except that I found out today that the lady who is training me is out for the rest of the week. Also, I still have no computer, I know that the University is big, but seriously it should not take that long to program a computer! So I used a co-workers computer and checked out the news. I love small town newspaper wedding annoucements. This was one of my favorites. Note that I took out last names and the photo so as to not look like I am making fun...too much.

Sunday, July 6, 2008 2:21 AM CDT
Bert and Joyce are pleased to announce the marriage of their granddaughter Sara Elise to Daniel Andrew. The couple will be married on Friday, July 11, 2008.Friends and relatives are invited to attend a casual gathering and dinner that evening beginning at 5:30 in Willow Park.

The two met in Arizona while Sara was on her summer break. He was working in Home Depot and she got lucky. They had just one groom available. She immediately took him to the register and checked him out.

Sara was born in Logan, then raised in Arizona. She came back to her roots and will be graduating from Utah State University with a degree in accounting next fall.

Daniel grew up in Orange County, Calif., and completed schooling as a Ford Technician in Arizona. When he finished school, he chased his bride-to-be and now works at your local Wilson’s Motor Company.

They are registered at Target and Lowe’s.

What?!! Seriously? "she got lucky?" And whats up with them registering at Lowe's but not Home Depot? Maybe she figures her groom is the only good thing she will ever get out of that store...

Monday, July 7, 2008

golb sdrawkcab

Today I started my new job. I think it will be pretty good and the best part is that I found out that Neil only has to pay 1/2 tuition because I work for the University! Wahoo! What a blessing! We had a fabulous weekend. I uploaded pictures but then I realized that they are not in chronological order, oh well, this is a backwards blog... We had such a great time at the 4th of July picnic at the Burgeners. Their yard is seriously the garden of eden! We ate lots of food and really yummy ice cream and had fun riding in Ryan Merrills little train that he pulled around the neighborhood with a 4 wheeler:) Rachel came home with us that night and my parents came up the next day. Rachel Neil and I went ice skating! Rachel and I had both taken lessons before. I took ice skating instead of gym in 8th grade (I know, smart move, right?) Rachel took an ice skating class at USU. Plus we had both been skating since we were about 5 years old. We had the BEST time! But Neil who was raised in Southern California and St. George had never been...he was such a good sport and he picked it up pretty fast:) I plan on taking him sledding (another first for him) as soon as possible! Right Neil?....
Ice Skating Divas!
We are thinking about going for the Olympics

Teaching Neil to Ice Skate, he was a good sport.

Some pictures from the 4th. It was such a great day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have good news, also happy 3rth of July!

Yay!!! I got a job! I will be working as the assistant to the director of online and distance education at USU

Here is the building I will be working at, come visit any time:) Now I can shop again! Well, a little bit anyway. Also, I am excited because tomorrow Logan is celebrating the 3rth of July (that 3rth is for Corinne, by the way, I have been dieing to use it!). I think that most of the towns in Utah know that they can't compete with Miley Cyrus and the Stadium of Fire so they hold their celebrations on the 3rd (or 3rth if you prefer). Neil and I are not going to go to the show at the stadium but we are going to find a spot outside of the stadium to watch favorite! Happy 3rth!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I am sitting in my kitchen stealing someones internet connection, it is about 95 degrees, we have no air conditioning, I have a head ache, I spent the morning in a job interview answering questions like "tell us about your biggest failure in the last two years", seriously. I told them I failed at making dinner the other night, I tried making chicken and rice but without Shelly Burgener Swenson there to help me it was a disaster, sad I know.... but maybe they will think, "wow, this girl will be great if that is her greatest failure!" I hope so. But I digress. What I was getting at is that although I am hot and tired, jobless etc. it's all good because on Friday it is.....
El Quatro de Julio! *
*the fourth of July

Let it be known that the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love the weather, the food, being with family, fireworks and the list could go on. Every year for as long as I can remember we all trecked down to Pleasant Grove (doesn't that just sound like the most ideal place to spend a holiday?) to Walt and Ann's for a freakin huge celebration. It is the best day ever! Uncle Walt brings out the candy cannon, we eat, we have a fabulous patriotic program, we eat some more, we do our own fireworks show, we eat ice cream, usually someone is injured in some way, we eat some more. What a great day. I toyed with the idea of having uncle walt bring the candy canon to my wedding (picture him up on the golf course yelling "candy canon!" while the candy rains down on the guests on the patio!) but decided that the fine we would probably get from the city for breaking some kind of noise ordinace could be a problem... I am bringing a salad and my own ice cream maker this year, I am such a grown up. It's funny how for the last 10 years I really have not had a problem just mooching off of others but now that I have a husband I feel compelled to bring stuff, Neil, you had better eat your fill! So, who is coming? Post a comment and let me know!