Monday, June 30, 2008

More Pics

Here are a few more pictures of our cozy apartment, we love it!
The upstairs hallway. I bought the mirrors and put ribbon on the back with tacks, I have to brag a little because my family is so shocked by my decorating skills:)
Yay! I have a place for my books....well, some of them anyway.
Curtains in the kitchen
Mirror decoration
I made a flower arangment for the bathroom

My DI shelf
The guest bedroom. We have lived here for one month today and have already had 8 visitors! Come and stay any time:)
Our room. The bed is like three feet off the ground, not kidding, I need a step stool to get in! We bought it off of craigs list (just the frame) and it was not put together so we had no idea. We put it together and were like, "whoa, that is really really high!" oh well.
The other part of our room. As you have seen, the view from the window is of the temple, as Andrea says "who needs a picture of the temple on the wall when you have that view?"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

High Dive

So I have a confession to make. I think I have only jumped off the high dive twice in my life. Yesterday was one of those times. I am just a big chicken when it comes to jumping off things higher than 5 inches above the water. Those of you who went to Lake Powell with me growing up probably remember me standing on top of the houseboat all day getting sunburned and trying to gather the courage to jump, while the rest of you jumped off like 10 times. Then I would finally jump and it would scare the heck out of me and I wouldn't want to do it again. Also, do you remember that I would never jump off of the cliffs....? So yesterday Neil and I were baking in our apartment and he suggested that we try out the community pool. What a great idea! We got our swimming suits and set off. About half way through our visit I said something like, "Hey we should jump off the high dive!" I do not know what possessed me because I hate the high dive and really probably the last time I jumped off one was like 18 years ago. Neil said okay and we got in line among a bunch of 9-15 year olds. Then I started to get really nervous, but I totally had to impress my new husband so I stayed in line, I told Neil he had to go first. I said "so what will you give me if I jump off the high dive?" He looked at me funny and reminded me it was my idea in the first place... oh yeah. What if I got up there and backed out? I couldn't just stand there all day like I did at Lake Powell. By this time Neil was climbing up the ladder. He jumped. I started climbing looking up the whole time, I mean really up, like at the sky. I knew that if I looked down even once I would not be able to go through with it. I got to the top and still looking up I carefully worked my way to the end of the board, while also looking to the side a bit so I wouldn't fall off. I got to the end and jumped. I screamed bloody murder the whole way down. I came up and swam to the side where Neil was waiting for me. My legs were shaking. I said "oh my word! That was so scary!!" A boy near us looked over at me and then did a double take and a triple take to make sure it was really a 28 year old woman who was so scared to jump off the high dive. He gave me an increduous look. All in all it was really scary and I have no desire to do it again. The End
On another note, Neil and I spoke in church today. I think it went pretty well. I love being in a family ward. I watched an old man on the back row lick his glasses clean then wipe them on this shirt numerous times. That would never happen in a singles ward....wait, actually it probably would, but it would be a 25 year old in stead of a 65 year old...;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last week we went to California to go to Neils sisters wedding. We got up early on Friday morning and headed to the airport in SL. We flew to Vegas where the family picked us up and we drove to LA, here are some things that we did on our trip...
Went shopping at Ikea
Kept an eye out for "Diddy"
Ate fried ice cream out of margerita glasses
I Saw the LA Temple for the first time
Went to a beautiful sealing of a wonderful family:)
Bride and Groom
Went for a ride in Grandpa Howards little car...

Stopped and shared Oreos and water with the Wilde kids:)

After that we stopped at the airport where we had left Neils car on Friday morning. Then we headed back to Logan. Um, did you know that I 15 northbound is totally shut down after nine pm between Ogden and Brigham City? Neither did we. Since we were driving separate cars we got split up. I ended up on some little highway on the east side of the freeway and Neil ended up taking highway 89 all the way from kaysville to brigham city! What a joke! We were both completely exhausted by the time we got home. It was a fun trip though, my first trip with the in-laws:) I look forward to many more:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One man's trash...

Oh the treasures to be found at the DI:) We went looking for an old clock so I could use a piece of it to fix one of my clocks. We also found....
A cute polka dot clock, a book I have been looking for and a cute little shelf. The ugly duckling clock had the piece I needed and the little sandpainting is actually the clock I was trying to fix (something I salvaged from the DI a year or so ago)

I painted the shelf and hung it on the wall

I got my little clock working

It has to hang right there because it covers up the ugly phone jack that we don't use.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My special spot

Last night for family home evening I took Neil to one of my favorite spots by the river. I used to go there all of the time and read and put my feet in the river. It is hidden away so there was hardly ever anyone there. We took a picnic of Chicken Ceasar bowtie pasta salad (I have to say what we ate so my mom can be impressed) :) We stuck our feet in the river and had a lesson, it was fab!


A spiders web

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day! *

We enjoyed a fantastic first fathers day together:)

Here is a picture of me making a yummy angels food cake for strawberry shortcake. I know I look kind of different, I guess its all of the cooking I have been doing! ;)

We also watched The Count of Monte Cristo, one of Neils favorite movies, I had never seen it and really liked it!

*No, this is not an annoucement

Thursday, June 12, 2008

El Bano

The bathroom is finished so I thought I would post some pictures:)

The room is too long and skinny to get a full view of the shower curtain, so here is a piece of it:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pizza, yes, I cook..

I am submitting this for those* who doubt that I can actually cook. We have only eaten out twice in the last two weeks. Once the day we moved in. Once one week later after we drove home from Salt Lake and were tired and had no groceries. Tonights specialty was pizza, I made it from scratch, so there! Last night was tacos (because it was Tuesday), Monday was Enchiladas. I asked Neil if he was sad that I could onlly make ethic foods, he said it's okay but we might try to whip up a meatloaf together sometime. Oh, also I got a job interview today, hooray!
Step one
Step two

Step three
*Randy Wilkey

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yay! Free internet :)

Here is what all of you (or at least some of you) have been waiting for! I found out that Hastings (a bookstore down the street from our apartment) has free internet in their little cafe, yay!! So here is the story of our move to rainy Logan, yes, it is still raining! Poor Neil on the scooter, good thing work is close to our apartment!
First we loaded up the truck at my house. Two beds, two mattress sets, a kitchen table and four chairs, a couch, loveseat and two ottomans, two end tables washer and dryer, armior, big screen tv, shelves, tons of boxes and rubbermaid containers! Rocky was the packer and he did a fabulous job! I can't belive it all fit!
Then we headed to Neils house to load up a few of his things, including the scooter!

Good job driving the truck Neil!

Also, good job installing the ceiling fan!
Our cute little welcome table. In Hawaii I learned that pineapples are a sign of welcome and hospitality: )
View of the living room, upstairs are two bedrooms the bathroom and the washer and dryer. When they look cute I will post about them.

View of the living room from the stairs, thanks to mom, Andrea and Becky for helping to decorate!
View from the kitchen table. Try not to be too jealous of the cute orange counter tops!
The cute red clock wall, thanks mom and Andrea!
A shelf in the kitchen
The magical golden stove
My cute dishes!
By the way, about 99 percent of the cute things in our apartment are wedding gifts, or were bought with wedding money so thanks everyone for your love and support!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our new home

Well we have been in Logan for a little over a week now. I am almost all the way moved in. I wanted to post pictures of our cute apartment but my thumb drive is having issues. I will borrow Neils and try again tomorrow. I only have one hour of library computer time per day...unless I borrow Neils card...hmmm. Anyhow, this is the veiw from our bedroom window! Isn't it fabulous? We love it:)
I have been spending most of my time unpacking and looking for a job, blah on both counts. I hate job hunting, but then, who doesn't? Neil has been working at a place called Logo Works, they do screen printing on t-shirts and stuff. He is doing their accounting. Being married is great! I love it! Well, I have to go now, the computer is going to kick me off in a few minutes. So until I get a job so we can afford internet at our house my blogs may be few and far between.