Friday, December 19, 2014

An Un Christmas Letter

I don't send out Christmas cards or letters but if I did it might look something like this.

Hello from the Schmalz family! Here is a little update on us-

I'll start with the kids because they are the most important and the cutest, obviously. 

Sydney is 5. She is super mature for her age. Like off the charts people! I'm not one to brag (yes I am) but mostly every Sunday (and monday-saturday) she cries and cries about how she has nothing cute to wear in her closet and how I am the meanest mom ever for not buying her cuter clothes. I don't know if you know this but most kids don't start doing that till they are at least 10. Super advanced I tell you. She is certainly a high spirited child. She may win the battles....but I will win the war! 

Nora is 2, she will be 3 in a few months. She has the cutest tiny voice. We love her. She has developed a really unique talent in the last few months. She can hear a Diet Coke can open from ANYWHERE inside the house. I can try to disguise it with running water, coughing, hiding in the pantry, it is all in vain, she hears it and comes running "I hab some your diet toke mom?" (you have to say that in your head in her tiny mouse voice).  Yesterday I thought to myself "I don't feel like sharing my Diet Coke so I am going to wait until I am in the shower and it's running because for sure she won't be able to hear me open the can." Nope. 3.5 seconds after I popped the top she came running pulling back the shower curtain catching me red handed "Me have widdle sip of yours diet toke mom?" It's freakish, we are thinking of having her studied at M.I.T. stay tuned. 

Then we have the boy. Jonathan joined us in April. I have yet to post his birth story, but in a nutshell I got to the hospital and less than an hour later he was here, bing bang boom, sweet, lets go home. No?  I have to stay here for 24 hours? Ok fine. The end. He is pretty much the family favorite and probably always will be.  He is of course reaching every single milestone right on time and exceeding quite a few of them. Again, not to brag but yesterday he pooped in the tub for the first time. YOU GUYS, he is only 8 month old! That is super early to do that in case you didn't know. The girls didn't reach that milestone until at least 10-11 months. Good job buddy, keep up the good work, you are making us so proud! 

The other big news with the kids is that two of them finally got potty trained this year. For 4 months we had 3 kids in diapers. Now we are trying to decide what to buy with all the extra cash. Right now it's between a space ship or a private island in the Caribbean. 

Then we have my sexy hubby Neil. The CPA extraordinaire! He just started a new job with Udall CPA group. It's going to be an awesome job.  He gets to wear a tie every single day, try to not be jealous.  He even gets to travel a little. Just the other day he went to Phoenix, just for the day. He got on the plane with nothing but his phone in his pocket and a book to read on the plane. I told him he should have at least carried a purse or something, so the other passengers wouldn't think "why is this dude getting on the plane with only a book? Whats his deal?" He works hard and we love him. You know that scene on the Muppet Christmas Carol when Kermit AKA Bob Cratchit comes home from the office and he is greeted by these two squealing "DADDY!!!!!" 
 That's pretty much our house. Whoa. It just occurred to me that Bob Cratchit is an accountant and Neil is an accountant. And they both have a bossy opinionated wife and two daughter and two sons! JK that is not an announcement, we only have the one son. Still. Mind. Blown. We are a Muppet family. At church he is the ward clerk. Seriously how lucky is our ward to have a CPA as the ward clerk? Also he is on the Stake Audit Committee. His long term goal is to be that guy who gets up in General Conference and give the church audit report. 

Then there is the mom. I'm too sleep deprived to really say much about myself. Seriously I do the same thing day in and day out. It's pretty boring, but really it's great. Motherhood really suits me. I get to lay around in a bathrobe and look at my phone, hand the kid a box of cereal while they lay on the other couch watching a show. Then we hurry up and get dressed and clean the house kidding we totally don't clean the house before dad gets home and try to pretend that we have had a productive day. Pretty sure he is on to us. Oh well. At church I'm busy campaigning for another chair and a mini fridge for the mothers lounge. 
We have had a lot of fun this year having family adventures at the beach and taking hikes on the wrong trails at Mt. Charleston where we found out that we really are just not an outdoorsy family. I like to come up with impromptu family adventures too. Like yesterday I thought "Wouldn't it be such an awesome adventure to run out of gas?? The kids would totally love it!" So I waited and waited for the gas tank to get really empty. Then just as we were headed to a birthday party at Mcdonalds the car sputtered to a halt. YES! I was pretty excited. Sydney questioned why weren't going to the birthday party. "I have a way funner activity you guys!!" I replied. "Get out of the van, lets walk back to the house and get the gas can out of the garage!" "Hooray!" cried the children except Jonathan, he just cried "wahhhh". We walked back to our house and found two gas cans that had about a tablespoon of gas each. "This makes it even more exciting!" I exclaimed. "Yay!" said the kids. We didn't want Neil to feel left out of the family fun so we called him to join us. We "pretended" that the gas in the can wasn't enough to get the car going. When he got there I got to go over to the gas station ALL BY MYSELF and fill the gas can up. It was like a little vacation, awesome. We got the car all filled up and headed to the party. Which we had missed. But I think family adventures are more important anyway.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Grand Canyon, blah blah blah

After a long day at the Canyon we headed back to Jacob Lake for dinner. One of the reasons we wanted to come the week we did was to celebrate Christmas at Jacob Lake. Every August the lodge gets decorated, tree, garland, the works. Christmas music is played, it is so festive and fun!
If I did things like send out Christmas cards, this is the picture I would use. 

Hey, wait a sec....

 There you go. 

 Then we went and hung out at our little cabin until bed time. 

Nora cracks me up, she has such a sweet/mischievous smile.
And I don't know what is going on here, but I love it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day at the North Rim

The next morning we ate breakfast at our little cabin, Sydney was thrilled. Here is Nora. Is there anything cuter than a baby in fuzzy sleepers? I know. 

 The North Rim is about 40 miles south of Jacob Lake. It is such a pretty drive. Right after we got into the park we saw these guys.

Kind of look like cows. Kind of like a buffalo. Guess what they are called? Beefalo. No joke. haha

 Our first stop was Bright Angel Point. It is a little bit of a hike to get out to the viewpoint, Sydney was a great little hiker.

 This is the view from the Lodge
 Our next stop was Point Imperial. We had a picnic.
 Syd was freezing cold so she laid in the stroller, I put Nora in there too. Syd was not thrilled, Nora thought it was hilarious.

 Point Imperial

 The third veiwpoint we stopped at was Cape Royal. As you can see it was very smokey from fire on the South Rim, it was still beautiful though. This is the only view that you can see the Colorado River.

 Angels Window.

 Then we headed back to the Lodge to look around a little.

 Sydney thought it was pretty funny to pretend to be asleep.

 We were sitting in the Lodge and suddenly all these people with cameras ran through and outside. They had spotted a California Condor! Yeah, I am not much of a nature photographer.

 Look! It's the Condor again! (teeeeeny black speck)

 This was the coolest! (literally haha) we filled up all of our bottles.
 It was a great day. What a blessing to live so close to so many beautiful places!